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Shawn Steel - Republican National Committeeman

October 15, 2012

Shawn Steel – Political Biography

RNC California National Committeeman 2008- Present
Co-Founder Gray Davis Recall, 2003
Immediate Past Chairman, California Republican Party, 2001

Shawn Steel’s Republican activism dates back to his teenage days, he served as High School State Chairman for Ronald Reagan when he first ran for Governor. Thereafter he was elected as Chairman of California Young Americans for Freedom [YAF].

Since then, Shawn Steel has served in countless positions within the Republican Party- from grassroots volunteer to Party Treasurer to Secretary of the Lincoln Clubs to CRP Chairman.

In February of 2001, Shawn Steel was elected Chairman of the California Republican Party and served until 2003.  Near the end of his term, Shawn co-chaired, along with Ted Costa, the successful Recall Davis Movement. In February 2008, Shawn defeated the incumbent by 22 points to become new National Committeeman, for the California Republican Party.

Born and raised in California, Shawn Steel attended Los Angeles area public schools and earned his BA at CSU-N, a Masters in History from the University of Southern California. Shawn later earned his Juris Doctorate.

He is published in numerous professional journals, newspapers and books, including the National Review, San Francisco Chronicle, San Diego Union, Los Angeles Daily Journal, California Policy Review, the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Daily News, Daily Breeze, Washington Times, and the Orange County Register. Shawn is a regular contributor for

Shawn’s wife Michelle Park Steel was elected in 2006 as a Member of the Board of Equalization, a California constitutional office, representing over 8.5 million Californians in a district that encompasses most of Southern California.

Republicans should target Asian voters

July 29, 2012

Republican strategists should pay close attention to the column on Asian voters in the Sunday Examiner by Shawn Steel, Republican National Committeeman from California and former Republican state chairman. Steel points out that Asian voters are now a significant part of the electorate in several target states and that their votes are gettable by Republicans. He cites a survey that Asians voted 60% for Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell in 2009—one reason McDonnell carried Fairfax County where Barack Obama whipped John McCain by a 59%-41% margin. And in 2009 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie carried  Middlesex County, which has the nation’s highest Asian percentage outside California and Hawaii. This will not come as a complete surprise to faithful Examiner readers, since two weeks after the November 2009 I wrote a blogpost pointing to just these results, and noting that Christie carried the two largest and ordinarily Democratic jurisdictions in Middlesex County, Edison Township and Woodbridge Township, which have the largest percentage of Indian-origin residents of any cities or towns in the nation outside the San Francisco Bay area.

Asian voters are of course a varied group, with different traditions and different political inclinations, which need to be addressed differently. But as a general proposition they tend to live in affluent suburbs; residents of the United States born in India have higher median household incomes than Americans born in the United States. Like Jewish voters, they tend to be a subset of affluent suburbanites. Are the Romney campaign and Republican activists targeting them? One online comment to Steel’s column suggests the answer may be yes. As commenter Ronny Norman reports, “when I went with my friends to the Asian festival in Fairfax last week, the Asian Romney outreach team was impressive. My friends told me that maintaining personal wealth has historically and culturally been a priority for asians, so he believes they will be voting with their pocket in this November. Here are some pictures they posted on the web:…” One picture shows former Congressman Tom Davis, a Republican who was elected in the 11th congressional district, which includes parts of Fairfax County with large Asian populations, from 1994 to 2006.