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No: It would hurt the GOP and reward mushy candidates

California Republicans need to step up to anti-tax plate

Tug of war in the GOP
Conservative Resurgence at RNC May Change Party
Obama raises hopes in South Bay
Political Web Grows
California Focus: State Government Needs Raw Deal
Pre National Convention Musings
The Strength of Steel

GOP in L.A. morphs into different animal
By Any Means Necessary
Battlelines Drawn: Democrates vs. Chiropractors [and Republicans]
UCI: The war against the 5th Column
Happy Birthday, California Republican Party!
Some in G.O.P. Express Worry Over '08 Hopes
The First Signs of Spring Signal...Tax Season
Chaos on chiropractic board

Giuliani is wooing California's conservatives for possible '08 bid
Down in the Desert: Jerry Lewis in Trouble and Hopes for Dems
Schwarzenegger could have problems with restless GOP in Legislature
Advisor Quits UCLA Alumni Group
Hoping for the '05 version of Schwarzenegger
Discouraging words aimed at Lewis
The 2005 Arnold sure is missed
Arnold must steer clear of drift to left
Republicans Flee from Rep. Jerry Lewis
Prickly ethnic issues color O.C. elections
Arab candidate loses in Anaheim race marred by accusations
Attention, Anaheim!
Council candidate switches parties
Anaheim council candidate switches political parties
ADS HOMINEM Nasty Campaign Bites
A rising star from Illinois makes some noise in L.A.
Ethnic distinctions discourage dialogue
National Politics Comes To Anaheim
The Political Season Has Gone Sordid
Responses to "Dissecting Racism and Bigotry"
I'm a moderate Republican and a moderate Muslim
At issue are the issues, not his religon
L.A. Times violates journalistic ethics in Anaheim City Council election coverage
Islamphobia Charges Are Ludicrous
Dissecting Racism and Bigotry
Civic leaders condemn attack on California Muslim candidate
Former GOP Chairman Flames Hatred Towards Arab Americans
Three UCLA Board Members Resign
Bruin Alumni Association Targets 'Radical' Faculty
Gov. Gets Earful From GOP

Governor Faces Revolt In GOP
GOP leaders demand answer
The campaign train turns
Dreier gets a share of GOP power
Is the Terminator in Free-Fall?
SP filmmakers showcase conservative Hollywood
Governor Burns His Ships Behind Him
In California, a fight to the finish
Parties take diverse paths in 53rd Assembly District Race
Pressure for special election
Arnold's Army
Will Arnold Jump The Shark
LA mayor's race: Hahn moves to the right
Initiatives target tenure, wage system
Hahn Intensifies Focus on Valley
Arnold Offers A Way Out
Bush Pioneer At Odds With President's California Chairman
Revenge-minded Parks could be Hahn's worst enemy
Sacramento Showdown
Camarillo Republican Women Federated - Program Speaker
Initiatives At Home And Abroad
Whittier Republican Women, Fedierated - Meeeting Notice

Winners and Losers in California
Not just Bush scored a victory on Nov. 2
Who gets the credit?
Proposed Open-Primary Initiative Would Destroy Political Life
November Ballot Measures
It's time for Arnold to get bold
Voter Choice: reform-free reform
Initiative Avoids a 'lesser evil' Pick
Don't Take the Bayou State Cure
Dem dominance of state is dead
A downright Reaganesque speech

'Arnold's Army' - Will it be a lasting governing majority?
Winners and Losers
Who CAIRs?
Golden Possibilities - California is winnable for Republicans
Corporate Contributions - Fly Away

Big business bites the state GOP's hand
The shame of pro-tax big business
Conservative Thoughts on the State of Liberals
State Republicans See Light in 2006
Latinos move from Democratic camp
New Rules For Fraud
Election-day registration a win for California
Commentaries to "Don't Snicker...Bill Simon Could Actually Win"
Don't Snicker...Bill Simon Could Actually Win
Funds Gap Shows GOP Disarray
'Same-Day Voting' Makes Hanging Chads Look Quaint
Lionesses of the Left Eat Judicial Nominees Alive
State GOP alive and kicking
Shawn Steel Political Articles 2002

California's GOP Revival
State Budget Predictions

State Advisory Board
California GOP should join the 21st century
Escape Artist
Court dismisses GOP redistricting initiative
Issa Eyes Packard Seat
A State GOP at War With Itself
Would Reagan Approve Of The Horowitz Plan?
Acupuncture Test Comes Under Fire
Tom Bradley's Legacy
Capizzi's Choice: Forgive or Get Even
A lifeline for the U.N. chief?
Do Our Judges Serve The Law?
Republicans set sights on a sweep
GOP Divided Over Justices' Ballot Presence
Immigrants don't feel welcome in GOP 'tent'
GOP conservatives take aim at justices in abortion battle
Republican Party Opposes Prejudice
GOP Battle Pits Party Against Prosecutors
Young Americans for Freedom Say the Time Is Right for a Resurgence
Advancing civil wrongs
Crunch time on Prop. 209
Tying the knot
GOP's Tauzin Becomes Hollywood's New Pal
Reason Foundation
Where there's smoke, there's smoke
Tinsel Town Conservatives Come Out of the Closet in 'Wednesday Morning Club'
An Attempt at an End Run on Prop. 209
Amid the Rhetoric, Four Voters Explain Support
Judicial evaluation process assailed over rating of Brown
The Blackballing of Justice Brown
Don't Force Lawyers to Join the State Bar
Commentary to "Judicial 'Star Chamber' promotes wrong agenda"
Judicial 'Star Chamber' promotes wrong agenda
Have Lawyers Learrned Their Lesson
Ripple Effect
Commentary to "Pure No-Fault and Wage and Price Controls"
Pure No-Fault and Wage and Price Controls
Is This Your FBI?
City Times Voices
Matt Fong, Candidate for State Treasurer Event
Korean-Americans Strangled Again
Baby Please Don't Go
Jim Crow In Los Angeles
Nolan fought the good fight in Sacramento
The stench of RICO
Juvenile Justice
Fighting For Their Life
Commentary on "The Decade of The Great Republican Death Wish"
California's GOP had better stop feuding
L.A. Riots
The Second Looting Of Koreatown
Koreatown's razing was L.A.'s version of Kristallnacht
'Jenny' Proceedings Are Marked By Secrecy, Partisanship