Korea moves to the Right

December 29, 2007

After twelve years of misrule by arch Leftists in South Korea, Koreans repudiated the pro North Korean anti American government by electing conservative Myung Bak Lee,  President by capturing more votes that all 9 of his opponents combined. 

Korean Americans in California are vitally interested in the US having good relations with their mother country. With over 500,000 Korean Americans living in California, many now reliable voters, the hope that the left wing government would be removed was rewarded last night. Many of the younger conservative political leaders in Korea were trained by the Heritage Foundation and other conservative think tanks. Many of the younger leaders admire Ronald Reagan. 

Liberals claim that the world hates the US,  but they conveniently overlook the shifts toward  pro American governments from Germany, earlier this year in France, Denmark and now South Korea. Not only is this good fortune to our Korean allies but for our Presidential elections next year.

Parsky Commission Fails Rogan

December 05, 2007

Among the most enduring legacies for any US President are their judicial appointments. Unfortunately, former Attorney General Gonzalez and Gerry Parsky set up an unprecedented "commission" with Senators Feinstein and Boxer to pre agree on any California federal judges.

Unprecedented, in that never before in American history did any President simply give up his right to select who he wanted to serve in the federal judiciary. 

Some of us strongly objected [ see LATimes Op-Ed "Lionesses of the Left" , May 26, 2002] a commission  that gave absolute veto power to either Feinstein and Boxer's.  Generally, a few good judges were selected  of the 23 'approved' with the rest merely  mediocre nominees. 

The deal was IF the commission approved, the White House would nominate and both Feinstein and Boxer would support the nominees. 

Boxer finally and officially broke the deal by opposing Jim Rogan's nomination. Despite her appointee on the Parsky commission voted to approve Rogan earlier. 

There can be zero justification for continuance of the Parsky Commission. Those who remain in the White House with any measurable testosterone levels need to disengage this farce of a commission. 

Parsky's last few years have been unkind toward his legacy. He wasn't appointed Secretary of Treasury, despite two opportunities. As President of the UC Board of Regents the most explosive spending and salaries scandal in UC's history occurred during his watch. 

It's time to show Boxer, that she should have zero say as to who President Bush should nominate for a life time federal judgeship.

Speaker Makes Best Argument Against Prop 93

November 02, 2007

Steve Maviglio, spokeshole for CA Assembly Speaker Fabian "Louis Vuitton" Nunez, must be auditioning for a new job. He knows his boss' career is dying with Prop 93's February defeat, which is why he unleashed this attack on the California Nurses Association for contributing to my wife's campaign. Once again, Democrats attack hardworking, middle-class Californians and demonstrate how out-of-touch they are with their own union constituency. (You can read Jon's excellent commentary this morning for the complete rundown on Nunez's problems.)  

Nunez is targeting the California Nurses Association because they had the audacity to question the Speaker's rich and famous lifestyle paid for with their campaign contributions. Last month, the LA Times (hardly a member of the vast right-wing conspiracy), uncovered that Nunez was scamming campaign contributions from union members to pay for his overseas adventures. Nunez spent over $100,000 in political contributions on overseas trips, Louis Vuitton bags, expensive bottles of wine, and meals at fancy restaurants.

In defending his lifestyle, Fabian said, ""There's not too big a difference between how I live and how most middle-class people live."

Mind you, Núñez recently purchased an upscale $1.25 million Sacramento mansion with mortgage payments in excess of $100,000 a year. The only time working class people visit Nunez's mansion is when they are there to clean it.

Nunez proved during this year's budget that no union is safe from his vengeance. Nunez and legislative Democrats balanced this year's budget on the backs of CA teachers by raising their taxes by $170 million. Democrats would rather pay for Steve Maviglio's $175,000 annual salary and recent pay raise than give teachers a tax credit for their out-of-pocket classroom expenses.

Louis Vuitton shopping sprees, million dollar mansions, tax increases on teachers, and now an attack on California's nurses. We don't need to attack Prop. 93. Everyday, Fabian's foibles make the case against it.  

College Reps Confront the Left and Terrorism Next Week

October 19, 2007

The Islamo-Fascist Awareness Week begins on Monday Oct 22. For the first time in memory conservatives will take the initiative on at least 8 campuses to challenge Leftist Anti American orthodoxy. The issue is the world wide growth of savage terrorists who use Islam as a justification for mass murder. 

The center of the anti American pro terrorist elements are in the university. 

College Republicans will challenge the comfortable tenured professors and their diminish student supplicants with surprising activity. 

Coordinated by David Horowitz, Young Americans Foundation and the College Republicans the following campuses are holding panels, films, conferences, debates and rallies to raise awareness of the severity of international Jihadism. 

The speakers include : radio stars, Brian Sussman [San F] Mark Larson [San Diego], Dennis Prager. Nonie Darwish (pictured above to the left) author of Now They Call Me Infidel, a pro American Muslim woman,  Cyrus Nowrastehthe amazing Iranian born producer who made  the 40 million  docudrama The Path to 9-11 seen my millions last year,

You might have some fun going to the campus closest to you. You are invited. 

Oct 22 Monday at 7:00 pm : UC Berkeley at Evans Hall, Lecture Room 10 : Nonie Darwish 

Oct  22 USC "Obsession" viewing -- taper hall room 201, 7:00 pm 

Oct 23 Tuesday at 6:30 PM : UCLA , Path to 9-11 producer Cyrus Nowrasteh

Oct 24 Wednesday at 12:00 pm : San Francisco State,  Jack Adams Hall, Brian Sussman.

Oct 24 Wednesday at 6:00 pm :  USC :  Annenberg G - 26 : Ann Coulter 

Oct 24 Wednesday at 7:00 pm : UCLA Haines 82 : Nonie Darwish 

Oct 24 Wednesday at 7:30 pm : Cal Poly , Phillips Hall, with Greg Davis

Oct 25 Thursday at  Noon : San Diego State, radio star Mark Larson 

Oct 25 Thursday at 7:00 pm : UC Santa Barbara, Girvetz 1004 : Dennis Prager 

Oct 26 Friday at 3:00 pm : Cal State U - Fullerton, Titan Student Union Pavilion : Nonie Darwish, Shawn Steel and two leftists from Muslim PAC. [ not sponsored by David Horowitz. CR only]. 

You can hear the outstanding leaders from the USC CR's on the Al Rantel show KABC Tuesday, Oct 23 at 7:00 pm. Full disclosure, Cheyenne Steel is my daughter and is President of the USC CR's. 

The Governor Does Good : Ridley-Thomas gets it on the chin

October 13, 2007

Despite signing a rash of Nanny Bills with strong PC accents, the Governor slammed Mark Ridley-Thomas's anti Chiropractic SB 801. 

For months Ridley-Thomas has been making reckless charges along with the incredible Sacramento Bee of some sort of disciplinary meltdown taking place at the Chiropractic Board. Like any good Liberal, Ridley-Thomas wanted to impose more regulations on a Board that has an outstanding reputation for disciplining bad doctors and protecting the public.  (See my previous posts on this here.)

Ridley-Thomas was trying to score points to humiliate the Governor.  Yes, Arnold did appoint two chiropractors to the Board. Which pays nothing, but means many hours of endless meetings. Both doctors are good men and are a credit to their profession. Chairman Dick Tyler DC, practices in the Sacramento area was Arnold's first chiropractor when Arnold was competing. Franco Columbu DC, speaks three languages and who is the celebrities doctor in West Los Angeles, was Arnold's best man at Arnold's wedding. Seeking a cheap shot the Bee conjured stories from a discredited Board employee to make something out of nothing. 

Ridley-Thomas's solution was to forcibly take away chiropractors from the Protection of the Chiropractic Act of 1922. Back then, chiropractors were arrested by hostile prosecutors by the hundreds. By peoples initiative, voters backed the establishment of the Board of Chiropractic Examiners that would be forever immune from control by a hostile Legislature. The Act continues to work well and is the model for many other states Chiropractic Boards. Ridley-Thomas would have abolished the Act, require any future chiropractic practice rights be approved by a rapacious Legislature, generally dominated by Big Medicine and Big Insurance. 

SB 801 turned partisan. Not a single Republican voted for SB 801's power grab in either house. A few democrats couldn't stomach SB 801 and voted against caucus. Assemblywoman Loni Hancock, from Berkeley stood alone in the final vote against SB 801. I predict that democrats should not expect much support from the 15,000 chiropractors in California. Republicans showed their colors in favor of the Initiative process and for chiropractic practice rights. 

Arnold wise veto (see his veto message below) should marginalize Ridley-Thomas's chairmanship of the Business and Professions Senate Committee. We suspect he will be reassigned another committee, where he won't embarrass his caucus as much.

Of Ridley-Thomas's four bills, two were vetoed. Given that the Governor signed nearly 90% of the bills, it might be a good idea for lobbyists not to entrust their legislation with impotent angry Ridley-Thomas.

The Governor's Veto Message:

I am returning Senate Bill 801 without my signature.
This bill would bring the Board of Chiropractic Examiners under the auspices of the Department of Consumer Affairs, pending approval by California's voters on the June 2008 ballot.

The Board of Chiropractic Examiners is currently working with the Department of Consumer Affairs to provide essential support services and correct any prior deficiencies.  I do not feel it is necessary at this time to go through the expense of placing this measure on the ballot to essentially codify existing practice.  I also do not support requiring the profession's licensing fees to pay for the
costs of placing this measure on the ballot.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

LA Times goes bonkers or just another day at the office?

October 08, 2007

L.A.Times Publisher David Hiller must have whipped his reporters into a Leftist frenzy for today's paper. This must be part of  the publisher's  bold strategy to win over the Move On Dot Com crowd to increase circulation. 

On the front page alone are 4 major articles ranging from the growing popularity of Hillary contrasted to the boom-let for Che's legacy in Latin America. Normally Janet Hook and Mark Barabak  demonstrate a little  independence but not in today's lead article. Two reporters who should know better, happily interview a sole democrat in their first 3 paragraphs of why all democrats are now more comfortable with Hillary. Ultimately, they point out that Clinton is ahead of Obama. That's the lead story ! 

Patrick McDonnell writes glowingly of a new Stalinesque statue of serial murderer Che Guevara in Marxist Bolivia. He reports that " Socialism is in, the Cubans are on the march, and Che is the defiant embodiment of it all." McDonnell is not quoting anyone. He is quoting himself. He probably wouldn't pass high school journalist with that.  

Another front page obligatory story interviews a couple of Iraqis calling Blackwater guards to task for protecting Americans. I wonder who the Times hires to protect reporter Tina Susman?

Finally, a puff piece on faithful hard working Muslims forced to work in Egypt''s racy resorts. Their faith compromised amid the sin and salaciousness for serving tourists alcohol. . Usually reporter Jeffrey Fleischman is more competent. He fails to mention that most of the tourists are Muslims or non Christians. Fleischman implies that the only guests at Sharm el Sheik are Christians. The biggest spenders, as everyone knows [except Fleischman]  are the Saudis 

Once you stagger through the these PC pieces you will find inside; a full page devoted to Che's revolution; a second story against Blackwater by Tina Susman ; a story  by Paul Watson blaming the US for unexploded ordnance hurting villagers in Laos. Only one mention that the communists ruled Laos since 1975. Because of that Laos remains one of the poorest countries in the world. David  Savage chimes in from Washington with another America-is-guilty  Rendition Story.  Where was David in WW2? 

Finally, the news merges marginally into the Editorial Page with a blast against Bush's ""Heartless and clueless" veto of the phony SCHIP bill. 

The dinosaur LA Times media continues to lose readership. That's easy to understand. Readers don't have the patience to trudge  through of dozens of column inches of festering anti American propaganda. 

Electoral College Reform: Putting California in Play ; Paul Singer vs. Stephen Bing

October 02, 2007

What could be more important that electing a Republican to the White House in 2008?

The winner will likely serve as President until 2016. That's a long time. Controlling foreign policy, fighting the War against Radical Islam, safeguarding America, supporting pro-growth economic policies and protecting the nuclear family is what is at stake. 

Our friend, attorney Tom Hiltachk,  submitted an Initiative proposal that absolutely rocks the Democrats.  Squeals could be heard ranging from Howard Dean to every California Democrat elected official, crying about everything from disenfranchisement to "stealing" elections.

Everyone understands if proportional voting is legal in California in 2008,  Democrats will not win the White House.  By having each electoral vote based on the votes of each Congressional district, 
Republicans will win at least 19 electoral votes of California's 55.  California is 20% of what's needed to win the 270 Electoral College votes nationwide. 

Wasting no time Clinton, supporters instantly cried foul and created an outfit called Californians for Fair Election Reform.  Clintonista Chris Lehane and fortune inheritor Stephen Bing put together a multi million-effort to defeat the Electoral Reform Initiative.

Few Republicans know much about Stephen Bing. But, Bing is clearly the George Soros of the California Democrat Party. By living until he was 18 years, Bing inherited his granddad's $600,000,000 million fortune. He has financed such films as Kangaroo Jack and Get Carter. He also successfully got actress Elizabeth Hurley pregnant. A London newspaper reports that Hurley calls him "Bing Laden".  This dilettante is the key money man for the Democrats, including defeating this Initiative.

Bing has spent many millions supporting Democrat politicians. But his $43.5 breathtaking million funding against  Prop 87 to tax Big Oil is an all time record. 

Riding to the rescue in proposing the Electoral Reform Initiative, that would impact our lives, was a non-Californian, New Yorker Paul Singer. The committee, Take Initiative America, was too good to be true. Paul Singer, a hedge fund billionaire, is one of Rudy Giuliani early supporters. Thinking big, he and his team apparently sought to finance the Initiative in time to impact the 2008 elections. 

For whatever reason, Singer pulled stakes and is now weathering Democrat attacks including threatening criminal penalties. We'll see if we ever see Singer again. You can rest assure all the Democrat national and state officials will be looking for the latest prosecutorial weapons. All Singer did was to exercise his 1st Amendment right. What he did was to anger Clinton, Inc.

What we have is California unearned rich playboy Bing "protecting" the Democrats' California monopoly and a New Yorker challenging the rules. Singer is a capitalist who made his own money and employs people. The difference between could not be more stark. 

We are sorry that Singer did not want to stay in the fight and give Californians a choice for President. There are too many questions here. 

Where are the self made capitalists who made up Ronald Reagan's kitchen cabinet? Self made  Henry Salvatori, Holmes Tuttle and others financed Republican operations for years. The last angel was Congressman Darrell Issa who financed the Recall signatures to throw out Governor Gray Davis. 

Even Big Oil, facing Bing's 43 million, produced no heroes. Big Oil like anything else "Big" is composed of nondescript corportatists. Too afraid to anger the ruling democrats, too afraid to lead. They just was to live under the radar. They buy "protection". 

Our Party needs to answer the question. Where are the new capitalists willing to finance political freedom?

Muslims Sue FBI in California

September 20, 2007

Hussam Ayloush is suing again.  As Executive Director of the Greater Los Angeles Area Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Ayloush is a constant litigant, using American justice to 

intimidate and bully. He sued me a couple of years ago in Orange County for defamation for anarticle I wrote about his organization CAIR.  Ayloush's suit was promptly dismissed by the Superior Court.  Attorney fees were awarded against him because of his lack of understanding of the 1st Amendment. 

Ayloush's group, CAIR, has been named an un-indicted co-conspiratorof a terror funding case...

This time his target is the FBI.  With the ACLU leading the charge, the lawsuit complains that the FBI is investigating and surveilling, " Muslim organizations, mosques and individuals from Southern California."  Thank goodness the FBI might be doing  its job! 

Ayloush claims he is working for religious freedom, but a quick look at CAIR's recent history discloses that many of its officials are sitting behind federal bars for engaging in terrorist activities.

Ranjana Natarajan of the ACLU represents CAIR and other Muslim groups in the lawsuit.  Natarajan recently spoke to the Shura Council of Southern California back on June 10th. The topic was how to answer questions posed by the FBI or other authorities regarding Homeland Security issues.  I imagine the 5th Amendment was discussed in detail


CAIR is an organization that needs a serious public examination. It has repeatedly attacked holding terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, any surveillance of Muslim extremists in this country and defended nearly every Muslim accused, tried and convicted for  terrorist actions. CAIR refuses to disclose its finances. Some believe that they are funded by Saudi donors. 

There a beehive of Muslim organizations involved in the lawsuit including Islamic Centers in San Gabriel, Rowland Heights, Hawthorne, Corona and Anaheim.  IslamiCity, a website, is part of the case. You might want to look at their website to find the Al Anwar Islamic Fashion store in downtown Anaheim for women. You won't be surprised.  


Robert Spencer Jihad expert and author had this to day about Ayloush: 

" Hussam Ayloush is one of the most personally repellent employees of an organization that routinely employs nasty characters. In a  FrontPage Symposium in which he and I, along with several others, participated, and in which, true to form, he traffics in smears and contempt but offers little in the way of substantive argument.  " See here

As the Left makes common cause with Jihadists against their free market/JudeoChristian opponents, Americans are becoming more aware of the threat of a domestic insurgency. In the Right there are two primary views of radical Islam. . Either Islam is an irredeemable death cult or it is going through a temporary crisis before Islam has its own Enlightenment, which I believe. 

Ayloush represents a hateful side of Islam. His latest lawsuit is not designed to improve American security or constitutional freedoms  but to help mobilize those opposing America and supporting extremists here in Southern California. 


SF State College Reps Rip the Left

September 12, 2007

Among the most active of the College Republican chapters is the hard fighting San Francisco State College Republicans. Chairman Leigh Wolf is an innovator and leader which should give us hope that future generations are in good conservative hands. 

Those College Reps are a serious thorn in the belly of the Leftist, Hate America crowd. Have a look at yesterday's 9/11 commemoration video (below) on campus. And see which loonies show up...and yes you will always find a local tenured professor beating the drums for America's enemies. Wolf wisely teamed up with the College Dems to have a non-political 9/11 Memorial. But the other side of the democrats turned out also. Watch it here:

Ryan Clumpner is the state chair for College Republicans from UC Davis. For any questions about College Reps email him here.

9/11 Two Anniversaries ...Europe Saved From Muslim Extremists ..324 years ago

September 11, 2007

Just six years ago, our two oceans protection strategy crumbled. Radical Islam's resurgence came swift and deadly. Central Europe faced the same resurgence just 324 years ago. 

 My family visited Vienna last summer. When we asked the hotel's concierge where we would find Monuments of Vienna's most important day, the Siege of Vienna by Muslim Jihadists in 1683, the otherwise bright guide didn't understand my inquiry. 

In Sept 11 and 12th of 1683, the Ottoman Turks, after years of planning, had Vienna under siege by  hundreds of thousands of soldiers. After hundreds of years and countless victims conquering Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Albania and most of eastern Europe, the Turks were determined to conquer Europe. The most effective soldiers for the Turks armies were the legendary Janissary. Mostly composed of Greek and eastern European Christian boys seized from their families to create a "new soldier". Much like the modern day totalitarian armies, boys, as young as 8 years, were indoctrinated into radical Islam. They were forced to "unlearn" their culture in order to destroy it. 

It was King Jan Sobiesky, keeping his agreement with Austria, who left his  Poland to literally ride to the rescue. Bringing over 30,000 Hussars,  heavily "armed" cavalry with "wings" literally attached to their backs. Each Hussar, carried an 18 foot lance and two swords. Sobiesky seeing the enemy surrounding Vienna below about 3 miles from a hill called Kalen Berg. Realizing  a weakness in the Muslim lines, Sobiesky ordered his prized Hussars into full dress charge. The mass of 30,000 horses and men with wings galloping at full speed from some 2 to 3 miles away going downhill toward the Muslims could not be stopped. The Turks were crushed, divided and scattered. In a single day, breaking the siege since July 14. The high water mark of Muslim expansion was temporarily stopped for 4 centuries. 

Today, the Viennese do not remember. Nor would they like giving the Poles much credit for anything. In fact, the Austrians provided only a small portion of troops. Protestant Germans, temporarily stopped fighting the Catholic Austrians, brought forth an additional 25,000 troops to resist the Muslim invasion. 

Without the victory of the Siege of Vienna, many of us would not be reading this post today. Or we might be reading another version in Arabic.

Big Changes in LA County - Bernard Parks is running for Supervisor

August 28, 2007

California would be one of American's most conservative states were it not for Los Angeles County. With a total of 29% of the California population and a huge Democrat registration goosed by well oiled labor machines, LA is the place to that ruins statewide Republican dreams. In fact, if reps get only 40% of the LA vote, they usually win statewide. 

Naturally you would think the LA County Supervisors would be controlled by union slathering zanies like in San Francisco. In fact, the dems do have a 3-2 advantage. Each Supervisor represents 2,000,000 souls with wide political discretion in their districts. Because of demographics, there is one seat that typically elects an African American -- and it is currently held by moderate-left Yvonne Braithwaite Burke. She announced that she is leaving the Supervisorial seat in 2008. That announcement is unleashing a furious passions of want- to- be politicos who covet one the most prized political jobs in California.

The big news is that former LAPD Chief, and present LA City Councilman Bernard Parks announced he will seek the post. What a great deal for the center right coalition. Parks was effectively fired by Mayor Jimmy Hahn as police chief, leading to Parks getting elected to a LA Council seat and the defeat of Hahn for reelection.  Parks represents probably the poorest district in Los Angeles  -- South LA. The riots began there, the Martin Luther King Hospital was decertified for ongoing manslaughter there, it's a magnet for major criminal activity. Still, Parks is popular there and throughout the county. 

Parks' voting record is astonishing and would shame many Republican City Councilmen. Parks cast the only vote against pay hikes for police and firefighters, arguing it was excessive. He criticized rent control laws and is considered one of LA's most fiscally conservative Councilmembers. Former Republican State Chairman, and current Supervisor Mike Antonovich just endorsed Parks. 

Radical racialist Senator Mark Ridley-Thomas is considering a  run against Parks. Should he succeed, LA county would soon lean San Francisco Left.  Fortunately, Ridley-Thomas has far more enemies than friends. Parks would crush him like a bug. 

Supervisor Burke was elected in 1992 with the help of the Lincoln Clubs who feared her alternative would be far more leftist. The gamble worked, Burke got elected and has not been obnoxiously anti-business. Republicans know and like Chief Parks. They along with most of the black community will forge an interesting coalition that should remind Californians that LA County is not always hostage to center-left politics.

Should Parks get elected to the 2nd Supervisorial seat he would succeed the very same Supervisorial seat held by Mayor Jimmy Hahn's father. Irony indeed. 

Day 31 : Korean Christians Held by Taliban

August 18, 2007

Sunday will be one month since 23 Korean Christian medical volunteers were kidnapped by the Islamist Taliban , while working in Gazing province in Afghanistan. Two of the male volunteers, one a co founder and minister of a large Christian church in Korea, were murdered. Two of the women have been released. The Korean government is reportedly "negotiating" with the kidnappers. Payment for the hostages is widely anticipated. 

While press reports have declined in the US, the hostage crisis gets white heat coverage in Asia. Here in Los Angeles, an organization called Concerned Citizens for Korean Hostages in Afghanistan urged in a press conference the release of the captives. Many different religious groups joined in the demand for the release. The controversial Muslim Public Affairs Council MPAC [ see HERE at this link ] joined this group. Recently MPAC was listed by the US Attorney General's office as an unindicted co-conspirator in a criminal case of funding Hamas. 

In Korea, the society is clearly divided with the current political leadership extraordinarily left wing; including links to the North Korean government. However, there is a massive grass roots movement that may bring the country back to the center with the growing popularity of the Grand National Party leading in the Presidential polls for this November's election. The GNP includes a coalition of Korean war veterans and a new generation of free marketeers. 

The Left has savagely criticized the Christian medical workers for getting kidnapped! The medical workers are indeed Christian missionaries but do not directly proselytize. All are helping the sick and wounded in Afghanistan without payment. The victims are modern day Christian martyrs. They did not come bearing arms. Still the Korean government and some of its leftist allies in the US want to "exchange" the victims for crazed Islamic serial murders. 

There is a glimmer of hope. An important Korean military general argued that if the government would send 5000 Korean troops they could liberate the hostages and annihilate the local Taliban. In fact, Korea is our 3 largest ally in Iraq with over 3000 troops and several hundred in Afghanistan. 

Too many Americans continued to sleep and the democrats dawdle with the mounting evidence of the worldwide cruelty and militancy of the Islamists. Today, many more Koreans in Asia and here are aware of the growing cancer.

Political Earthquake, Equalizing California Electorial Votes

August 08, 2007

Tom Hiltachk could not have been surprised with the shrieks coming from the California political ruling class, when he filed his Electoral College reform Initiative last week. The initiative would eliminate the "winner take all" rule that gives all 55 California electoral votes to the winner. 

Republicans and democrats both eliminated the winner take all rule for Presidential Primaries. Reasoning that to have a powerful campaign in California you needed retail politics in each congressional district. Since 1992,  California has not had a serious Presidential campaign. We were ignored. All that voters for both parties were supposed to do was to give money to influence Iowa and Ohio. 

California for Equal Representations (CER) will blow up the rules. Candidates who want California electoral votes will have to campaign in all 53 congressional districts. California will once again become the battleground state, as it has been since Lincoln was elected in 1860. 

Hiltachk typically is closed mouth. He won't divulge his donors or his strategies or who he is working for. Still, it is now public knowledge that the Governor's chief fundraiser, Marty Wilson is leading the effort to finance the campaign. 

Who knows who are the major backers? 

Democrat consultant, Chris Lehane argues  this will "guarantee" Republican control over the White House if  voters approve the initiative on the June 5 primary. Interesting that Chris would have a problem with congressional districts his party gerrymandered in 2001. Maybe he ought to reconsider how they gerrymander in the future. 

Politically, there isn't much more important than electing a US President. My guess is that voters will like reform initiative. Why not use the same system both parties already use in selecting nominees?  Clearly, populist democrats will be put on the spot on this initiative. Do they vote for expanded democracy or merely keep the status quo? 

You can bet the growing independent DTS voters will like this. 

The Attorney General is expected to return the Title and Summary by September 5th. CER will have 5 months to collect only 433,971 signatures.  CER expects to get 750,000 good signatures by Christmas in plenty of time to quality for June.

Once again we have our great republican Governor Hiram Johnson [1910 -1916 - pictured above, working in his office] to thank for introducing the initiative to California voters. Rulers hate change that threaten their castles.

Gore is Good

July 31, 2007

This from Christine Hanley of today's L.A. Times

"Gore is the youngest of Tipper and Al Gore's four children. He was arrested in 2003 on suspicion of marijuana possession while a student at Harvard University. He completed substance-abuse counseling as part of a program to settle the charge and was not convicted of a crime.

He now lives in Los Angeles, where he is an associate publisher of Good, philanthropy magazine aimed at young people."

Legal Aid Foundation organizing Union : Violates Federal Law

July 30, 2007

The notorious Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA) is now charged with violating federal laws and misleading the Legal Services Corporation (LSC) since December, 2004.  In a complaint filed on July 19, 2007 by a coalition of taxi companies  LAFLA is accused of aggressively lobbying for and organizing into a union a small number of drivers with taxpayer money in direct violation of the LSC Act.   

By using taxpayer money for these efforts, the LSC must either demand an end to these illegal activities or withdraw funding for LAFLA, who derives 55% of their funding from LSC grants.  The complaint spells out multiple violations including grassroots lobbying, community organizing, advocacy training and staging demonstrations. 

Betty Hung, directing attorney with LAFLA, has been the leader in organizing taxi drivers by forming Los Angeles Taxi Worker's Alliance (LATWA) in addition to lobbying the Los Angeles City Council and various City Commissions. 

"Whether LAFLA used taxpayer money or not, these actions are in violation of the LSC regulations," according to Long Beach attorney Paul Marron, spokesman for the taxi coalition. . 

Capitol Hill Republicans, including Reps. Darrell Issa and Dana Rohrabacher , are up in arms over the possible misuse of tax dollars in these lobbying efforts.  Currently the Government Oversight Committee is looking into the matter.  The larger question is how long can a free society survive when our government relentlessly works against the private sector.

Rescue Dawn - - The best summer movie

July 27, 2007

Last night I had an amazing experience. I saw a war movie, made in Hollywood, that wasn't anti-American. How could this be?

The folks from the Liberty Film Festival warn us to expect a flood of hate America war films blaming Americans for shooting Islamic terrorists, increasing global warming and trying to upset leftists dictators. Assuredly, those films will lose tons of money, take George Clooney's embarrassing Syriana failure last year. 

Rescue Dawn is a true story of an American POW pilot Dieter Dengler. WIth his first mission for the Navy. he was shot down by Soviet anti aircraft weapons in Vietnam. His story of capture, refusing to submit, torture, humiliation but tempered with a spirit of optimism and survival is inspiring. In fact, not a single word was expressed against the Vietnam War. The commies looked like lousy commies. The good guys were good. 

Who would support such a movie? A new film company called Gibraltar produced the feature. One of the two principals is a 6' 8" NBA star 254 lbs power forward for the Clippers , Elton Brand (pictured to the right)

So a double whammy. A pro American war film, by a sports figure. 

Take two minutes to check out the movie trailer below, and then go out our your way to see this film. The reviews are strong and positive. And, enjoy the big screen once again.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher's July 31st Hearing on Border Guards

July 23, 2007

California's own Congressman Dana Rohrabacher will investigate claims of abusive prosecutorial misconduct by Johnny Sutton, the US Attorney for the Western District of Texas. Specifically, he wants to know to what extent the Mexican government pressured Sutton to prosecute the two border patrol officers, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Campean. 

Rohrabacher (pictured), who chaired the Oversight Committee, when Republicans were in charge, will serve as ranking member. Unfortunately, Sutton has refused to testify at the July 31 hearing of the Subcommittee on International Organizations, Human Rights, and Oversight of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Sutton has a lot of explaining to do. 

Conservatives have long feared the Federal Government propensity for prosecutorial misconduct. There is hardly anything more frightening than the unlimited resources of a belligerent US Attorney. 

Sutton, a friend of President Bush,  and ambitious US Attorney, is charged with protecting the border along west Texas. Instead he jailed and prosecuted two border patrol agents and got them over 10 years of federal jail each for shooting a drug runner in the butt.  Moreover, Sutton accepted the invitation from a Mexican attorney to make a deal to give immunity to the drug runner, in exchange to testify against  the two border guards. Orwellian and backward. 

There are many questions Sutton needs to answer. Even Sutton seems queasy about the heavy sentences given to the family men who were protecting our border. 

Last week, in a public forum, President Bush was asked point blank if he would pardon the border guards. Bush said he would not make that promise, just days after he commuted the sentence for Lewis "Scooter" Libby, VP Cheney's former Chief of Staff. 

Literally millions of Americans question daily the wisdom of the Federal government to severely punish our guards by making deals with serial criminals. 

Dana Rohrabacher represents the reason why conservatives work hard to  elect champions to Congress.

Infidel : Summer Reading

July 16, 2007

One of the most remarkable women today is former Dutch parliamentarian Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Her biography is an unrelenting page turner. Infidel, by Ayaan Hirsi Ali 2007, Free Press.

Ali is one courageous author, witness and political leader to confront the Cancer within Islam.

All great religions and ideologies always contain seeds of its own destruction. Islam is no exception. Given that America is one of the most tolerant societies is recorded history, many of our citizens still cannot understand the violent and extreme phenomena called Radical Islam. 

Ayaan Hirsi Ali tells the story of the growth of the Radical Cancer in her homeland Somalia. Her father was a revolutionary working against the Marxists who seized Somalia in the early 80's. American's most unsuccessful President, the fall of Somalia was part of  Carter's legacy when the last gasps of the Soviet conquests extended from Afghanistan, Angola, Cuba, Nicaragua, Grenada and many more. 

Her family was clan based with a heavy dependence on Islam. She learned early on  that Islam considered women inherently inferior. Despite her education, academic success, multiple language skill [six]  and courage, when she personally rescued many family members from war torn Somalia, the men in her family still considered Ayaan a lesser human.

Ultimately she was ordered to marry a Somali man who migrated to Canada, because too many Somali girls were "corrupted" there. Ayaan was ordered by her father to submit to Allah's will and marry a man she didn't know. Instead, while traveling to Canada via Europe, she escaped to Holland and claimed political refugee status. She learned Dutch and in no time was elected to Parliament. 

But when she began to publicly debate the growing menace of Radical Islam in Dutch society she became quite famous and attracted serious murder threats. 

After she helped write a film called Submission, directed by Theo van Gogh [ yes, the grandson], about the cruel lives of many woman forced to lived marginal lives in radical Islamic communities,  Theo was murdered for his work. 

The murder itself was an effective metaphor for the seriousness, the outrage and insanity of Radical Islam.   Van Gogh while riding on his bicycle was shot eight times by Mohammad B. a well off Arab who benefited from Dutch society.  Mohammad cut van Gogh's throat nearly decapitating Theo. Mohammad then  plunged two knives into van Gogh's chest. A five page note was thrust into van Gogh's heart with a written pledge to kill Ayaan Hirsi Ali. 

Ayaan's story is not to be missed. It timely, important and a brisk read. To learn more about Ayaan, who recently, moved to the US to continue the war against Radical Islam, her book is crucial.

Pacific Research trains School Board Members

July 12, 2007

Most California school districts are controlled by the teachers unions. . Those unions regularly spend the big dollars to  elect board members who give them any benefit, pay increase or pension imaginable. The paymaster is ruled by who it pays. 

This process has lead to deteriorating schools, funny curriculum's, bloated budgets and a dramatic decrease in quality education in the last 50 years. We saw literally millions spent over a few seats in the recent LA LAUSD elections. 

Once is a while a non union person gets elected to a local board. And what does he or she do when they get there? First they encounter unfriendly union stooges who already occupy board seats. Then deal with a hostile administration long used to union control over budget and policy. But, the newly elected member will get a great parking space and a big chair with their name imprinted on the Dias.  

The Pacific Research Institute is hosting a remarkable "training session"  on August 3 at the Westin Hotel in South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa. 

Our very own Mike Spence, a heavyweight in local school board politics [ successfully elected several times to the West Covina School Board] , will be one of the presenters. Too shy to mention this important work, George Passantino passed along this information. 

If you know of any school board members, they would truly enjoy learning from Lance Izumi, Plus they do get a "free" lunch. Share this notice with board members. The program's agenda is : 

To register for the seminar, please contact Cindy Chin at or (415) 955-6110.


I.  9:00am  Registration and Continental Breakfast 

II 9:30am  Welcome and Introduction Lance Izumi , Director of Education Studies, Pacific Research Institute 

III 9:45 am  Workshop 1: Union Negotiations
Mike Spence, West Covina School Board Rueben Peterson, Former Superintendent, Newark Unified School District 

IV 11:00pm Workshop 2: English Language Learners
Linda Mikels, Principal, Sixth Street Preparatory, Victorville, CA 

V 12:00am Lunch 

VI 1: 15pm Workshop 3: How to Better Communicate with Your Constituents
Gary Larson, Vice President Communications, California Charter Schools Association
Mike Spence, West Covina School Board 

Conclude  2:30pm 


Dead Bill Walking : SB 801

July 11, 2007

Senate Democrat B&P chairman Mark Ridley-Thomas must enjoy beating dead horses or sticking dead butterflies.  

His pay-back bill to eviscerate the chiropractic profession by proposing a constitutionally dubious bill, SB 801,  is meeting  fierce resistance for all Republican legislators and all sectors of the chiropractic profession. SB 801 would simply abolish the chiropractic Act of 1922, voted in by voters by Initiative. Instead to having the people sign a new Initiative, Ridley-Thomas would use his power in the legislature to punish his chiropractic enemies, by side stepping the people signing requirement. 

Senator  and physician Sam Aanestad made it clear at the B&P hearing on Tuesday, that this bill represents what's largely wrong in Sacramento. The democrat author files a bill, but says it might turn into something else, after "negotiations". No hearing on the merits of the bill, just power politics. Republicans need not apply. And, in this case, the chiropractors need not either. 

But the good news is that the bill is Dead On Arrival. Everyone knows this. Ridley-Thomas is wasting valuable timber, ink and everyone's time with his personal jihad against chiropractic. Ridley-Thomas ulterior motive is to attack the Governor's two friends he appointed to the Board of Chiropractic Examiners. The new board members exposed corruption on the Board, that was composed of Davis appointees. And Ridley-Thomas wants the new guys thrown out.

His bill, SB 801 will be thrown out instead. No one in the Governor's office would suggest to the Governor that he help get his life time friends thrown in purgatory, just because Ridley-Thomas is upset. 

Given that there are thousands of bills impacting every part of California life, Californians have much to fear from the out of control, democrat war lords who control the Legislature. 

Veto party anyone? 

Blood Sport : Slamming Jerry Lewis

July 05, 2007

Democrats will do anything to get and maintain power. After all, Lenin wasn't too good a revolutionary.  His specialty, once he took power, was to create a ruthless system for permanent power at any cost. Democrats hope to do the same in 2008.  By any means necessary, get more senate and house seats. 

Part of their strategy is to demonize California House Republican leaders. While Duke Cunningham certainly deserved demonization, as does Democrat "Refrigerator" Jefferson, our California Congressional Republicans are endlessly attacked with rumors and conspiracy theories, spearheaded by the LA Times.  But painting the bribery tar brush against Republicans is ringing hollow. 

Jerry Lewis is repeatedly skewered by the LA Times, with breathy innuendos of vast sums of money circulating through his office. The only problem is a ferocious lack of facts. Unlike some Congressmen, Lewis has not grown wealthy in Congress.   According to Lewis' financial disclosure statement, most of his savings are in a  retirement account in a Credit Union containing a few hundred thousands dollars. He also has a 1/4 share in a family trust that might be worth 15,000 to $50.,000 dollars. (See here.)

We've seen how Cunningham lived. A private yacht on the Potomac, a large home in exclusive Rancho Santa Fe and lots of nice stuff. 

Among 435 members, Lewis is ranked 150 in assets. Nancy Pelosi , Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein ; now that's who has  real money. According to Pelosi's disclosure statement she could be worth 91 million, Feinstein at 98 million and Boxer at only 6 million. 

Conservatives can disagree with Jerry Lewis over policy matters but after a spurt of articles in 2005 not a single fact or linkage to illegal conduct has been suggested by authorities. Still, the Left will use anything, including outdated headlines to destroy anyone standing in their  way to maintain and keep power. 

Even with the policy matters, Lewis seems to be making changes in the Appropriations Committee by supporting open disclosure of anyone making earmarks. In addition, he led opposition to earmarks that included : a classical Chinese garden [ 8 million] ; Citizens Corp [35 m], Mind-Body Institute [2 m], Whaling trading partners [9 m] and hundreds more. In fact, there are 37 percent fewer earmarks proposed, mostly by Republicans. We hope the whole earmark process can be extinguished with a new Republican congress. 

For Republicans to merely duck with the next incoming salvo from the Media Left is a disservice. If anyone has evidence of wrongdoing,  demand proof and transparency. If not, tell them that even Lenin's empire fell after 70 years of lies. 

Frank Baxter Ambassador to the Republica Oriental del Uruguay

June 16, 2007

After you've built one of the most successful investment banking institutions in America, served as the California Republican Party's Finance Chairman, set up charities supporting private and charter schools and maintains an excellent long term marriage to Kathy his first bride, what then? 

Well, President Bush appointed Frank Baxter to serve as American's Ambassador  to the "Switzerland of South America". Uruguay is not quite Switzerland, it's run by moderate socialists. Naturally, Michelle and I wanted to see Frank and Kathy next time we were in the area. 

So we [Pub Note: "we" is Shawn and his wife, Michelle, a member of the State Board of Equalization] found ourselves in the area last week. Frank set up dinner for us with leaders of 4 political parties. We even had an interpreter when discussing California politics. The current government is composed of a left of center regime, but they are not violently anti American. Frank can take some credit. President Bush visited Uruguay recently, with an extremely rare visit to that country. Next door, across the Rio De La Plato [the Spanish were hoping for a lot of silver] fascist Chavez held a rally in Buenos Aires, to oppose Bush's visit. The Uruguayans were not amused. 

When Frank does his  running each morning his body guard has to ride a bicycle to keep up. The Uruguayan President announced on the night of the dinner party he would not seek to change the Constitution to break his Term Limits of one 5 year term. Presently, the New Chavez Fascists are quickly changing the rules throughout South America,  for a new era of long time Fidelista dictatorships. But don't expect  democrats or Michael Moore to much more than regale their natural comrades.

Frank and Kathy do live well, but it's constant work. They are committed for several events each day of the week. One big reason Baxter is successful, is that, more than his reputation as a successful capitalist, he is a friend of W.

UCI: The war against the 5th Column

June 01, 2007

The College Republicans continue to be the major voice of clarity against the Jihadists on campus.

Thursday night the College Republican club at the University of California, Irvine, sponsored an unforgettable event... It was held at the Bren Center with over 1300 paying to get in.  It featured excruciating stories of three former terrorists [PLO and an early Hezbollah].  Each man is marked for death.  One carries wounds of one assassination attempt.  I have never heard such realistic and credible evidence spoken in public. 

UC Irvine boasts the largest number of Muslim students in California, estimated to be several thousand.  Naturally it has a militant Muslim Student Association.  Hamid Algar, a Western Muslim scholar of impeccable academic credentials, who is qute hostile to Israel, still  charged the MSA as being similar to Comintern financed by the Saudi government. 

Walid Shoebat (pictured), Zak Anani and Kamal Saleem were elegant and effective. The audience was appreciative.  The MSA boycotted the event and held their own rally.  Walid Shoebat has a lot to teach all of us. Have a look at his website . 

Even the Los Angeles Times reported that the 3 X terrorists, filled an auditorium at Stanford, again sponsored by those very effective College Republicans.  Stanford prohibited "off campus" folks and the media from attending.  But denying the press gets bad press.  Stanford soon recanted.  Keep in mind that Leland Stanford was one of six co-founders of the California Republican Party in 1856. 

It appears that the College Republicans may take the 3 X terrorists on the road all over California beginning  in the fall. Soon, freeway close to you

And, unbelievable in a very related story, in the morning's Los Angeles Times comes a report of a young Muslim where police believe he murdered his ex girlfriend's father and older sister and bludgeoned her mother, on May 21st.  The family home was burned down. The ex girlfriend is an 18 year old Hindu student from UCI. Shayona Dhanak who had broken up with Iftekhar Murtaza. Four US marshals arrested Murtaza at Sky Harbor International Airport, where he was trying to fly on a one way ticket to Bangladesh...

LA Times Smearing Ken Calvert

May 31, 2007

When  the incredible LA Times goes after a Republican, most conservatives can tell by the headlines that a hatchet job is in the making. 

Sadly, the smear job was so effective it fooled conservative blogger., Erick Erickson of the venerable Red State, Erickson with an attempt to route our corrupt Republican House members, so GOPers win in 2008, targeted Ken Calvert's rise to Appropriations. Unfortunately, Erickson read the LA Times and believed it. His call to remove Calvert from Appropriations got a lot of MSM [liberal] reportage. 

Congressman Ken Calvert is one of many of California congressional Republicans to endure the fueling of unfounded rumors and half truths. With snappy prose it took 3 "Times staff writers" to make up its story against Calvert. They thought they had a hot one. 

The Times complained that Calvert made a profit when he sold property. The innuendo was old socialist class bating..." without even cutting the weeds, or carting off old septic tank parts ... sold the land for $1,000,000. "

Imagine anyone making money on California real estate! 

Of course,  the Times reporters wouldn't understand this principle. But the crux of their charges is that Congressman Calvert used an earmark to finance a federal highway to improve his parcel of land. What theTimes failed to mentioned is that Calvert's land is some 16 miles from the earmark. Whoops. 16 miles in the Metropolitan LA / Riverside market involves millions of people and hundreds of thousands of parcels. Next time the boys at the Times ought to use a GPS. Their article strongly implied that  Calvert engineered federal funds to build an offramp direct to his shopping center. 

Shoddy reporting by the Times is standard fare yellow journalism. But anythings is fair for the Times when it comes to smearing Republicans. 

Calvert's office wisely put all key articles on their official website for anyone to peruse. 

Even the liberal Riverside Press Enterprise editorialized against the Times charges, in a piece called False Alarm, by dismissing the claim generated by a local crank, but picked by the Times,  " Sounding false alarms of corruption only breeds more cynicism about government. "

The cynicism here, is that when reading the Times, why would anyone believe what they are reading?

Bradley Article - Supremely Disappointing

May 29, 2007

Bill Bradley, the normally diligent and well-researched author of the New West Notes blog, offers this factually inaccurate and lazily researched piece in the latest edition of LA Weekly.  Choosing to pander to LA Weekly's liberal readership, Bradley ignores well-documented evidence to regurgitate the tired, out-dated themes of a new right-wing conspiracy. Yes, that same right-wing conspiracy that Hillary Clinton revealed over nine years ago and that has twice-elected "post-partisan" Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, is both new and radically right-wing.     

Bradley's flawed contention is that the Republican Party has been taken over by a new radical, conservative faction of Flash Report-blogging politicos. He cites "the rise of new, very far right party leaders: Fleischman, Tom Del Beccaro and Mike Spence" as evidence of his claim.

Never mind that Bradley's article is laced with small inaccuracies to artificially bolster his argument, such as referring to Jon Fleischman as the "Southern California chairman of the Republican Party" (a position that does not exist and can be easily fact-checked at the CRP website), none of these leaders are new to the Republican Party's leadership structure.

Straight from Fleischman's bio, "From 1999 - 2001, Fleischman was the Executive Director of the California Republican Party, the state GOP's top staff position."  [emphasis added] Such the evil radical, he was evenappointed by Governor Schwarzenegger to the California Boating and Waterways Commission.

From Spence's bio, "Mike Spence completed three terms as a board member of the California Republican Party. Mike is currently Chairman of the CRP Initiatives Committee. Mike has also been elected eight times to the Los Angeles County Central Committee."

From Del Beccaro's bio, he has served three terms as Chairman of the Contra Costa Republican Party. Since 2005, Del Beccaro has served as the President of the California Republican Party's County Chairman's Association.

With just a few minutes of research and the power of Google, even a B-level high school newspaper reporter would realize that the entire thesis that now "the party leadership has moved- and been pushed - to the far right" was inherently flawed. 

However, Bradley's worst error in the article comes from knowingly reporting false information. From the piece, "No one in the GOP camp wants to be quoted on the absurdity of Del Beccaro's actions because they don't want to be attacked by the right-wing bloggers."

Despite Bradley's assertion, the FlashReport did provide diverging viewpoints on the Brown lawsuit.  Over a three month span, FlashReport blogger Jim Lacy dedicated over 3,000 words in seven separate FlashReport posts offering a counterview to Del Beccaro's opinion.  

Of course, Bill Bradley knew that FlashReport offered balanced and differing viewpoints on the Brown lawsuit because Bill Bradley commented on the FlashReport's posts on the subject. Here on January 17th,  and here on February 11th.

Which is it, Bill, defective memory or deliberate misinformation?

Either way, it is disappointing to see a seasoned political reporter like Bill Bradley cater to the liberal, Democratic talking points. The fact remains: the California Republican Party represents the views of most Californians. 


Governor Schwarzenegger won a landslide by campaigning on the single issue of not raising taxes. Jessica's Law overwhelmingly passed by a Republican led initiative after the Democrats killed it in the Legislature. As they salute the Mexican flag, Democrats hand out driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. (H/T to Bob Salladay)

On taxes, illegal immigration, and public safety, is there any question about with which party most voters agree?


The Death of a Moderate Muslim

May 27, 2007

One of the most influential worldwide moderate Muslims, who lived in Southern California, died of heart failure creating an enormous vacuum. 

For a Pakistani immigrant who loved America,  he took enormous risks and was one of the most published Moderate Muslims in the world. Getting buried on America's Memorial Day weekend, was appropriate. Located at the Harbor Lawn Mount Olive Memorial Park in Costa Mesa, American flags were flying is a predominantly Jewish graveyard. 

Tashbih  Sayyed, publisher of Modern Muslim Today, has a world wide following of bright scholarly writers and readers. . Tashbih raised his two sons as medical doctors and his daughter is a practicing attorney. However, when Tashbih appeared on 48 hours clearly exposing rabid anti American statements made by a Florida Imam, he earned the enmity of Muslims extremists everywhere. Several fatwas were issued against his life. 

Author Robert Spencer a world authority on Jihadists had this to say about Sayyed:

Tashbih Sayyed, 1941-2007

With great sorrow, Tashbih Sayyed, a courageous foe of the global jihad, has passed away.

After a long career at Pakistan Television, Tashbih's differences with the Zia ul-Haq regime in Pakistan (which gave the Islamization of Pakistan its first great boost) led him to come to the United States, where he founded two newspapers, Pakistan Today and Muslim World Today, and wrote eight books, including Mohammad - A Secularist's View. He appeared in documentaries including Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West. He was the President and founder of The Council for Democracy and Tolerance, an adjunct fellow of the Hudson Institute, and a member of the Jihad Watch Board.

Tashbih was insightful, humorous, and above all, fearless in his opposition to the jihad ideology of Islamic supremacism. Despite numerous threats and a relentless barrage of insults and personal attacks, he kept on trying to awaken the world to the magnitude of the threat we face, never trimming his truth-telling to fit current fashion.

He was a dear friend, and he will be greatly missed.

May his memory be eternal.

The burial, just hours ago, was a traditional Shia ceremony with men carrying the simple pine casket and the women waiting by graveside. Most unusual, was a Palos Verdes Rabbi made special comments over Sayyed's' influential life. Several prominent Jewish leaders also spoke, in the presence of a large gathering of Pakistani Muslims and Christian friends. Truly this was a uniting of three major faiths over the fallen Muslim hero, journalist and scholar.


Freedom Fighters Invade UCI

May 24, 2007

Walid Shoebat, Zak Anani and Kamal Saleem are Arabs. Each was an active Terrorist. 

All three will tell their stories at UCI this coming Wednesday night, May 30th, at 7:30 in Bren Event Center. 

The 3 former terrorists have attracted standing room audiences all over the country. Stanford University, announced it would not permit off campus supporters to attend their talk on campus. The usual academic tolerance at work. 

The UCI College Republicans have made sure they secured a large auditorium. The security will be tight by the excellent on-campus police and the Irvine Police Department. 

Walid Shoebat was born in Bethlehem, [ not many can say that], from a prominent Muslim family. He joined the PLO at an early age and was jailed often by the Israelis. 

Zak Anani, is from a prominent Sunni family and also served in the PLO since he was 7 years old. 

Kamal Saleem, born in Beirut from 2 generation of Imams, was active in the Muslim terror groups during the War in Beirut in the 1980's. 

All three are marked as " apostates ". 

This is the real deal. 

UCI has the notorious reputation of harboring extreme anti American, pro Jihadists students and faculty. Recently on May 8th, , the UCI  Muslim Student Union, during a Holocaust Week featured a virulent anti Semite speaker. . Their speaker is a well known pro terrorist Imam.  Abdel Alim Musa,  is a  Holocaust denier and  in Rosie O'Donnell style blamed President Bush for the 9-11 attack.

Get out the word, bring your friends and meet some courageous people. Discover why they left the world of Terror and what suggestions  they have, of what we can do to combat home grown .

Who Really Cares?

May 22, 2007

California Liberals like to think themselves as selfless compassionate souls concerned for their fellows. No matter that they hide in Beverly Hills and Malibu escaping Section 8 Housing, their kids go to elite private schools that poor folks cannot afford, but of course they give. Don't they?

Well the sociological evidence shows they don't. Professor Arthur Brooks,  once a well meaning liberal himself , exhaustively researched donor trends In America and discovered the more religious the person the more generous they were  giving to charity. Since more conservatives are more religious the givers are overwhelmingly to the right..  "Who Really Cares" 2006, Basic Books. 

Last night at the Beverly Hills Hotel is a case in point. At its annual fundraiser, the Midnight Mission featured the Hearts of Gold banquet. The Midnight Mission was founded in 1914 to care, feed, house and offer rebuilding opportunities for drunks, drug addicts and the self imposed underclass in LA's skid row. Seldom receiving government money, Midnight Mission is considered one of the most efficient and effective charities in LA.

We who co-hosted the dinner? 

Gerald Chamales and Ali Razi. Gerry is the founder of Rhinotek a major printer supplier. Chamales is a well known Republican supporter and maxed out for my wife's campaign. Ali Razi, a refugee from Iran. Beginning anew he  built a successful home construction company building thousands of homes in California. Ali previously served as the Secretary of the California Republican Party, founded the Iranian American Republican Association and the Westside Lincoln Club. 

Alec Baldwin and Michael Moore were reportedly missing. In fairness, Ed Bagley, Jr served as MC. I recall attending a YAF  meeting at his father's home, with Ed, Jr. His dad was an outstanding conservative. Still Ed, Jr is rare in that he walks his talk and is no hypocrite. 

Recently I reported that nearly 70% of major political donors in California are libs. [ Here} "The Wealthy Left Finance CA Politics" March 12, 2007. 

Isn't it revealing that the Left will use their money to seize the machinery of the state, but compared to conservatives when giving direct to the homeless, they are nothing but pikers. 

Where does the CRP live ?

May 18, 2007

We know there are 1,432 voting Members of the Republican State Central Committee, a.k.a. the California Republican Party (CRP).

But since geography in our thousand mile long state can tell you quite a bit about people's political interests and alliances, just where do those people live?

I broke it down by county and by the CRP's oddly configured "regions", and the results are revealing. Only three counties have more than 100 Members. Another 17 counties have at least 20 Members. These "Top Twenty" counties have 1,103 of the 1,432 Members, or a whopping 77% of the total vote.

The three southern California coastal counties of Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego have 479 votes, or fully one-third of the total statewide vote, between them. Here are the "Top Twenty" in rank order:

1. Los Angeles 191 
2. Orange 161       
3. San Diego 127       
4. Sacramento 99     
5. Riverside 78
6. San Bernardino 69     
7. Kern 44            
8.(tie) San Joaquin 40  
8.(tie) Santa Clara 40  
10. Placer 37
11. Fresno 36               
12. Ventura 35      
13. Tulare 27             
14.(tie) Contra Costa 25
14.(tie) Alameda 25       
16. San Luis Obispo 23  
17.(tie) Santa Barbara 21  
17.(tie) Stanislaus 21
17.(tie) San Francisco 21  
20. San Mateo 20.

In a noble effort to "decentralize" the party's structure, we supported by-law changes creating 8 Regional Vice Chairmanships. Each of the new regions were to be equivalent. Here is the breakdown of CRP Members by region in rank order. 

1. South  374    
2. Central Valley   309    
3. Los Angeles 191    
4. North 163   
5. Bay Area 141
6. Central Coast 113    
7.  Inland Empire 78     
8.  North West 63

Six North West Regions could fit with one South Region.

Packing Heat at the LA Central Com : War at the 37th

May 11, 2007

It's only recent that County Central committees could vote to formally endorse candidates. Forever, it was not kosher for Republican leaders to endorse or throw official party weight behind candidates before the Primary. The thinking was to allow the Republican voter to have exclusive power over determining nominees. The LACRCC continued the tradition by not endorsing anyone for the Special Election in the 37th CD. 

Well, it was certainly hot at the LA Rep Central Com meeting last Wednesday night. At issue was who to endorse for the June 26, special election of recently deceased Congresswoman Juanita Millender-McDonald . With term limited California, the only 'permanent" political jobs are Federal Congressmen. Meaning, once you get elected it's a literally lifetime job.

But candidate "Bishop"  Guillory, a minister made a strong impression. Flanked with 6 body guards, each with blue tooth, some armed and  others sun glasses. It was already known that the minister was a convicted felon who served 8.5 years in state prison for kidnapping. Oh well, you got to do what you got to do.  When Guillory began to speak,   two of his body guards stood on each side of him on the platform and the others went to guard each exit. Guillory probably felt safe. 
Of the 30 Ex Com members entitled to vote, Guillory nabbed 11 votes. But not the endorsement. 

Long Beach Police Officer John Canaley is also a candidate, who just received the LBPD association support. Canaley, just returned from service in Iraq. 

The 37th CD voted for Kerry in 2004 by 74%. The division among the democrats is a classic  race war between Blacks and Latinos. Sen. Mark Ridley-Thomas is leading an umbrella group trying to ' protect ' black democrat districts.  The Sacramento Bee commented on the democrat racial scramble. "With few blacks in Congress, African American leaders often put an emphasis on replacing one black politician with another."

But the daughter of the deceased Congresswoman has her own ideas.  Valerie McDonald announced she  is running  against the almost anointed black assemblywoman Laura Richardson. This will cause havoc amongst the high-pro black female voters. Richardson argues although Latinos outnumber blacks from 40% to 30%, blacks vote with much higher numbers, considering the large number of illegals. 

Both face the formidable Sen. Jenny Oropeza, who enjoys unified Latino support from fellow legislators. 

So far democrats have nicely balanced the black vs. Latino power blocks. But the war in the 37th promises to burn bridges for a generation. 

And Republicans can't be counted out. At least in the melting pot district they too will have an active primary as this Congressional race will face a primary on June 26 and the General election on August 21. 

Illegals play Capture the Flag

May 01, 2007

The UC College Republicans continue to undermine the Politically Correct crowd by engaging in political theater.  These games are led by newly elected CCR state chairman Ryan Clumpner. 

There really hasn't been good political theater since the 60's on campuses. The Left is dead among student everywhere, except among the hardened remorseless tenured Marxists. 

The theater will feature a "friendly" game of capture the flag [ American?]. The teams are between the "illegals" vs. ICE [ or La Migra]. The rules are as follows:

     1. Illegals must outnumber ICE members.
     2. ICE must tie their hands behind their backs.
     3. ICE must play defense at all times.
     4. "Amnesty" will be granted to all tagged Illegals.
     5. all other rules apply only to ICE. 

The event is in response to an "Immigrant Rights Classroom Walkout" organized by campus leftists on May Day. 

The game is May 1 at 12:00 noon on the Memorial Union patio, at UC Davis. 

Let the games begin in all campuses. 

Happy Birthday, California Republican Party!

April 30, 2007

Why would otherwise intelligent and practical men create a new political party?  They might if times were extreme and the social fabric was deteriorating.  California after it was admitted in 1850, elected two pro slavery democrat governors,  and one anti-Chinese democrat governor,  although it was a "free" state. 

Democrat Governor Peter Burnett [1849-1851 - pictured to the left]  was not only pro slavery but vigorously pushed legislation to prevent freed blacks to live in California. The second Governor, Democrat James McDougall 1851-1852 supported the pro slavery Kansas-Nebraska Act. The third democrat John Bigler, while not aggressively pro slavery , supported laws against Asians and "vehemently denounced Chinese immigration." 

Such sentiments were not the thinking of enlightened free souls. 

By 1856 California had three political parties, Democrats, Whigs and the anti Asian Know Nothing Party.  Coming to the rescue from this dark period, a prairie fire began to burn. Throughout northern America a remarkable movement grew to challenge the pro slavery culture. Never before history has one race of people challenged the legitimacy of slavery to free another race of people. From this abolitionist movement emerged the Republican Party.

The California Republican Party held it's first state convention on April 30, 1856, some 151 years ago. The meeting was held at the Sacramento Congregational church. 125 men from 13 of the 40 counties attended. 

Thirty-four year old Cornelius Cole (pictured to the right) served as Secretary  and chief organizer [state chairman] and wrote the Party's first manifesto,  Cornelius Cole was elected as a Republican congressman during the Civil War, served in the US Senate from 1867 to 1873.  The manifesto declared a radically different philosophy from the ruling democrat party.  

Article 3  stated. " The principles we advocate are a complete withdrawal of all support to slavery by the federal government."

 Interestingly, all key founders were middle class Sacramento merchants who  included Collis P. Huntington, Mark Hopkins, Leland Stanford, Edwin B and Charles Crocker. They were political and entrepreneurial visionaries. Later all these founders became fabulously successful with the development of Central Pacific Railroad,  the western portion of America's first transcontinental railroad. 

In 1856  the  fledgling Party struggled with its first Presidential candidate, Pathfinder John C Fremont. Of only five  free states that didn't vote for Fremont,  he lost California by the largest margin [ winning only 18% ] . Republicans elected three of thirty-two senate races and eleven of of seventy-nine assembly seats. But it was a start.  

By 1860 the Party grew with Abraham Lincoln leading the national ticket. Lincoln won California with only 32.3 % beating democrat Stephen Douglas who had 31.7 %.  Because Republicans organized only four years earlier it helped Lincoln secure the Presidency and set the stage for abolishing slavery in America and the rapid economic growth in California.

Times Editorials returns to boredom

April 18, 2007

Last week the L.A. Times announced that Jim Newton was appointed Editorial Page Editor to replace ousted  Andres Martinez. For those who indulge reading the Times, let alone the spooky editorials, it is a return to the bad old days. 

For years the Times has tormented its readers with predictable pasty liberal editorials. This section was certainly the least read of the newspaper. That is until Andres Martinez, took over a couple of years ago. To the amazement of many. his editorials were funny, pithy and interesting. Previous editorials was like reading Pravda under Stalin. Always kowtowing to the Party Line. Always boring. 

Martinez, who left under suspicious circumstances,  excoriated Villaraigosa, supported Bush's surge, and was a critical of democrats as he was of republicans. In a word, the editorials were unpredictable. That made reading them fun.

Sadly, tried and true PC Jim Newton has reverted to bad writing and boring but predictable lib-dem positions. His latest effort was lamenting the US Supreme Court's decision to reject a civil suit against IBM because one employee said something nasty that another employee heard. . Come on Times, get with it. The PC culture to limit our free speech rights is dangerous even to editorial writers. 

Newton's background includes service to the  far left  Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the New York Times, where he clerked for senior columnist James Reston,  as well as years at the L.A. Times.  Newton published a biography of Chief Justice Earl Warren, "Justice for All'  last year.  He describes himself as a "mainstream liberal" whatever that means. 

So, don't count of anything vibrant, succinct or  irregular from future Times editorials.

Billionaire Broad a Backstabber?

April 05, 2007

"If somebody calls me and says I want to be a partner, and the next day tries to stick a knife in my back, tell me again why I would want to do business with him?" so says Sam Zell, the Chicago billionaire who outbid Eli Broad for control over the LA Times. 

Adding to the excitement was the struggle between the Left wing billionaires who were battling against each other to buy the Times.  Billionaire David Geffen, whose favorite writer is Maureen Dowd,  was bidding against billionaires Broad  and supermarket king Ron Buckle. All are high profile donors to democrats and were key Clinton supporters. 

Besides exposing the fact that the big money in California is generally left of center, it was fun to watch the mud  wrestling between Zell and Broad. According to Zell, Broad approached him to buy in as a partner,  but in less than 24 hours Broad  tried to bid around Zell with his buddy Burkle. The strategy didn't work. And Zell made it public.

We're not sure of Zell's politics, but he did mention that his favorite columnist is neo-com Charles Krauthammer. Certainly, a better perspective than the leftist Dowd.

LA councilman fights good jobs

April 02, 2007

Ed Reyes represents the First LA Council District which encompasses the north and west of City Hall. It's a major gang infested region, with legions of illegal immigrants, dilapidated housing and the birthplace of the unusually savage Mara Salvatrucha Salvadorian gang from the Pico Union neighborhood. 

First elected in April 2001, Mr. Reyes has witnessed increased gang control, failing schools with the 'misery index' increasing for its residents.

So it should have come as miracle news that the Rotem Co, a subsidiary of Hyundai Automotive Group,  wants to least he Union pacific owned facility in Taylor Yard to assembly high-tech rail cars under a $305 million Metrolink contract. Rotem officials claim over 200 jobs with annual salaries of $40,000 to $ 80,000 each would be created for as long as five years. 

The Daily Breeze in a remarkable piece of journalism, written by Beth Barrett, exposed Mr. Reyes interference with this job creating prospect. The Breeze reported that when Reyes was approached by project leaders he informed them " they don't need jobs in the area and they want to see a park developed and nothing to interfere with that." 

Reyes instead wants a public park. The problem, is that the park is unfunded. So, it's his dream. Moreover, have you tried to visit an inner city park?    Would you bring your family there without police protection? Gangs control inner city parks making them dangerous for kids. I'll bet Reyes won't visit those parks with his kids without protection.

David Fleming, chairman of the LA Area Chamber of Commence, and  a close adviser to Mayor Villaraigosa, was outraged. The Breeze quotes him as "in other words, screw 200 jobs just to have a park. There's a lot of places you can put a park, but 200 high-paying jobs, that's something else." Fleming reports that LA has lost 50,000 jobs recently requiring workers to drive farther as the freeways grow more jammed. 

Given all the attention  to worsening traffic, fewer "good jobs" and a foil to gangland activity, the LA Times missed another remarkable story. But no surprise, their reporters are safely hiding in the Times Mirror Square. 

Reyes, is a typical example of the inner city politician who is an economic illiterate. His degrees from UCLA tell the story. He got  his BA in English and his MA in "urban planning". I suppose the folks at UCLA didn't explain to Reyes, that it take productive citizens to afford any "urban planning."

In a few years Reyes will be looking for a new job, when he is termed out. His district will be poorer. More murders and kids ill educated will be his legacy. No doubt excellent qualifications for his next move. 

The Remedy: Out Work The Democrats

April 01, 2007

In the last half century the California Republican Party faced three major catastrophes. In 1958, the infamous "Big Switch" between U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Knowland and popular Governor Goodwin Knight (in which Knight ran for Knowland's senate seat while Knowland ran for governor) destroyed the 50-year Republican rule over California, making Democrats the dominant power in the state. The Party never fully recovered from the "Big Switch." Again, Jerry Brown's accession to the governorship during Watergate (remaining from 1974 to 1982) marked another dark era for the California GOP. Finally, the Party suffered the 1998 Dan Lungren blowout by Gray Davis.


While Democrats have largely dominated at the state level since 1958, California generally voted Republican in presidential contests until Bill Clinton whipped George Bush the Elder in 1992.


What obviously brought us back the first time was the rhetorical genius of Ronald Reagan, a once-in-a-century political figure. In 1992, George Deukmejian beat Tom Bradley for governor - two weeks after the polls closed. Due to CRP chairman Tirso del Junco's stubborn insistence on funding a radical absentee ballot effort, despite some old-school Party leaders' opposition, the absentee ballots eked out a less than 50,000-vote victory over Mayor Bradley, giving Republicans the governorship for the next 16 years. Those were good years.


Recovery from each of the three catastrophes resulted either from the blossoming of a great leader or smarter politic tactics. Democrats since the 1960s have always enjoyed a substantial registration edge. So what are the chances for Republicans to recover in the foreseeable future?


Demographically, Democrats do not enjoy permanent ruling class status. Their Party registration has been shrinking steadily for the last decade. The gap between the two parties is closer than at any time since the 1930s. Their primary base support now consists of little more than the potent government unions. No Democrat candidate can succeed without paying homage to the unions. However, the 2003 Recall showed that even the powerful California Democrat machine can lose - and by embarrassing numbers.


Republicans will have to master three fundamentals if they hope to become a majority party in the next 10 years. They must identify their brand as the only Party for the middle class (not the under class): the middle class that includes all racial categories; that is pro-education, anti-taxes, pro-property ownership, pro-crime enforcement, pro-growth, and with great respect for the family. When Republicans act like "Democrat lite," voters become confused. When we support endless spending, when we call a tax "not a tax," we lose that majority constituency.


The Party should learn from the Democrats the wisdom of reaching out to new immigrants. For our Party, reaching out is some abstract idea, often discussed but seldom acted upon. Consider this contrast: California's Vietnamese and Korean voters versus its Chinese voters.


Republicans can boast the only Vietnamese legislator, Van Tran, who has helped elect more than a dozen Vietnamese Republicans in Orange County since he was elected in 2004. Michelle Steel hopes to do the same with Korean-American voters. But the culturally conservative Chinese have five very liberal Democrat legislators, a majority of the Board of Equalization, and the controller's office. Were I Chinese, I sure would appreciate the opportunity Democrats offer my community.


Finally, the Party has a splendid chance to recruit on college campuses. Polls show that more students than ever describe themselves as either conservative or entrepreneurs wanting to excel in business. College Republicans often produce the Party's future leaders, but are traditionally ignored, even though a relatively tiny allocation of resources in their direction could double the California GOP's supply of potential leaders during the next 10 years.


Our problem is not on the issues. Democrats use government to bribe the voters. We like to prevent government from interfering with peoples' lives. Most voters would agree with us. The Republican challenge is to out work the Democrats: to devote themselves to developing, as the Party has in the past, a superior strategy; to recruit minority leaders; to fund and fully support our college leadership (to supply the Party's own leadership down the road), and to stand consistently for the promotion of the GOP's middle-class values.

Should the Republican Party Stay Republican?

March 27, 2007

"I'm concerned about not building into the general election a whole block of voters, that by that rule, we've isolated," said Tim Morgan, National 

San Jose Mercury News, March 14, 2007

Currently our rules provide that only the votes of registered Republican will be used to determine the outcome of the Republican Presidential Primary in California.  A change to this rule may be debated and voted on this September 9th at the CRP fall convention in Palm Desert. The Party may be asked to permit some 3,000,000 Decline-To-State [DTS] voters to be able to vote in the Republican primary to select the GOP nominee for President. 

While its true we permit DTS to vote in our legislative primaries presently, changes our current rule would erode the very function of our national Republican identity. Essentially, we would be following Arnold's mistaken and hilarious vision of "post partisan politics" with moving away from ideas and policies that help create political parties in the first place.

The California Republican Party was officially created in early 1856, with Cornelius Cole serving as the first chairman.  Most voters were not then aligned to political parties, with the choices between the democrats, know-nothings and whigs.  Cole and six associates planned the formation of the California Republican Party  because they opposed the pro-slavery extension of the 1854 Kansas-Nebraska. Act.  In fact, the Democrat Party had elected two pro-slavery Governors.  Something had to be done.

The CRP's formation key point was, "The principles we advocate are the complete withdrawal of all support to slavery..."  That was a minority view and remarkable and controversial position at the time.  Because the CRP was not trying attract  just " a whole block of voters " our State Republican Party  began with a fundamental no-compromise value toward human liberty.

Why 152 years later should our fundamental principles toward human liberty, free markets, value for life be compromised by allowing those who do not identify with our party?  And if the DTS is interested, nothing prevents any from joining our Party...  While we have kept our market share for the last 10 year rs, the Democrats have lost over 20% of their registrations. 

National Committeewoman Barbara Alby is quite correct -- there is no point in having a Republican Party if it does not stand for anything. 

There are three compelling reasons to oppose changing our existing system... 

Republicans will inevitably lose a controlling interest. 
Adding 3,000,000 potential voters to the 5.500,000  registered Republicans will not just impact but could control the outcome of any Presidential contest.  Our delegates are allotted by 53 Congressional Districts [CD]. Some 21 districts are poised for DTS interference. That is some 63 delegates, or 40% of California's [not counting party and bonus delegates].

DTS votes out number GOP voters in 8 CD or 24 delegates. DTS registration is within 5% of GOP registration in 9 CD's or 27 delegates. DTS reg is within 8% of GOP registration in 4 CD's or 12 delegates. 

A good example is radical Rep. Barbara Lee's 9th CD,  in Oakland. Fewer than 10% of voters are Republican. More than 21% are DTS. Non Republicans clearly would determine the outcome.  Influence is one thing, a controlling interest is another. 

The Presidential Primary election decides delegates, not the nominee.
Delegates also vote on the Party Platform.  A delegate's vote isn't only for a candidate. Imagine if our party in 1856 was permitting non Republicans to help choose our platform.  Before the CRP began, California (under the Democrats) was a pro-slavery state.  The emergence of the CRP helped elect Lincoln and make California into a "free" state. 

The CRP will become a Third Party
Parties don't last forever in America. By permitting DTS voters to vote in our Presidential Primary it removes incentive to join. We've seen in the past major efforts to get DTS to join either party in the past.  By removing the purpose of joining a political party, we remove the underlying reason for having them in the first place. 

Our 200 year political history shows that our democracy works best with parties that have specific messages from which voters can choose.  Democracy is not based on personalities but the ideas articulated by the personalities. Our republican form of government depends on healthy political competition from a two party system. Undermining the value of joining the CRP is destructive, and it devalues the ideas and principles which separate political parties. 

Our republican form of government needs Republicans to decide who the republican nominee ought to be.


Parsky Back in the News

March 23, 2007

Gerald Parsky finds himself back in the news. And, it's not good. 

The LA Times reported yesterday about Parsky's failed attempt to save one of the U.S. Attorneys recently fired by President Bush. Democrats and the press are attempting to paint a picture of a unmentionable terrible scandal. But, they conveniently forget to mention Clinton's unprecedented wholesale  firing of all US Attorneys when he took office. Of course, both Presidents were exercising their constitutional authority. 

The Times revealed that Parsky who vetted the US Attorneys for California placed an "outraged" call to Main Justice defending the soon to be fired US Attorney of San Francisco, Kevin Ryan. Clearly, White House deputy counsel, William Kelley was concerned with Parsky's outrage in a private email  to former Gonzales Attorney General, Chief of Staff Kyle Sampson. We're not sure about full Ryan story, but Bush sacked Ryan despite Parsky's threats. 

Another story the press has failed to investigate is the connection between Parsky and recently fired US Attorney Carol Lam. Parsky was a strong proponent  for Lam's appointment 
in San Diego. However, the general consensus is she was probably the worst US Attorney in the country. If the Bush White House was upset with Lam's conscious disregard over Border Security to warrant firing, she must have had a dim view prosecuting illegal immigration abuses.

The Wealthy Left Finance CA Politics

March 12, 2007

A Flashreport reader would be surprised the LA Times documented something we've long known. The really BIG money in politics comes from very rich liberals. 

The Times ran their piece back Feb 27 and we did a little of our own research. 68% of the largest individual contributors are liberal Democrats. Those donors gave over 61 million from 2003 to 2006. The very strange Stephen Bing, who inherited all his money, flushed at least 14.18 million into zany liberal projects and candidates. That 14 million is but a part of his largess. We don't know how many millions he gave to 527's. For example, Bing just gave over $ 50 million for pass tax hiking Prop 87, the Oil Tax. 

Some of  the rich liberal elite inherited their money. They've never worked a day but they are ready to back candidates  who will try to run your life. They include Ann Gerry Earhart [Getty heiress] , Susan Packard and Frank Orr [Technology heirs], Anne Bartley [San Francisco heiress], James Hormel [ food heir]  and Julie Packard [ technology heir]. 

Of the 20 top contributors only 6 are Republican. Of the 6 only one family inherited its money. The others are self made entrepreneurs.

This evidence should help despoil the view that Republicans are the party of the rich. Presently, today's leftist Dem donors generally come from the idle leisure class. The overwhelming financial support Republicans get are from its middle class supporters. 

LACCD Beachhead

March 07, 2007

Roy Burns, immediate past President of ALADS [ Assn of LA Deputy Sheriffs],  one of the largest police unions anywhere, forced a runoff against liberal Georgia Mercer. The election was an effort by 4 Republicans to challenge 4 pro-Teacher union incumbents,  from the long term control by teacher unions over the largest Community College District in America. 

Roy Burns was the only one to force a runoff. The other Republican candidates didn't have a crowded field and the union slate won easily. 

Roy Burns came to our attention, when he represented ALADS trying to forge closer ties to Republicans. One of the great contradictions, is how can police officers---generally conservative---thrown huge chunks of money to liberal democrats. The answer is easy. Liberals will grant any government employee unlimited benefits. Still, the problem for Republicans, how can we help divide the Government Union Unbreakable wall?

So, we have the "Shawn Steel exception."  Divide and conquer. It worked for Caesar. Government Unions are bad for the republic unless they are a police union.  If a person is a first responder and a sworn officer, then those employees deserve generous benefits due to the life threatening jobs and public safety priorities. Roy Burns and ALADS supported many Republican candidates including the Stricklands. The deputies vote Republican but their unions are money fountains for the Dem's.

Back to the District 5 race. Roy decided to run against the orthodoxy of the LACCD by challenging one of its weaker members. Luckily, other folks also challenged Mercer. Historically, when an incumbent fails to win the Primary they are toast in the General.

Roy Burns is a good conservative and  remarkable republican standard bearer deep in the heart of Los Angeles County. We wish him well in the General.

Revolution in the Belly of the Beast

February 27, 2007

If Los Angeles County we sliced off, California would be bright red. LA, by producing over 25% of the total vote regularly hemorrhages huge democrat votes each election. 

So why are 4 republicans running for the Los Angeles Community College District? The District is over 55% of the LA population, in the most democrat sections, with republicans not even ascending to 20%. 

Jerry Brown, his sister, Kathleen Brown both started their careers with LACCD. LACCD is the largest community school district in the nation with over 9 full time campuses. The colleges are a crucial step for many to get into 4 year colleges or learn a career skill. One could argue that these community colleges are more  socially useful than the traditional 4 year liberal arts college. 

Last fall Pat Owens, a former Trustee himself and the last Republican whose term ended in the 1980's, gathered four quality candidates to run for each of 4 Trustee positions this March 6 in Los Angeles and adjoining cities. About 15% of the people are expected to vote. 

But this is Union territory. They recruited, bought and paid for their Board Trustees for the last 20 years. With the obvious conflict-of-interest, the Unions insist on controlling their paymasters. This is true in the vast majority of school districts throughout California. 

The rebel team is top ranked. The team includes : Roy Burns, former President of ALADS, largest sheriffs union in California and college professor; Jozeph Essevi, LA Neighborhood Council; Hector Gurule, Independent businessman and Guy Mato, former LA Sheriff's Deputy. 

Not only are these attractive ballot titles, it is one heck of a diverse group. The incumbents are the usual low level Union patsies who could not earn a living in the private sector. 

If the rebel team gets on sufficient slates they might make the cut during the March 6 primary. 

For more information contact .

Gasoline on the Pension Fire

February 21, 2007

Farsighted state employees are realizing that state pension benefits are an illusion. Nowhere in the world does any government match the pension benefits as California state employees.  However, many economists are warning that as billions and billions that will become due, those employees will get stiffed. Consider San Diego on steroids. 

So what to do? Bring in financial experts in a special commission. 

Would you hire a person who publicly opposed the Recall that got this  Governor elected, who nearly bankrupted the Republican Party, who personally stiffed RNC funds for the nearly successful McClintock comptroller campaign in 2002, who testified against the GOP pension fix in 2005, presided over the scandalous UC payroll cover-up, was sued by Treasury  Secretary William Simon  and has a blatant conflict of interest because he makes millions managing CalPERS money? 

The choice of Parsky is laughable throughout California  and extending to Washington where Parsky tried  but failed to impose himself as Secretary of Treasury. 

Goodness knows that this post employment benefits commission is doomed before it starts.

CRP 's Future Chess Moves

February 12, 2007

When former Chairman Mike Schroeder, decided that serving for only two years was not enough, he changed the Bylaws allowing the Chair man to extend their term another two years, if approved by the delegates. Duf Sundheim was the first Chairman to serve 4 continuous years. As we know it's a full time job that offers no salary. 

Ron Nehring was just elected as Chairman to his first term without opposition. He did this before when he was elected as Vice Chairman. No opposition. In the CRP, it is rare for a someone to reach the top spot with out having a contest, for Vice Chairman or for Chairman.  Ron is someone to watch. 

Tom Del Beccaro  won his Vice Chairmanship spending relatively little money. Usually such contests have gone for over $100,000 per candidate. Del Beccaro instead made over 250 speaking appearances last year and earned a huge grass roots following. 

The moderate vs conservative factions had very few contests. Tom Bordonaro and Tom Del Beccaro are both good guys and movement conservatives. 

But the chess pieces seem to be fitting a clear pattern. Most believe that Ron Nehring will serve a full 4 years, retiring in 2011. If all goes well, Del Beccaro will serve as Vice Chairman until then. Then in 2011 Del  Beccaro would run for Chairman and serve until 2015. In the meanwhile, jockeying for Del Beccaro's successor, from the South raises interesting questions. 

Given Mike Schroeder's rules, did anyone anticipate these time lines ? 

It's tough to figure who would serve as our chairman ending in 2019. The world might be a different place by then.

Viet Power

February 07, 2007

When Van Tran first ran for assembly in 2004 he invested huge energy and money into registering Vietnamese voters into the Republican party. Some have estimated he registered over 10,000 new Vietnamese voters. Predictably, during his mud wrestling primary, his opponent accused Van of being "Vietnamese". It was an ugly primary, appealing to left over red neck feelings of a by-gone era. Van's opponent using Vietnamese national colors to "show" that Van Tran wasn't a regular Republican backfired. Van won the primary in central Orange County going away. But he did need the 10,000 new Vietnamese voters.

Just 3 years later, Republican Vietnamese voters astound all political pundits. 

Experienced pols assumed with 7 Republicans running in a 10 person field for 1st District Supervisor, and, worst than that, 3 Vietnamese Republicans were going to "divide" the fledgling Vietnamese vote. In other words, it would be Supervisor Umberg. 

The results in this winner take all Special election yesterday,  is that he two top candidates are Janet and Trung Nguyen . No relation. Janet now has the lead, but as of this morning Trung has 27.1% vs Janet's 26.5 %. Some 3000 late absentee votes need to be counted and Janet leads by 52 votes. We will find out shortly who is Mr. or Ms. Supervisor. But the last name will be Nguyen. 

But the big news is great for Republicans and Vietnamese. The dems marshaled all resources behind former assemblyman Umberg, including union money and paid workers. But Vietnamese voters dominated this election by producing over 53% of the total vote. 

Scott Baugh, the ebullient Orange Co Republican chair told me that his central committee decided early on not to play king maker. Since Umberg was the only democrat candidate, the OCRCC went negative. They spent $20,000 attacking Umberg to hi-propensity Republicans, Senate Republican Leader Dick Ackerman raised over $25,000 in an i.e. to raise the Umberg's negative consciousness to democrats and declines to state. Given that Umberg, a well known and one time popular office holder in central Orange count, got only 19% of the vote,   Baugh's  efforts were brilliant. 

Republicans have a precious practical lesson to learn. Old,  inept and clueless outreach strategies by the Republican establishment need to be totally re-vamped. There is gold in those minority communities. Van Tran paved the way. The key is to develop messengers within those communities. Van helped   Van supported Janet Nguyen to get elected to his Garden Grove city council seat. Van soon recruited and helped Trung Nguyen's campaign for school board. Both of those elections took place after Van's successful race in 2004. 

Congratulations to Nguyen. . And to Scott Baugh and Dick Ackerman.

Liberation in North Korea in LA

January 27, 2007

In Los Angeles there are hundreds of active prospering Korean churches, with tens of thousands of members.  Many of the Korean churches have taken over from declining white congregations,  revitalizing churches with packed houses. I've watch this phenomena for a generation. There is emerging a "real world" political awareness growing within the Korean Christian community. 

My wife and I are members of the 5000 member Faith Korean Presbyterian in Torrance. When the Defense of Marriage Act [DOMA] was debated in 2000, I was completely surprised by spontaneous actions taking place at my church's  parking lot with an intense petition drive. Many Korean churches actively  supported  DOMA. This was a breakthrough for conservatives by proposing something tangible for fellow citizens and a striking breakout for the ordinarily insular Korean community. It marked promise to  strengthen the conservative movement with the energy and resources  of  the expanding Korean  population in California. 

If conservatives could attract conservative Asians, we could help turn California to the right. All the elements are there. Values for education, family integrity, religion, productivity, enterprise and so on. 

Well, good news. Michelle and I were invited to a Mr. Frank Lee's home in Encino tonight to learn about Tumen River Vocational School. Tumen River is a river that divides China from North Korea. Each day the founder, Peter Han, from Northridge, now living at the school sees the gulag North Korea across the river. 

Peter Han is part of a rapidly expanding group of Korean Amercian Christians desperate to aid and assist defectors from the worst governrment in the world. At this moment there are hundreds of thousands of North Korean defectors slowing riding the largest Underground Railroad in history. The railroad goes through a hostile Communist China . The journey is life or death. If  famished North Korean refugee are spotted on the streets, they are immediately returned to the gulag for certain slave labor or death. US and Korean churches have responded by financing, assisting and aiding this railroad to get defectors out of China via Mongolia, Vietnam or any other country. It's a slow and difficult process. Changing ID's, transportation and housing are huge issues. 

Here in the San Fernando Valley a group of Korean American college students and middle class immigrants were learning how the Tumen River Vocational School teaches Korean  children how to learn trades that will sustain them.  Most of  the  voluntary teachers are missionaries. The Chinese government is  suspicious so all activities must be low profile. Still there is a huge awakening among  the million plus Korean Americans in the US. There are meetings like this every night in America. 

Conservatives need to take note and go out of their way to work with their natural allies. Many US evangelical churches are already working with Korean churches. 

If conservatives want to make headway in Los Angeles and San Francisco,  the democrat power centers, then working with Asians on issues that touch their lives will make the difference. Peter Han would like to hear from you.       

GOP registrations for hourly fun

January 25, 2007

The California Republican Party, in conjunction with the Governor's campaign embarked on a bold experimental Registration campaign in 2006. 

All professional vendors were paid $13.00 an hour whether they produced or not. This effort was led by a Nathan Sproul of Arizona with his dba  California Grass Roots Mobilization. Sproul was paid over $2,100,000 last year. 

This bold initiative was designed for three reasons: a ] to go to places where GOPers generally don't , such as San Francisco. [ Sproul's team never made it there ] and make it worthwhile to go door to door , b] to avoid the nasty publicity two criminal investigations in San Bernardino and Orange County DA's were conduction against fraudulent registrations, and c ] a new state law required, adding a considerable burden,  that all registrations contain either a social security number or a driver license number. Who knew? . At $13,00 a hour how could this not work. 

The Governor's people, from the Bush 2004 campaign,  insisted on the services of Mr. Sproul. 

Sproul's method of hiring was no different than anyone else in the registration business. He hired the usual suspects: nationwide nomads traveling from state to state, demanding weekly payments, some possibly having interesting personal lifestyle issues---folks generally hard to track or track down. But at $13.00 an hour...without any was the deal of the decade. 

The results? As of two weeks ago, Sproul delivered a total of 125,469 GOP registrations. At a cost of only $ 16,74 each. But there was a problem.

Sadly, the CRP verifying the "new" registrations [ most were change of address] by calling, checking for duplicates and sending letters, discovered an "error" rate of of 33.33 %. Ouch. 

Figuring that of the 125,469 gross GOP registrations, about 83,464 were valid. Meaning that the average cost escalated to $25.11 a card. On the average, the vendors were getting one reg in TWO hours. 

All this rather breathtaking. CRP officials are still wondering if they were trapped in a bad dream. Last August when party officials suggested dramatic changes in the program , the Governor's political team...wanted to stay the course. At least something was coming in. Oh well,  they were paying 100% for the registration effort. 

When I served as Chairman from 2001 to 2003, our paltry $3 dollar bounty brought in 405,000  registrations, closing the gap between both parties. i know 405,000 is accurate, because the party actually paid $ 1.,200,000 for the registrations from women federated to county organizations. Watch out for those volunteers!

The CRP's very limited  existing Bounty Program, in 2006 , brought in a 37,500 registrations. Less than 5% were invalid. 

Registration stats  are  strictly for the most serious afflicted political geek. But my guess is that future CRP leaders will avoid the hourly pay like the plague.

Terminator Care DOA?

January 22, 2007

When  the California Medical Association hired Trial Lawyer and former Senator Joe Dunn, it looked like another "friendly" special interest buying into the "alligator theory."  Please democrat legislators don't eat  me, but eat  the others first. 

But it was nice when Joe Dunn, now the newly minted Executive Vice President  for the CMA briefed the Directors of the Los Angeles County Medical Assn. Dunn declared Arnold's Health Plan is presently DOA last week. 

First, contrary to what we heard about Speaker Nunez,  Dunn says there are few legislators willing to "sponsor" the bill. And, Arnold has re-discovered how to get a whole lot a people across the spectrum mad at him at once. Arnold needlessly took on the public safety [cops] community which gave him hell over pension reform [ an idea he quickly abandoned...but the damage as done in the 2005 Initiatives].

Secondly, Arnold's biggest prior booster the state Chamber is a rare display of fortitude loudly screamed against the employer mandate. The Hospital Association is ready to fight the 4% tax,  the leftist California Nurses Assn are opposed. Blue Cross is opposed. 

But don't forget the 150,000 medical doctors. Forget about managed care, imposing medical decisions on doctors by high school graduates, and forget about huge mal-practice premiums....the docs are organizing and are in an ugly mood.  Nothing in 35 years have galvanized doctors since the mal-practice crisis. And, they are all furious with the Governor.

One close associate of  the Governor told me that this is only a "plan", subject to debate and change. 

My guess is that given the strident opposition, and the growing concern by Republican legislators and the CRP, the Governor will back down to discuss "substantial modifications". 

Expect to see Terminator Care vibrantly discuss at the upcoming  CRP convention.  Yes, there should be very lively discussion in the Resolutions Committee and on the Floor.

The California GOP: $16,000,000 Answers

January 16, 2007

Many members of the California Republican Party are asking,  "What happened to the Party's expensive 2006 GOTV program?"

Since the CRP's biennial reorganizational convention is coming up soon (February 9-11 at the Capitol Hyatt in Sacramento), important questions need clear and honest answers. I will try to do so based on the facts I have learned...

The CRP's Operating Account in 2005 spent a total of $9,100,000. Combining all CRP accounts (19 in all), including Assembly and Senate Republicans and Team California, the total expenses was $18,700,000 in all of 2005.  Not bad for a Party out of power.

At the beginning of 2006 the members of the CRP Board of Directors were faced with poor political prospects, which generally became fact, including the Governor's race. Remember -- at that point Arnold was still suffering from the $164 million government-union-sponsored anti-Arnold hesteria. 

The CRP has a committee, designated Cal Plan which provides a specifric political budget for each election cycle.  It's a powerful committee.  Membership of the Cal Plan Committee  is restricted to a few members of the CRP Board, plus representatives from Assembly and Senate Republican leadership and the Governor's office.  Sarah Simmons from the Governor's campaign and Cal Plan's Chairman, Lorelei Kinder, negotiated an aggressive budget to fall under the auspices of the Cal Plan Committe, but known as Victory 2006.  

Victory 06/Cal Plan would set up VOIP centers (generating millions of GOTV calls) , voter registration, microtargeting, absentee ballot program, direct mail and financing the 72 hour program... The total budget was set at $20,000.000.

It was understood that the CRP would adopt the Cal Plan budget of $20,000,000 only if the Governor would "guarantee" raising all necessary funds. This pledge was discussed at the CRP Board on April 21, 2006, in Sacramento.  After the Governor's representative agreed, the CRP Board of Directors agreed to assume responsbiliity for this budget on June 23, 2006 at a meeting in Los Angeles.

By the time election day arrived, the VIctory 06 program spent over $16,000,000. 

There are two rumors I wish to address.  The first: Was the GOTV mail  program all about Arnold, not supporting our team?  The second:  Were the telephone centers scripting messages for only Arnold and not the other GOP candidates?

The cost of the GOTV mail program was $3,003,535.19. I have examined each piece mailed. Of the 19 statewide mail pieces: 1 was"Pro-Arnold, 4 were "Anti-Angelides", 5 were "Border Control", 5 were "Pro-Jessica's Law", and 3 were "Pro-Parental Right to Know". See them here.

The unusual VOIP Telephone Centers cost was $2,454.264.31. Millions of voters were called. But what were they told ?  Again by verifying the web site above,  11 scripts were approved. Only one mentioned only the Governor. 3 stressed the entire ticket, without mentioned the Governor. 3 stressed one of statewide candiidates with Arnold. and 4 focues on taxes, gay marriage, immigration and Jessica's Law. CRP Victory '06 Director Bill Christiansen managed this program.

Good questions ought to be raised about GOTV/Victory 06, but the mail and telephone programs supported our ticket and policy issues unselfishly. Soon, I will report on the CRP's registration program, which cost over $6,000,000 and the results will surprise you.



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