Merry Christmas to Igancio "Nacho" Ramos & Jose Campion

December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to the 6 children of Ramos and Campion wrongfully convicted U.S. Border Guards who are serving 10 years plus in federal prisons. Let's hope those families have a warm Christmas- - - they are not forgotten. 
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Bill Clinton besmirched his Presidential legacy by selling his pardon power to the notorious international embezzler Marc Rich, whose wife gave millions to the Clinton Library trust. Sadly, President Bush is racking up the worst 6 months of any Republican President in US History. The great failure of aggressive federal intervention into the economy which seems to have satisfied no one, his unilateral bail out of failed auto companies aggravated by his failure to do the right thing with US Border Guards.

However, Bush did grant pardons to a raper, embezzlers, drug dealers and a special pardon to a Isaac Robert Tossie who was convicted in 2001 of mail fraud. Like Bill Clinton, Tossie gave substantial sums to politicos, hired a lawyer close to Bush and got a pardon. Just 24 hours later, on Christmas day after bad press, Bush broke new ground. He "withdrew" his pardon, in a dubious legal maneuver. 

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I suppose on Christmas we should be happy Bush was merciful that he pardoned a raper, embezzlers and drug dealers. 

But what of two hard working Border Guards, Ramos and Campion?

While Bush and his family are enjoying their Christmas in freedom at their Crawford home, , Mr. Bush may want to say a prayer for the families and their husbands while they spend another Christmas in jail. 

Dirty Dem Money

December 24, 2008

Scarcely a week goes by when Conservatives don't enjoy a Schdenfreude experience. It seems more common than not that some Dems are fleecing their fellows. You might call it Affinity Fraud.

Dirty Dem Money number one has to be Wall Street financier, Bernard Madoff.Arrested last week for the world's biggest Ponzi scheme, he defrauded charities, institutions and even Steven Spielberg for over $50,000,000,000 billion dollars. But another victim is the democrat party. Over 89% of the money he gave to politicians went to democrats. The LA Times reports that  "Maldoff's donations gave him a clear, if understated, presence in Democratic political circles." 


Turning to Chicago, Dirty Dem Money number two has to go to a newcomer. LA Times owner the Chicago Tribune, reports that  Businessman Raghubveer Nayak is seeking immunity from U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. Labeled as "Individual D" in the Blagojevich federal complaint, Nayak was "being squeezed" by the governor for cash. Nayak presciently hosted a luncheon on Oct 31, attempting to persuade Gov Blagojevich to appoint his good friend, Congressman Jesse Jackson to Obama's senate seat. Nayak proposed raising 1 million dollars for the Governor. 

Although reasonable people can differ, we propose as Dirty Dem Money number three , x senator Don Perata. CapAlert reports, that the Don took an additional $400,000 from his unused campaign account and moved it to his soon to be exhausted legal account. Conservatives have a dilemma here.

Do Conservatives criticize x senator Perata for robbing money from the unions for money intended to prevent reapportionment reform? Seems to many that Perata was secretly aiding and assisting Republican goals. On the other hand can Conservatives condone stealing from your allies?  In the spirit of compromise Perata, a low life for even Sacramento standards, merits only DDM # 3.

How do we forgive RINO's?

December 02, 2008

Some argue this could never have been a Republican year. The eight year itch, a long but successful war plus a shattering economy with big government intervention.  John McCain  was the most moderate nominee since Jerry Ford.  Still Republicans need to account for those who call themselves Republicans but endorsed Obama. 


Just to keep the record clear the following are noted Republicans who gave their reputations to Obama.  Their support will be noted for the rest of their lives. 

Benedict Arnold : First RINO 

Former Governor Massachusetts, William Weld.

Former Rhode Island Senator, Lincoln Chafee.

Former Governor Minnesota, Arne Carlson.

Former Governor and Senator Connecticut, Lowell Weicker.

Former Governor Virginia, Linwood Holton.

Former Governor Michigan, William Milliken. 

Former South Dakota Senator, Larry Pressler.

Former Iowa Congressman, Jim Leach.

Former Maryland Congressman, Wayne Gilchrest. 

Former Bush Secretary of State, Colin Powell.

Former Bush Press Secretary, Scott McClellan. 

Former Reagan White House Chief of Staff, Ken Duberstein. 

Former Reagan Solicitor General, Charles Fried

Former Reagan White House Counsel, Douglas Kmiec.

Former Los Angeles Mayor, Richard Riordan.

Jeffrey Hart, National Review Senior Editor

Christopher Buckley, son of the founder of National Review. 

A disappointed father. 

My thanks for Dan Engler for providing the documentation.  Wall Street Journal


Hollywood Blacklist : We are all Mormons

November 26, 2008

Richard Raddon, LA Film Festival's director was hounded from his job because he is a Mormon who gave $1500.00 to a proposition that supports that marriage is between a man and a woman. 

Scott Eckern, Artistic director of the California Musical Theater, for 26 years earned the wrath of the Gay Fascist Left who demanded his head. Eckern also a Mormon was forced out of his job. His action was to write a check for $1000 for Proposition 8. His sister is a lesbian and they are close. But he chose to exercise his constitutional rights and it cost him his career. 

Majorie Chrisofferson, a manager for El Coyote restaurant, gave  only a $100 and her employers and business is getting trashed. 

Even Prince, the 80's rocker, who is now a recent Jehovah's Witness convert, is being maligned for supporting the Bible's pro marriage messages. 

There is a great deal of hatred over this proposition. But it principally comes from the Gay Left.

Churches are vandalized and picketed. Mormons while attending their churches are attacked. Terror threats have reached into the Mormon Temple in West LA and Salt Lake, with powdery white substances, looking like anthrax, are mailed.

The attacks, mass demonstrations, public incitements, hysterical articles, terror threats are part of the new militancy of those who failed in the ballot box. Instead of marching into the black communities, who voted for Prop 8 by over 70%, most attacks are against the Mormon Church which has endured massacres and attacks for over 160 years. 

Ironically Hollywood constantly raises the 1950's as a wicked period of McCarthite Blacklisting. That period involved some writers who were actually pro Joe Stalin. Despite Stalin mass murdering reputation and massive slave state, Hollywood still defends the far left blacklisted writers. 

Where is the ACLU? Where are the First Amendment liberals? 

Obama, stated for the record that  " my religious beliefs say that a marriage is something sanctified between a man and a woman". So why not picket and threaten the President Elect?

Bill Condon, gay and Oscar winning screenwriter, challenges the Gay Left defending Richard Raddon's religious rights. But he is virtually alone. 

It is argued the anger and violence emanates from the bloggers and grass roots. If so, then we are witnessing a growth of a new fascist mentality. Not unlike prior fascist movements. The new 'direct action" campaigns by the Gay Left is more evidence that we are hurtling  into the Politically Correct Fascist Age. 

But the militancy is costing the good will and reputation of opponents of Prop 8. Preaching love and tolerance, the Prop No advocates have turned fiercely ugly. Most Americans are offended by this aggression. 

The answer is to resist the growth of any form of Fascism. As Dennis Prager suggested today - - - - We are all Mormons.

Go to the movies with the Dukes

November 19, 2008

Robert Davi a smart conservative actor, who starred recently in  David Zucker's American Carol, has his own new show he produced and directed. This week the "The Dukes" a pro family film about a doo wop singing from the Sixties, is featured throughout Southern California. 

The Dukes stars director  Peter Bogdanovich , " The Office" Melora Harden, Spiderman's Elya Baskin and Davi himself. Naturally there is great music and a solid story of struggle overcoming adversity. This is the film you bring family to. 

Rolling Stone just wrote a strong positive review. Web site "Ain'tItCool" has the films soundtrack. The film was a hit at the Chicago Film Festival.

Round up your gang this weekend and have a great night. 

Jerry Brown on the Warpath

November 11, 2008

Jerry Brown, not very patiently, is holding a "Orange County Gala" fundraiser for only "$6,000 for Co-Hosts".  You can still get in at Muldoon's Dublin Pub this Friday, November 14. 

Among those hosting include: Trial Lawyer Wylie Aitkin, Trial Lawyer and fomer State Senator Joe Dunn, Trial Lawyer Mark Robinson, Trial Lawyer Anne Andrews and Trial Lawyer Joy Berus.

Just to complete the picture the California Medical Association Political Action Committee is also featured.  The lions with the lambs.  I hope the medical doctors are taking long term pain killers.

Surveys, Surveys Everywhere -- But Who Is Reliable?

November 02, 2008

To get a perspective of the reliability of prior presidential polls we can see (click attachment below) that in 2004, every single major national poll underestimated Bush's ultimate percentage win. However, only Marist and Fox News were completely wrong. 

In 2000 the pollsters were generally more accurate. Most predicted Bush would win, but underestimated Gore ultimate percentage and exaggerated Bush's final percentage. 

Based on prior elections, it appears the most reliable national pollsters are TIPP [Investors Business Daily] and PEW Research for 2004. In the Bush vs.  Gore 2000  race, Zogby, Gallop and PEW again were closest.

Bernard Parks and The Unions : a David vs. Goliath story

October 29, 2008

"The money was already tainted" according to black commentator, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, flatly stating that the 8.5 millions LA government unions are spending, is "buying an election". Not just any election, but a seat to the LA County Board of Supervisors, District 2. 

Former Chief and current councilman Bernard Parks has out raised his opponent union-chattel,  Mark Ridley-Thomas, more than 3 to 1, the old fashion way. Direct contributions of $1000 each. 

But the county unions, which have over 100,000 members are taxing their members by the millions. Actually, those 100,000 members don't decide who gets the money. About six people make the big decisions. Disgraced and soon to be imprisoned union boss, Tyrone Freeman of SEIU Local 6434, was recently  exposed [ here ] in spending hundreds of thousands of the union money for family members. Plus,  Freedom enjoyed a a $10,000 a year cigar habit at Beverly Hills Grand Havana Club, all paid by his union members. Which is interesting, the average salary for his union members is about $9.00 an hour. I would bet some of the home care nurses would like to have been invited by Boss Freeman to  the lounge. But his union alone was one of the biggest  labor "donors". 

It gets better. Outgoing Supervisor Yvonne Burke stated that Freeman brags that he "hand picked" Ridley-Thomas to run for her seat. That deal was probably hatched at the Grand Havana. 

Oddly, according to private polls for both sides the race is razer thin. Ridley-Thomas, with 4 million union money in the primary won 45% of the vote. Parks came in at 40%. But only 20% of residents voted. Reportedly, Parks enjoyed a 8% spread in the black vote, which is about 50% of the district. If that trend holds up, Parks should win, given the tsunami black vote expected for Obama. And, Parks endorsed Obama first. 

Considering that Mayor Villaraigosa received 20% of his funds from Independent Expenditure committees, back in 2005,  LA has come a long way. Now, Ridley-Thomas has raised only 11% himself, the rest from hard working, unrepresented union members. 

"It's out-and-out buying an election" says liberal Supervisor Gloria Molina. She has always supported the union agenda  with her who 20 year plus career. But she believes the government unions will target her in 2010. According to a labor professor, quoted in the LA Weekly,  " Democrats who say "i am a friend of labor" are not good enough. They [the unions] need warriors." 

Whatever that means.

Meanwhile,  where is the cavalry? 

That includes everyone else except the government unions. Why are the unions spending more money on one Supervisorial seat than for any statewide office, excepting governor.?  Maybe it's the the county's solvency. LA has  annual $22.3 billion budget, larger than several states. And you only need 3 votes to control all that money.  Then you can grant wage increases, raise pensions to historic highs that would shame the city of Vallejo and maybe have shorter hours, and special leave time. Anything you want, until you run out of money. 

The business community, the chambers, manufacturers, developers, capitalists, professionals who should worry if they want LA county ransacked, are slumbering. Excepting the diligent work of David Fleming and the New Majority, business is hiding in gopher holes. This election is a once in  20 year landmark. Whoever wins on Tuesday, will sure have the seat until 2020, with  term limits. 

So far, the good guys have raised 1.5 million about 18% of Big Labor's largesse.  Considering the fantastic wealth form the West side, why can't those rich Hollywood Moguls  coupled with the suburban dwelling business execs pony up to keep the barbarians at bay? For a pro business black guy? 

Parks might have good luck on election day, due to his years fighting crime, fighting waste and fraud and carries a solid reputation. Ridley-Thomas comes from the paranoid, hate everyone crowd. MRT's career began with his jihad against Korean business owners following the riots, then opposed Latinos who demanded access and is hostile to any Caucasian who crosses him.

Ridley-Thomas represents LA's worst side. Parks ought to be our future

Who wants to win the most?

October 14, 2008

To get a glimpse inside the Obama phenomena a Zack Exley, a true believer, walks us through the Ohio Obama grass roots organization. Republicans who care should turn green with envy and respect to the intense organizational  mastery achieved by Obama's team.

I've heard bits and pieces about these grass roots activists. But here is the report from the Left's trenches as they face our battlegrounds. This amazing piece comes from former Republican theoretician Arianna Huffington's, her Post. 


With only a few days before the election we see growing reports about Obama's mysterious  and poorly documented past. He could have moved anywhere to begin his political career in 1985.  But he chose Chicago,  among the strongest democrat machines in America. He worked as a "community organizer" until leaving for Harvard Law School in 1988. During those years in the south-side working as an organizer usually meant learning about the theory and practice of Saul Alinsky [1909 to 1972]. Alinsky is considered the father of "community organizing".  Obama "organized" the same area that Alinsky did in the 1920's, the Back of the Yards neighborhood, make famous by Upton Sinclare's The Jungle. Later notorious groups like ACORN emerged, to continue "organizing" as direct descendants from Alinsky in-your-face tactics. 

One would hope that all the work by Alinsky, Obama and ACORN would finally get the south-side "organized". Sadly, It still remains one of the most crime ridden deteriorating areas in America. But it sure elects lots of Democrats. 

Obama must have absorbed the radical community organizing skills like a sponge. It should be no surprise that his national campaign deeply embraces the block by block canvassing for votes. Hillary had no idea what she was facing until it was too late. Republicans are beginning to pay attention. 

The Left is power hungry. They are angry. The Left sees its once in a lifetime chance for amassing more national power since FDR's election of 1932. They will take no prisoners. 

What makes the Left so potent this year?  We have to answer the question... 

Who wants to win the most?

The Battle for Glendale: Jane vs. the Interloper

October 06, 2008

During the peak of the Reagan Revolution, fewer big cities were more reliable Republican than Glendale, an older suburb near Los Angeles. Glendale produced heroes Pat Nolan, former Assembly Republican Leader and Prop 13 baby [1978 to 1994] and Congressman James Rogan [1996 to 2000] of Impeachment fame, now a Superior Court Judge. 

But things began to change in Glendale. Pat Nolan's block by block precinct organization deteriorated. Demographics shifted. Democrats saw a golden opportunity and took over this once proud Republican stronghold, the assembly,  the senate and the congressional seats. 

Something is astir in the Glendale. Jane Barnett move back after serving the conservative movement in Sacramento and Morton Blackwell's Leadership Institute in Washington DC. She began to rebuild the invincible Nolan organization. 

Jane is taking on incumbent Paul Krekorian, a former non descript school board member. district The 43rd. Assembly District is a former Republican stronghold. Jane seeks to return the district back to its natural home. 

Her opponent, as an elected Assemblyman who still practices law in a partnership called Fisher and Krekorian. What's interesting is that Krekorian advertises that he is the chairman of the strangely named Select Committee on the Preservation of the Entertainment Industry. By happy coincidence his law firm specializes in Entertainment Law. I suppose the really smart Hollywood producers had better engage Fisher & Krekorian if they want to be preserved. 

However, Krekorian does so much more. As a dependable SEIU  and liberal vote, he voted for all major tax increases since getting elected. The state Chamber of Commerce describes the vast majority of his business votes as 'job killers" . This is a district where small business and commerce are crucial. All the way from Glendale he "fought" plastic pollution in the oceans. Krekorian is particularly concerned with lawyers welfare. He sponsored or supported over a dozen bills that would make suing businesses much easier. My favorite is, if you are found using marijuana in a drug test, you would not longer be able to fire that employee. If you do, you get sued and the dope smoker can  fire up with your cash. 

Jane Barnett is sane. She represents the vast majority the conservative leaning folks in the Glendale-Burbank community.   She enjoys he endorsement of the National Taxpayers Limitation Committee. She signed Grover Nordquist's No New Taxes pledge. Moreover, she has Supervisor Mike Antonovich's support and a rare endorsement from everyone's hero, soon to be, Congressman Tom McClintock. 

Jane's real forte is her grassroots organizing abilities. More than half the precincts are walked. Local Republican clubs are activated and new ones coming on line. If you like Sarah Palin and her plain spoken message you will love Jane Barnett. Look her up here and see what the excitement is about.

Republican Woodstock - - Sarah takes LA

October 04, 2008

Not since Ronald Reagan's final campaign rally at Orange County's Mile Square Park on the eve of the 1984 election, have thousands of Californian Republicans gathered. Neither Bush could do it. None of last year's Republican presidential candidates could fill the Home Depot Tennis Center. 

The Center has 13,000 court side seats. All those seats plus the suites were filled to capacity. Still thousands more were slowly streaming into the stadium quickly filled up the court yard. Thousands more found standing room around the rim of the stadium. Over 20,000 people were there to celebrate, shout and scream. It was a party. Lots of families, lots of color, and a whole lot of women. Yet, the clouds overhead were threatening with a little misty rain. 

The crowd waited patiently for hours. The tickets were hard to get. Many people had to give several hours at local McCain/Palin HQ's to get inside. It was hard to imagine our side could fill a stadium, with a few days notice and no advertising in LA. 

State CRP Chairman Ron Nehring, started the show by giving a cheerful talk inspiring the troops. Next Tony Strickland, in the state's most hard fought contest, Senate District 19, looked like a winner leading the masses for more cheers for the main speaker. Academy award winner, Jon Voight, former leftist, father of Angelina Jolie, got the crowd to shouting. [See him in David Zucher's American Carol, this weekend] 

Slowly the sun emerged. No hint of rain. The them moment came. 

Shelly Mandell, the current President of Los Angeles National Organization for Women [NOW] --- in the Republican OC suite several of us were scratching our heads--- introduced Sarah Palin. It was an awkward introduction. . Mandell, stated she didn't agree with Sarah on everything,  that she is a democrat, that she Mandell supported the failed Equal Rights Amendment campaign but the crowd exercised tolerance.  Ms. Mandell will get a lot of angry calls from the hard left, but she embraced the moment and stood with Sarah Palin. When Palin took the mic, the people exploded. Everyone stood during her entire 30 minute address. 

I counted over 37 TV cameras, plus at least 5 more on the side. Not even Arnold can get that attention. Sarah roused the rancorous multitude that California is still Reagan country. Cheers. Then Sarah warned that when she quotes Madeline Albright that there is a "special place in hell for women who don't support women."  the press will somehow screw that up. More cheers.

Sarah Palin stirred the throng by asking Obama rhetorically "wouldn't it be nice, for Barack Obama, to say once that he wanted the US to win" in the Middle East?

I rushed out early to blog this report.  All the few dozen Obama vagabonds disappeared. 

Carson had more Republicans gathered in its city confines since its incorporation in 1968. This rally is a milestone. It proves that the Party can be vibrant, enthusiastic  when presented with an articulate conservative. Sarah Palin  attracted swarms of young people, Latinos, Asians and Pacific Islanders [ basically the demographics of Carson]. The lesson cannot be clearer. Give us Ronald Reagan optimism, quote Reagan like Sarah did , that "government is not the solution but the problem," - - -and  they will come.

Abandoning Michigan? No way says Sarah

October 04, 2008

Either it's a classic pr bungle or a brilliant covert strategy. Superficially it appears that the McCain team's very public but unprecedented announcement, McCain  was "abandoning" Michigan cannot be seen as a sigh of of strength. All polls during the summer months showed a close race. In fact, the Michigan GOP raised an unprecedented $8,000,000 the strongest effort in memory.  The state Chairman himself was not informed. He read about the evacuation in the press. 

Still, it must be a McCain campaign ruse. Let the Obama folks think they got a state where they lost badly to Hillary. 

Just today Sarah Palin was quoted in writing an e-mail " Oh come on, you know, do we have to? Do we have to call it there?  Todd and I, we'd be happy to get to Michigan...I want to try."

Looks like we have a solution. Send Sarah to win.

Conservative Resurgence at RNC May Change Party

September 02, 2008

Movement conservatives are dominating Republican National Committee elections throughout the country, and this conservative resurgence might portend a much-needed philosophical realignment of the Republican Party's largest campaign and fundraising organization. In the past six months alone, roughly 25% of the RNC members have been replaced. Six states -- Alaska, California, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma and Utah -- saw complete turnovers of their delegations.

The RNC's re-organizational meeting on September 5 in Minneapolis will feature a new class of emerging conservative leaders who challenge both established Republican cultural stereotypes and the moderate Republican establishment. Three new committeewomen, all presidents of their states' chapters of Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum, were elected from Alaska, Iowa and Texas. Alaska's Debbie Joslin had a tough race but prevailed with the help of Ron Paul delegates. Kim Lehman of Iowa, a leader in National Right to Life, will fight to maintain the Republican pro-life platform. Out of Texas, Cathie Adams replaced her term-limited predecessor in a tough fight with a candidate from the more moderate Women's Federation.

For the first time, the RNC will have three elected African-American national representatives, all of whom are equally if not more conservative than their predecessors.

Michigan's Republican Party, under the leadership of State Chairman Saul Anuzis, tapped minister and former Detroit City Councilman Keith Butler, an active Republican leader since the 1960s.

Glen McCall, a successful and popular South Carolina county chairman, handily won election despite lacking the support from any statewide Republican officials. McCall estranged himself from the South Carolina establishment by denouncing GOP Sen. Lindsay Graham's support of amnesty for illegal immigrants. Running against a 20-year veteran, the South Carolina rebel visited each county to make his case directly to the grassroots party activists.

In another conservative rebellion, North Carolina's incoming National committeewoman Dr. Ada Fisher won her election with over 60% of the vote, even though she did not start her campaign until the day of the election. An expert on occupational medicine, Dr. Fisher simply read the rules and nominated herself. Her victory over the old guard is largely credited to a rousing, conservative speech before the delegates.

When Steve Scheffler was interviewed in Iowa this summer, after his contentious national committeeman race, he offered the following assessment that represents the frustrated views of conservatives everywhere: "I think the message that it was sending was that Republicans in the grassroots are frustrated and they want leadership that is going to take it to the Democrats and to annunciate the differences between the two parties."

The Republican Party's electoral chances have always been inextricably linked to the passion and fervor of the conservative movement. After the striking GOP losses of 2006, inability to control congressional earmarks, and the failure of conservatives to nominate one of their own, angst reigns throughout the grassroots activists. However, the dramatic idealistic resurgence seen first in the Republican National Committee is the important fundamental step necessary for a widespread recovery.

SEIU: Corruption Runs Deep

August 12, 2008

Union boss Tyrone  Freeman has stolen a lot of money from low wage union members. According to the the Los Angeles Times (link)  in a Pulitzer-worth piece, reporter Paul Pringle will not be invited to the next SEIU Christmas Party. This SEIU local, 6424 United Long-Term Care Workers, is controlled by its organizer Freeman. It has some 190,000 workers paying each month into his local.  Local 6424 sees itself as the "poor helping the poor" union. Like many such unexamined unions, this one became Freeman's personal bank. 

Pringle reports that Freeman spent $300,000 last year on a Four Season Resorts golf tournament, a Beverly Hills cigar club, generated a  $12,000 bill from Morton's Steakhouse and  paid consulting PR contract with the William Morris Agency. 

Worse that his luxurious union boss lifestyle, is how he siphons big dollars for his relatives. He gave his brother in law's basket ball team $16,000 ("public relations"). Freeman's wife, Pilar Planells,  has done well. She "owns" a company called Homecare Workers Training Center were among the union's largest single expenses last year. Pillar was a union staff member until 2006, earning more than $50,000.  She left to form a new company "Lotus Seven Productions". In 2007 the union paid Lotus some $178.000. Lotus "produced" 10 videos that promote the union. Sadly, Lotus does not have a business license. Lotus is located at the Freeman home. Subtle. 

But don't forget the mother-in-law. Carmen Planells, provides a day care center at her home. She receives more than $90,000 annually from the SEIU. 

Yet, the national SEIU announced plans to spend some $150.,000,000 in this year's election. The Wall Street Journal believes most of which will be spent to elect another working man's friend, Barack Obama. 

The national SEIU union amended its constitution to require each local to contribute $6.00 per member for its national political action committee. What other major institutional could get away with this extortion? 

National SEIU President Andy Stern is quite a player.  He helped  form Americans Coming Together [ACT] one of the 527 hybrids inadvertently created by McCain-Feingold, designed to influence elections but not have stay within individual campaign donor limits. SEIU was  among the largest contributor raising some $26,000,000, of the $100,000,000 spent by ACT for Kerry in 2004.  The FEC fined ACT $775,000 for violating campaign finance laws.  Not much of a penalty, less than 1% of what they spent to buy the American Presidency. 

Of course, what about the lowly union worker? Do members  get to decide how much to give or to whom? You know the answer.

Back  to Mr. Freeman. Last year he squeezed by with a salary of $213,000 plus "other" compensation. 

Local 6434 describes in its web site that its vision is to help  "life long-term care workers out of poverty..." 

Freeman certainly knows how to climb out of poverty, right on the backs of his workers.

What's the rush on the budget?

August 09, 2008

Democrats are actually counting the days since the budget was supposed to be approved. Who cares?

Not real people. Not the producers. Not the private sector workers. Not families who want to be left alone. Not those who find government a busy -body-nanny-state-regulators.

Only those on the take. Those who take state pay checks. And, they should be comfortable waiting. After all one of the key reasons for the massive hemorrhage of red ink,  are government unions greed in fleecing taxpayers at any cost.

Any budget delay is good news for taxpayers.

As government grows freedom shrinks. 

Dan Walters suggested recently there remain huge structural barriers for any budget deal. In 2000 Gov. Davis's "disastrous decision"  to squander a one-time cash windfall. Secondly, democrats sharply increased state worker pensions at the cost of an additional 2 billion a year. Thirdly, doubling unemployment benefits. The UI Fund is nearing bankruptcy. 

Add the very liberal, former social worker and Jimmy Carter appointee, Federal Judge Thelton Henderson , who now threatens to exacerbate  the California catastrophe by demanding some 8 billion dollars so that convicts can have better care than many lawful Californians. 

So who wants a budget passed, without real structural reforms? 

Unless the democrats and the Governor can agree  of real reform, with the most united group of Republicans in memory...let the budget process drift along. In fact, the legislature ought to take a long vacation.

Who is Abram Wilson?

July 25, 2008


Few blacks get elected outside of African-American neighborhoods. The last and only black Republican assemblyman was Frederick Roberts (pictured below, left), in the  AD 62, Los Angeles, [1918 to 1934]. Roberts was the first black to serve in any California state office. 

Abram Wilson is the Republican nominee in AD 15. Wilson was elected as San Ramon's first Mayor in 2003. He competed for the Guy Houston seat against several other well financed challengers. Three  candidates  spent more than $ 895,000 trying to win the coveted Republican seat. Mayor Wilson spent only $ 97,000 and won the primary. 

Abram Wilson earned his spurs by serving in the US Army, received his BS in biochemistry and worked for Wells Fargo and Bank of America as a Vice President and senior officer for 30 years. He has two grown children. His wife Karen, is a retired dentist. For more information about Wilson (pictured below to the right) see his excellent web site

Naturally the dems will spare no expense from exploiting  vast sums they extract to unwilling and unknowledgeable union members. Dems see an opportunity pushing out the last elected rep seat in the Bay area. But the district in 2006 voted big for Schwarzenegger, McClintock, McPherson and Steve Poizner. It even went for Bush in 2004. Registration is about 39% each. It's also encouraging that Wilson has hired hard working a very competent Steve Presson to manage his campaign. Few campaign consultants do a better job. 

Predictably many utilities are centered in the district along with Safeway corporate headquarters. Neither entity gave a dime to  Wilson.  Once again showing how prescient are corporate citizens. 

At yeserday's historic African American Republican Coalition at the Burbank Marriott,. Football starter and Republican Pennsylvania gubernatorial nominee Lynn Swann was the featured speaker.  Mayor Wilson  was the big topic during the all day conference. Republican Assembly Leader Mike Villines pledged to spend $1,000,000 to protect this targeted seat. Mayor Wilson will have to raise the other 1.5 million. The African American  Republican Coalitionseems willing to work hard for Wilson. During these tough times for Republicans, today's meeting had the largest turnout of  Republican black leaders, many of whom are elected to local offices. This is truly a good harbinger for developing a quality  Republican bench. 


Shannon Reeves from the Republican National Committee reminded us that if the dems do not get at least 70% of the African American vote statewide, they lose statewide elections. 

Most politicos have not really calculated how important it is to elect an articulate, self made African American from a "white" district as a Republican.  The fact that white Republicans voted for a black nominee certainly puts the challenge to the democrat party to consider moving away from their Balkanizing racial quota syndrome. It's sad and ironic witnessing the struggle between dem blacks and Latinos. Witness last year's very nasty democrat battle for the congressional seat currently held by controversial Laura Richardson. 

The big question is will Republicans get over their angst and unite is a big way to help Mayor Wilson. One way to find out is to let me know if you will join with me in a fundraiser for Wilson at my home in the near future. At lot of folks like to talk. Now, let's do the walk. 


Obama Swimming In Money -- More Than All Presidential Campaigns Combined

July 22, 2008


Know of a liberal college student needing summer work?  At U.C. Santa Cruz , my daughter's school this Fall, i found this announcement posted throughout the campus.


Wow, for helping kicking out the GOP of the White House, any student can get up to $8000 as a summer campaigner. After observing politics a while I've never seen such a deal. This year the Dems are swimming in money. Barak just announced his take in June was over $50 million, outdistancing McCain 2-1. Even the hapless DNC, forever broke under Chairman Dean is matching nicely against the RNC, just a few weeks after the Obama takeover of those operations. 

And that money doesn't even include the  fabulous 527s, those underground secretive money laundering operations, which are overwhelmingly in the dem camp. Strange ironies for McCain-Feingold.  Billionaires for Obama, re their donating history  includes Eli Broad, real estate [93% for dems], Ron Burkle, supermakets and FOB [ 98%]; Charles Kushner, real estate and felon, [98%]; George Soros, financier and professional anti American [25% dem, 0 rep and 75% for radical causes]; Steven Spielberg, filmmaker 93%. []. 

Despiite Barak's lavish and public support for campaign financing reform his entire political life, he renounced the long established position for this election. This is  first time any Presidential candidate has taken this course. 

As we speak the RNC has about $95 million COH. The DNC is matching its opposite with $92 million COH.   McCain will get a $84.1 million federal grant for his general election. Obama saves taxpayers this money and will continue exploiting his money machine. McCain's finances by definition  are limited. He can't raise any  more money directly for his campaign. For Obama the sky is the legal limit.  

According to the Los Angeles Times, Obama is now forming a "Committee for Change". The COC is a joint fund-raising  account to concentrate on traditional battleground states such as Colorado, Florida and Missouri, but encompassing Republican territory such as Alaska, North Carolina and North Dakota.    North Dakota !

I predict that Obama will raise an additional $325 million for his campaign. That plus DNC money at $25 million a month, plus groups like the Committee of Change, then let's add the 527's and union money we will see easily over $500 million to $ 1 billion spent for Obama's Presidential aspirations in the next 4 months. 

So, perhaps the $8000 for  UC students to work for the Grassworks Campaign [via the DNC] is not an unreasonable amount of money. The dems are swimming in money. Obama may be able to raise more money for his cause than all presidential campaigns in US History combined. 

Should McCain walk through this money mine field unscathed and win, dem billionaries and professional Dem fundraisers will probably commit mass suicide. 


Today's Commentary on the News

June 25, 2008

LA County Big  Government Unions [BGU]  thought they could double down. With Business strangely detached, BGU's could grab the 2nd Supervisorial sweepstakes. Originally,  BGU's promised to spend up to 2 million in January. After Ridley-Thomas was promised millions of dollars from unwilling union members, MRT  announced in December,  he was running for one of California's most significant political posts. LA County Board of Supervisors. 2  million constituents. 

Of course, If Ridley-Thomas wasn't guaranteed the I.E. support he never would have run. So much for liberals "clean money" campaigning. BGU's did  not merely "coordinate" the campaign with MRT, but created it. 

Both Chief Bernard Parks and MRT raised nearly a million each the old fashion way. At $1000 at a time. But MRT cheated. And everyone knew he would because BGU's  said they would. 

Anticipating one of the lowest primary voter turnout in decades, the BGU's guessed if they would double down their I.E. beyond $4,000,000.00 they might get MRT over 51% of the vote and make the inevitable November run-off unnecessary. They wanted to "steal" the election with a dramatic ambush. 

BGU's  turned on the floodgates. A vote for MRT cost the BGU's over   $100 worth of mail and campaigning from BGU's, but  MRT missed the prize with only 45% on election day. Parks, outspent 5-1,  closed in at 40%. Parks even got a majority of black voters. Six other candidates divided the rest. 

But where was the LA Business community? In general, AWOL. Sleeping at the wheel. Irrelevant. Heads buried in the political sands. Out for a 3 martini lunch. 

There were some exceptions. New Majority LA,  was the ONLY pro market I.E. to deliver for Parks, New Majority took on itself the task of communicating with the 20% Republicans in the district. They issued mail and calls from Mayor Dick Riordan, Supervisor Antonovich. David Fleming recently of the LA Chamber of Commerce,  was fighting behind the scenes to wake up business. 

Luckily, Chief Parks and his team held on and prevented an outright loss on June 3. Campaign manager John Shallman hunkered down, not waiting for outside help and targeted middle class and senior voters. The plan worked and prevented a MRT win. Again, no thanks to the LA Chamber, LA's paper tiger. No thanks for industries headquartered in LA. Developers were no where to be seen. Sadly, even developer Rick Caruso was backing MRT despite MRT's shrill  anti business posture and complete submission to any BGU  demand. 

This  Supervisorial position is a big deal.  With term limits of 12 years, a Supervisor could be in office until 2020. The Board is divided between to reliable conservative Republicans and two liberal democrats. Clearly, the Third vote will be decisive. Bernard Parks, a life long democrat has long worked with Republicans, is a tough law an order person and supports strong business development in the 2nd District.  MRT has nothing but contempt for business and development. 

The path for lurching toward third-world poverty with corresponding corrupt government union domination would underscore a Mark Ridley-Thomas administration.

And, most entrepreneurs know this. Many executives raise  their families outside of LA County. They dream and plan of moving their businesses outside the county as well. The gentrification of west LA leaves large swatches of LA with a growing underclass and the middle class threatens to leave  in droves. 

Given that LA County is some 30% of California's population, what happens in LA is a tsunami for all California. 

The question remains will Business, entrepreneurs and developers take advantage of the additional  4 + months until November 4 and build I.E.'s to combat BGU's or will they continue to slouch and slumber ? 

UC Cancellations, by Clinton, Waxman and Nunez : Victory for students and conservatives

June 13, 2008

UC students denied the right to hear from Clinton, Henry Waxman, Gen. Wesley Clark and Fabian Nunez . What calamity could cause this educational crisis? It's the government unions. Union boss Lakesha Harrison , of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, demanded that prominent democrats to cancel commencement speeches because she wants a 25% pay raise. 

UCLA no democrat speakers.

Of course, Harrison wants only a 25% increase given that California budget is nearly 20 billion in the red. But Harrison, wants on the endless taxpayers gravy train. She doesn't really care if Californian's can pay her demands. Harrison figures, that other state employees are getting paid more than the private sector with pension benefits among the world's most generous. So where is hers? 

Younger Bill and Arianna plotting revolution outside London. 

In fact, in the current budget the UC system will get $240,000,000 less than last year. 

But there is a rational way out. Fire worthless professors to help retire the shortfall and to assist health care workers. There's lots of deadwood at the UC system. Angela Davis of UC Santa Cruz come to mind. An unapologetic Stalinist who "works" maybe a few hours a week and gets paid well over $100,000 a year not including unfunded pension liabilities. She teaches the "History of Consciousness".  No further questions. 

But there clearly are upsides:

1. Student torture will be abated in listening to statist democrats during commencement. Although they replaced Clinton with tweaker Arianna Huffington. 

2. Students will miss intellectual giants as Rep Hilda Solis [UCLA] and Assemblywoman Fiona Ma at UC Santa Cruz. UCSC gets banged again with the loss of the avuncular and noted international meta physician  Assemblyman John Laird.

Professor John Laird will be sorely missed by jilted UCSC students. 

3. Which brings to mind the exposure of the inane invitations that only overpaid bureaucrats could come up with these speakers in the first place. Clearly too many employees in management. UC can easily withstand the $240,000,000 shortfall by firing only 500 managers. 

4. Consider providing diversity. Invite conservatives to speak. For many UC schools that would be the average students only exposure to non leftist ideas. 

Dana Rohrabacher would be an excellent speaker. 

5.  So the Union can accomplish public good. Keeping away nauseating figures like Clinton and Waxman from our children is worthy. Commencement cancellations can  help future generations to meet the dangers of governmental interference in their lives and careers. 

The worst guy in LA :Part Two - - Mark Ridley-Thomas vs. Parks

May 30, 2008

Gang violence permeates urban life. Hollywood encourages sympathetic treatment;  teenage fashion moguls emulate gangster attire; left wing writers extol gangster revolutionary ideals.

It's quite telling how urban politicians talk about gang violence. A Supervisor's race in Orange County reveals serious gang involvement with a major candidate. Gangs are as old as humanity. Just "guys" who seek the money short cut  through physical intimidation. 

Chief Bernard Parks, of LAPD fame, knows about the cause and consequences of gangs. An extended interview in the LA Times, Parks has a long record fighting gangs.  Parks is quoted:

     "There are 1000 street gangs and 80,000 gang members in the county, and many of them live in the 2nd District. Gang-related homicide is the leading cause of death for all people age 15 through 44 in the county, a shocking statistic that speaks to the insidious nature of gang violence."

On the other hand, in the same interview, Ridley-Thomas reveals much about his world view with this :


     " We must involved communities in strategic ways to engage youth -- at an early age -- to convince them, ....We enrolled former gang members in an intensive course of study to learn effective tools and strategies to work as peacemakers..."


This is the formula for failure and getting more of the same. Ridley-Thomas wants to "buy" the gangster and make peace with. The problem is, a gangster could care less about the peace offerings of an irrelevant politician like Ridley-Thomas. R-T fails to recognize that 90% of the kids in poor neighborhoods turn out to be good citizens. R-T doesn't understand the mind set of alienated gangsters. It's a war. R-T and his ilk are gangsters greatest protectors and apologists. 

Remember, it took Eliot Ness to take down Al Capone. If the 2nd District is to get any relief from the 1000 street gangs, it will take a  proven crimefighter, not a gang appeaser. 

This June 3, District 2 citizens will make a choice they have to live with for a generation.


The Battle for LA : Parks vs. Ridley-Thomas

May 29, 2008

Who would serve the goals for expanding growth and opportunity in Los Angeles County? And, why are the county government unions spending over $4,000,000 for Ridley-Thomas? 

Both answers suggest the clear conflict between Chief and now councilman Bernard Parks and professional politician Mark Ridley-Thomas.

The Los Angeles Times is covering this all important race in some depth. Yesterday, the Times reported that the union IE " Alliance for a Stronger [union controlled] Community has raised an unsurpassed monies to buy the 3rd vote. 

Should union candidate Ridley-Thomas win, the county's treasury will be devoted primarily for the unions. Taxpayers be damned.  Atlas will Shrug.

On taxes only Chief Bernard Parks has pledged a rational plan to avoid tax increases. Every tax increases always drives business away, particularly the small business owner. The real growth for jobs come from small businesses. Large corporate owners are no longer the job generators in Los Angeles. 

Parks reports that he would eliminate prog;rams that have no specific source of ongoing funding, eliminate deficit spending programming, eliminate spending on tone-time projects, eliminate or minimize borrowing money and protect core responsibilities such as public safety. 

Union controlled candidate Ridley-Thomas blames Prop 13 for all his problems. "Since Proposition 13's enactment, the alignment of government programs to their funding streams has gone astray..." I guess it takes some time to adjust to Prop 13 that was passed overwhelming by taxpayers some 30 years ago. 

Of course union man Ridley-Thomas knows how to squeeze the turnip, Grab the " $6 billion in corporate tax loopholes..." That's original.  Plus employ "aggressive enforcement on existing laws and appropriate regularity supervision." Squeeze and squeeze the producers to pay off the union hacks. 

Progress is measured with the advancement of civilization. Having a pro growth government empowers the poor and middle class. A government the protects citizens from street violence is the first priority. 

Chief Parks understands the core job of government. Ridley-Thomas has "represented" an area that under his control has deteriorated, small business suffers and gangs control vast neighborhoods. 

Tomorrow, we will discuss the difference between Ridley-Thomas gang coddling measures and Chief Park's deep understanding that good citizens need protection from gang predators.

[Publisher's Note: Shawn has penned other commentaries on this critical Los Angeles County Supervisorial Race.  See them herehere and here. - Flash]

America's Grifter : Laura Richardson MC

May 27, 2008

This Sacramento home owned by Rep. Richardson was sold at foreclosure auction. The buyer agreed to pay her property tax bill, and her lender lost $200,000 on the deal. She fail to pay property taxes over $12,000. (Rich Pedroncelli / The Associated Press)

A San Pedro home on Parker Street, reportedly owned by Rep. Richardson, went into default in September 2007, at which point she was $12,410.71 behind in payments on the property. (Brad Graverson / Staff Photographer)

The Long Beach home of former City Councilwoman and now 37th district Rep. Laura Richardson went into default on March 28. She had not made a payment on it since November. (Stephen Carr / Staff Photographer)

The worst guy in LA : Mark Ridley-Thomas

May 23, 2008

This letter was sent to over 3000 chiropractors in LA County, one of many communities abused, insulted and bullied by Sen. Mark Ridley-Thomas. 

Former LAPD Chief and current city councilman Bernard Parks is working furiously to win the huge Supervisorial contest for Seat 2 in central LA County, this June 3. It's a classic contest between the reasonable pro growth visionaries and old line corrupt redistributionist statists.  


Dear Doctors :


Who is the  worst guy in LA? Mark Ridley-Thomas [R-T]



There is a real important political race, here in Los Angeles County , which confronts your right to practice and livelihood.

Sen. Mark Ridley-Ridley [D LA] is running for Supervisor District 2 [ Central LA County ; 2.5 million people]. This position would elevate him to become one of California 's most influential political voices.

Ridley-Thomas earned chiropractic attention for his bullying tactics against the profession last year. R-T singlehandedly tried to abolish the Board of Chiropractic Examiners, as Senate Chairman of the Business and Professions committee. SB 801 actually passed both houses. Chiropractors would have seen the work of their ancestors rendered  null and void, by abolishing the Chiropractic Act of 1922. Fortunately, Gov. Schwarzenegger vetoed this bad boy bill.

R-T is back in our county.

But we have a good answer. Pro chiropractor former Chief and current LA City Councilman Bernard Parks is running for the same position.

We need to help Parks for Supervisor. 


Just yesterday former Lakers super star Magic Johnson endorsed Parks because Chief Parks " has shown the courage to lead....and to take his integrity ...with him..."

This is a big deal. This seat runs for 12 years, up until 2020. That's a long time.

DC's need to show that when a politician goes after the profession he will have a price to pay. And those who support us deserve our support.

How to help?

  1. A check. Of any size, with your DC imprinted on it will be a powerful symbol.  Do it via EMAIL
  2. Call, email or write any voter you know of in Central L.A. County . The City of LA up to Wilshire Blvd. Gardena, Inglewood, Hawthorne, Carson and Culver City
  3. If you have a practice in this area...then tell ALL your patients. DC's are famous for lobbying their patients when the profession is threatened.

Time to deal a crushing blow against an angry and arrogant man who needs to be turned out of office, so he is no longer threatening the citizens of Los Angeles County .

SCOC accused Ridley-Thomas of "denigrating Latinos" : The Battle for LA - - Part 2

May 21, 2008

Back when Ridley-Thomas burst on the political scene, he promoted himself as a black first politician. As an LA city councilman, leaders of the Southern California Organizing Committee [SCOC] sent its members, mostly Latinos,  to a meeting where Mark Ridley-Thomas was hosting a meeting for 8th District residents.  The meeting erupted into a shouting match, with some charging Ridley-Thomas  with alienating his constituents in the  ethnically and religiously diverse district. This took place back in 1993. Ridley-Thomas hasn't changed much since then. 

Mark Ridley-Thomas

The SCOC drew its membership from churches, block clubs and community organizations in South-Central LA.  SCOC  leaders say they were  incensed by what they felt were disparaging remarks made by Ridley-Thomas while voting against their  anti-gang program.  The councilman denied SCOC's charges that he favored blacks over Latinos. 

Revealing shades of Rev. Jeremiah Wright , Ridley-Thomas accused the coalition of being made up of   "largely of white pastors and Catholic church organizations...without any regard for traditional leadership in the African-American community." LA Times April 29, 1993.

Former LAPD Chief Bernard Parks is running against Sen. Mark Ridley-Thomas for one the most important Supervisorial seats in the US, this June 3rd.  The business community, victims groups and a wide variety of community leaders support Parks. Ridley-Thomas has government unions with well over 2.5 million funding his campaign. Clearly the government unions have only one goal - -   stupendous publicly funded salary increases.

The 2nd District is central Los Angeles County with over 2.5 million residents. 

Chief Barnard Parks 

The Battle for Los Angeles

May 06, 2008

Every 12 years Los Angeles County  voters get to choose a new Supervisor. Under the racially complaint redistricting rules District 2 is the "black" seat. Although the district is vigorously trending Latino. 

There are two competitors for a job most politicians believe is better than Congress. An LA Supervisor has 2,000,000 constituents, a huge staff, multiple offices, an easy commute, great salary, amazing benefits, a giant personal slush fund and best tickets to the Hollywood Bowl. Plus the 5 regents control billions and billions of tax dollars. 

Former LAPD Chief and current LA City Council Bernard Parks is resisting efforts by controversial state senator Mark Ridley-Thomas for the seat. 

The differences between them are stark. Chief Parks is primarily for vigorous law enforcement, skeptical of endless government union demands and pro business. And yet he has the enthusiastic support of a large coalition extending from Congressman Maxine Waters to Supervisor Mike Antonovich. 

On the other hand Mark Ridley-Thomas is trouble. He is the union's guy. He is a racist. And he is permanently angry against America. He is a hateful person. 

Over the weekend the LA Times reported that the Unions have extorted 2.5 million from their members for Ridley-Thomas. Parks is out raising Ridley-Thomas the old fashion way person to person, limited at $1000 each.  The Unions demand full control over LA County's budget. The Unions has raised SIX times the money Ridley-Thomas has raised.  Of course, the Unions are using this money for an "independent" committee. 

Now the real question does the business community stand tall and talk on the Unions? 

Let's see what's a stake.

1. With the economic downturn, all government budgets are bleeding red. With total Union control, the County will accelerate into wanton spending, at the same time pilfering the productive classes out of LA. 

2. The " Cost Of Doing Business" survey published by the Kosmont-Rose Institute shows the the LA City is the second most expensive city for business. The County is not far behind. Urban expert, Joel Kotkin believes that the only productive engines for growth, the middle and small businesses,  will be squeezed out unless there is immediate tax and regulatory relief. 

3. Although many of the major corporations have left LA County, the efforts promoting new businesses by legal immigrants are growing rapidly. 

4. If the stifling politics of Union controlled Ridley-Thomas, the Board of Supervisors will have three militant liberals, handing Angelenos future to avaricious government Unions. 

5. LA County has already the largest concentration of illegal harder-to-employee immigrants, a school system that cannot graduate 50% of its students and well organized gangs that vastly outnumber the police. Ridley-Thomas would accelerate the deterioration of the quality of life, encourage the growing exodus of middle class families, creating a huge gap between a few rich west side liberals and millions of people who cannot get  good job, unless they belong to the government Union. In other words a South American government. 

With business leaders like Carol Schatz, president of the Central City Assn, a downtown business "advocacy" group, helping Parks, he's in for real trouble. Schatz told the Times when responding the 2.5 millions that " i don't  think any special interest should attempt to control an election".  Hey, Carol this ain't bean-ball. I hope she would find supporting a pro-business candidate might inspire her Association to get "specially interested"  in saving their businesses. 

Will the Greater Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, business leaders, Eli Broad, developers "man up" to the Union challenge? 

This is a 12 year race. The consequences will be felt at least until 2020. 
As Lenin reminded his followers :  the capitalists will sell you the rope to hang themselves with. Let's hope that not true today.

The Obama we never knew: ACORN

May 01, 2008

With all the excitement about moonbat  Rev. Jeremiah Wright it's easy to forget other aspects of Obama's controversial past life. 

He's a youthful candidate with a lot of history. 

John Fund's April 29th Wall Street Journal  piece on Voter Fraud, Fund noted that Obama represented the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now [ACORN] on a voting rights case in 1995. 

That caught my attention. Does anyone know about ACORN ? 

I sued ACORN on behalf of the California Republican Party in 1998 when a mob of 50 plus people  were brought to the CRP offices in a bus. ACORN  invaded our Headquarters, intimidated staff and conducted a sit down strike for several hours. The party was given no notice. Some of their members destroyed a $5000.00 Ronald Reagan portrait. I sued for the portrait damage. . ACORN retained several high powered attorneys from major downtown law firms [ pro bono] and we duked it out. They argued we interfered with their rights to free expression! How Stalinist. We argued they were invaders and vandals. We won.

ACORN has a colorful history of extreme leftist activism. Among other endeavors ACORN is a radical group promoting extensive voting registration much of it illegal and fraudulent. 

Kevin Dooley worked for ACORN, in Project Vote in Ohio September 7,2004. He  was a felon on parole while was indicted for forging signatures. In 2004, The Wisconsin Election Commission charged ACORN employees as part of a conspiracy of forging over 4300 voters. In the same 2004 presidential election, Mac Stuart an ACORN employee  in Florida reported several ACORN employees committing voter fraud. In New Mexico, ACORN employee Matt Henderson 
exercised his 5th Amendment right when asked about other ACORN employees committing voter fraud. More investigations followed in Colorado, Missouri and Washington state.

ACORN is a serious Rev. Wright type of hate-America grass roots organization. 

There is so much more we need to learn about Barack Obama, ACORN's former attorney.


Hillary claims Obama not reaching white voters

April 22, 2008

" The Obama campaign has simply not done a very effective job connecting with blue-collar and middle-income voters, and they are the heart and soul of the Democratic Party."

So states, Clinton's campaign pollster Geoff Garin yesterday in a conference call with reporters. 

Garin added Obama's "appeal among white voters typically has been among the people who are the most affluent." 

The LA Times reporter opined that " It is unusual for the campaign to talk so directly about racial divisions among Democratic voters. " 

Jews and Blacks: Bradley Coalition Breakup

April 17, 2008

A serious firestorm is brewing in greater LA over remarks made by Rev. Eric Lee made in front of Jewish philanthropist Daphna Ziman [Arden Realty] .

On April 4th Ziman was to be honored by receiving the Tom Bradley Distinguished Citizen Award by the black fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi. After Ms. Ziman receive her award for her support of black foster children, she was followed by keynote speaker Rev. Lee. 

Tom Bradley a pleasant if ineffective mayor of Los Angeles earmarked a milestone in LA politics by fusing the Jewish westside with Southside blacks into a dominating political force. Bradley was a 30 year cop who came up clean during some sordid years of LAPD before Chief Parker clearned house in the 1950's. That once optomistic and youthful coalition now lies in tatters. How ironic the recepient of the Bradley award was insulted by an extended irrational anti Semetic attack. 

Rev. Lee is President of the Greater Los Angeles Southern Christain Leadership Conference, an organization co-founded by Martin Luther King. Soon after Lee thanked Jesus for the Obama candidacy, he launched into an extended rant againsty Jews. 

Looking directly at Daphna Ziman, Lee charged that Jews were responsible for negative black images on the media as rapists and murderers. That when a Rabbi asked Lee to help blacks and Jews to come together, Lee shouted to the crowd " NO, NO NO, we are not going to come together." Then Lee falls off the cliff : "the Jews have made money on us in the music business and we are the entertainers, and they are economically enslaving us." As Lee continued, Ms. Ziman left the banquet in tears and wrote about this experience. Ms. Ziman showed a hundred times more courage than Obama did in 20 years by walking out. You can see her on an interview by Pajamas Media at the bottom of this column. 

It seems few of the politicians who where there that evening, including the MC, actually heard anything. They were busy during Lee's speech. Initally, Lee denied making any such comments. Later he apologized. 

Rev. Cecil "Chip" Murray the former pastor of the FIrst AME Church, said he hoped there was a simple misunderstanding on "both" sides. Only a liberal could blame the victim. 

The Ziman family have been major backers of democrat causes for over 20 years. But the intensity of this story won't go away. 

Oddly, why do Rev. Wright and Rev. Lee seem to be more outspoken in their hatred of things in America and Jews, during the ebeullent Obama campaign. What is it with the Obama campaign that gives them "permission" to bring out the worst in humans? 

Moreover, Obama's past association with radical pro-Palestinians such as Edward Said, Ali Abunimah of the Electronic Intifada and Hussein Ibish of the American Task Force on Palestine. 

Particularly troublesome is his close and long time relationship with Rashid Kalidi, the Edward Said professor of Arab Studies. Kalidi was a spokesman for terrorist Yasser Arafat's PLO when teaching in the 1970's in Beirut. Kalidi is a major anti American Arab apologist safely tenured at Columbia University. The LA Times noted that Kalidi when living in Chicago, held a fund raiser for Obama. Kalidi stated that because of Obama's background in Kenya [ Muslim family] and Indonenia [ Muslim school and Muslim country] would be more "understanding" of the Palestinian experience.

Of course, radicals like Kalidi, always fail to mention the vast corruption of the PLO and the tyranny by Hamas are the primary afflictions of the Palestinian Experience. 

Historically democratic Jewish voters are for the first time ready to abandon a radicalized democrat party. 

It is unlikely that outbursts like that of Rev. Eric Lee, will be the last this political season. 

I never liked Rockefeller

April 08, 2008

The original oil tycoon  John D. Rockefeller is crucified by historians for creating anti free trade monopolies but he has also produced  a  miserable family lineage. Look at the great grandson Jay. Embarrassing. 

Witness Senator Jay Rockefeller D-West Virginia. He just apologized to Sen. McCain for the most blatant insult of the political season. Have a read of an interview published yesterday and see if you agree. Rockefeller belies the democrat's claim they represent the poor. Most of the fabulous wealthy senators are democrats. And who knew about how busy the Clinton's have been since taking the White House furniture? 

"McCain was a fighter pilot, who dropped laser-guided missiles from 35,000 feet," Rockefeller said. "He was long gone when they hit. What happened when they (the missiles) get to the ground? He doesn't know. You have to care about the lives of people."

What a major domo moron. 

When Rockefeller was considering buying his senate seat for an unprecedented $10.00 per vote on money he never ever earned, McCain was hold up on in Vietnamese prison. When McCain was fighting they didn't have"  laser-guided missiles". This from the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Is anyone worried?  A refreshing re-definition for oxymoron.

Mike Ramirez 2nd Pulitzer

April 07, 2008

Once the LA Times only bright spot, Mike Ramirez won his second Pulitzer earning the distinction as one of America's best cartoonist.


Ramirez who presently works with the Investor's Business Daily, handing the pro business journal its first Pulitzer. Ramirez was removed from the Times, as further evidence of the LA Times market deterioration, but the IBD picked up Ramirez. Mike Ramirez's clever political cartoons are syndicated to over 450 newspapers.


The big question is why the Flashreport doesn't carry the prize winning cartoons?


You can see Ramirez's work at

michael+Ramirez%22&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=us. Or google him. 



L.A. Grad Rate for H.S. 45.3 %

April 01, 2008

The infamous Los Angeles "Unified" School District is a national disgrace that keeps getting worse. LAUSD is a virtual prison for failure. 

Today's LA Times reveals that high school students in LA, less than half graduate. In Oakland failure rate is 54.4  who do not graduate. 

Both school districts have been under union democrat control for over 50 years. Despite endless spending experiments the unions keep electing incompetents to stifle reforms that would benefit children.

To suggest this is a scandal is to minimize the on going national tragedy. In the US over 1.2. students drop out of high school.

We will hear the usual cries from the Left, that there isn't enough money. But private schools usually get better results with a fraction of the money. Or there are subtle inferences that the kids aren't really smart enough from poor neighborhoods. However, inner city Catholic schools have discredited this thesis. In a word, it's the unions and their conflict-of-interest control over the school district. Education is not the goal, control over taxpayers monies is paramount. 

Reformers and conservatives have tried Vouchers but have been defeated twice in California with the teacher unions spending scores of millions against. The only movement that has gained traction is the Charter School movement. A semi autonomous school within the public school district. Even then, the resistance from corrupt teacher union officials and their democrat allies is endless.

So what is to be done about this virtual child abuse ? 

The Daily Breeze implores that  the LAUSD to simply throw in the towel. Break up and decentralize. Even a few democrats, who might be worried that thousands of kids are not functional citizens, believe that the Break Up needs to happen. 

The question is how much pain and abuse will democrats tolerate until they resist teacher union power to permit decentralization. 

State GOP Declares War

March 28, 2008

In a strongly worded conference call to Republican leaders and County Chairs, California Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring declared war on Senate President Don Perata.  Never in the history of California politics has an elected official been recalled for casting a vote against tax increases. 

Senator Jeff Denham (pictured left), SD 12, whose district includes the counties of Monterey, San Benito, Stanislaus and Madera, represents a broad agricultural region with socially conservative Democrats.  The district has about 48% Democrats with 39% Republicans. After enormous pressure, Denham refused to cast his vote with Democrats on last summer's budget bill.  The recall election is set for June 3, 2008. 

Outgoing and heavily FBI investigated Senator Perata(right), with over $7,000,000 in potential campaign funds, wants to do more than punish Senator Denham. Sure Perata was angry he couldn't get his super tax and spend budget last summer. But it's more than that. 

By removing a key Republican from a swing district, a successful recall would theaten more Republicans if they hold out against Democrat hegemony, by exercising their 1/3 + defense against run-away liberal control. 

Tim Clark, a Denham campaign spokesman, warned that Republicans have lost every single special election in the last 6 months. All Californians Republican leaders must put this Recall Election at their top priority. 

Nehring warned leaders, to make no mistake the Democrats and their union allies will stop at nothing for total control of the legislature. 

Chairman Nehring proposed a bold 58 county strategy. Nehring insisted that each County Chair and Republican group go  to SD 12. Republicans need to talk to Republicans to generate a huge turnout. We call this the "Bus them from Imperial County" Project.  County organizations will recruit volunteers to go to the district each weekend during May. 

For more infomation contact, campaign organizer John Franklin at

Useful Idiot : Mike Thompson

March 27, 2008

Lenin's expression for describing naive Liberals as " useful idiots " for his purposes is no more apt than California Congressman Mike Thompson from the 1st District.

Today it is revealed that the person who paid for his trip to Iraq shortly beforeagainst Saddam Hussein, was the evil tyrant himself. How does Thompson feel about accepting the blood money to rant against the United States and Bush? Don't know. We should ask. 

The Justice Department indicted a Mathanna Hanooti who worked for Iraq's foreign intelligence service through one of those Islamic charities. This one called Life for Relief. With Saddam's money three democrat congressmen accepted a free ride to Iraq to denounce America. That included well documented  fruitcake Jim McDermott of Washington and recently retired but true leftist David Bonior of Michigan. What a threesome. 

In fact, Republican leaders accused the three of helping to "undermine" the developing international coalition against Saddam. 

Mike Thompson is an ineffective congressman representing the far northwest in California. He is a close ally of Pelosi. His future in the House will be limited for his poor judgment going as a paid guest of Saddam Hussein. Back then he earned the title as one of the "Baghdad Boys". 

Time for re-apportionment. 

Democratic Party's Racial Divide

March 07, 2008

The Los Angeles Times has documented with Pulitzer quality reporting, the racial gang wars in the L.A. basin. The largest and oldest Latino gang,  the Mexican Mafia, has ordered ethnic cleansing of formerly all-black neighborhoods. This has led to an increase in black vs Latino violence. 

Close to my home, the Gateway Harbor area, several blacks have been murdered by Latino gangs in this expressed racial hate crime wave. A six year old black boy was shot in the head and is fighting for his life at Harbor UCLA Medical center -- two Latino gang members were arrested for the "random" shooting. Hate crime charges may be filed. 

These hate crimes help explain the growing division in the national Democrat Party.  The Democrats since Tammany Hall have always embraced "identity politics".  That is, voting for a person because of his skin color and/or  his ethnicity. This creates a never ending American balkanization which tears as the fabric of American unity. 

So, it should not surprise to Mr. Obama that Latinos were the primary reason for his loss in Texas. Most reports show that Latinos voted for Clinton by a 2/3 ratio. The same ratio was true in California's primary. Sadly, some reporters pondered why many Latinos reflexively vote against a black person. At the same time, Obama will win Mississippi next week, because more than half the democrats are black. Obama is getting between 83 to 87% of the "black" vote. 

This racial polarization is not good for American nor is it good for the Democrats. 

The seeds of racial polarization come direct from Democrat Identity Politics. That their caucuses must have "affirmative action" racial percentages. Naturally, this led to literal street fighting between black and Latinos in Texas caucuses, last Tuesday evening. 

The animus between Latinos and blacks may endure for years in the Democrat party. 

The racial alienation is growing daily between the Clinton and Obama camps. They naturally deny any such phenomena is occurring. Still both carefully measure their individual successes on promoting their racial blocks. 

Civil Rights famed Congressman John Lewis recently, tossed his endorsement to Hillary aside and regrouped with Identity politics by switching to Obama. The pressure on Latino and black democrat public figures is striking. We will likely see more defections from each camp based primarily on race. 

This will create huge DEFECTIONS for democrats this fall. Should Obama win the nomination many Latinos will defect. The same is true for Clinton should she win; blacks will stay at home in historic numbers.

This civics lesson ought to teach scholars and Democrat leaders the price to pay for racial polarization is discord, disharmony, and catastrophe to Democrats this fall.

VIDEO: SFSU College Republicans Take On CODE PINK in Berkeley

March 01, 2008

Sometimes College Republicans have too much fun. Presently, CR's usually dominate student political groups on most campuses. The Left is lethargic and the only cores remaining are tenured Marxist 60's professors who are retiring in droves. Since 9/11 a new generation of CR's in rapidly impacting California politics. Already, graduated CR's are holding important posts in the CRP and with up and coming politicos. 


At San Francisco State University the CR's are on fire. Besides suing the Administration, successfully, for interfering with the CR"s First Amendment rights, they drove across the Bay Bridge to challenge the crazies at the Berkeley Marine recruiting center last week...

SFSU CR President Leigh Wolf and his colleagues showed up supporting Move America Forward (Chaired by Melanie Morgan of KSFO). 

And for other **breaking news** for FR readers, my daughter, Cheyenne, of the U.S.C. CRs is running for statewide Chairman of the College Republicans, and Leigh is running for Co-Chairman. The ticket, naturally, is Beware Left

Meanwhile, at the Marine recruiting center at Berkeley, Leigh Wolf pulled out his famous video camera and began shooting. But his pro American T-shirt attracted the attention of several communist (yes, real live communists...) thugs who threatened Leigh. This video is a classic and can be seen below... (Here is the direct link to YouTube.). 

The Trojan Horse a simple idea plus media sensation against Prop 93

February 04, 2008

With shiny expensive TV production values, slick mail and award winning ads are the norm for first class political consultants. But sometimes you can move public opinion with simple ideas. JohnsonClark's Trojan Horse is making a publicity killing. This morning"s Capitol Morning Reports lead story features  the Trojan Horse 'truth hour" press conference in front of the state building in San Jose---opposing the dying Prop 93 term limits expansion. 

Who would figure that such a simple, old school idea, having Brandon Powers tow the giant Trojan Horse around the state to stage press conferences in 30 media markets would be so effective ?

Score one for the most cost efficient campaign tactic this political season.

Dems bow to the Bey of Oakland

January 31, 2008

The San Francisco Chronicle might get a Pulitzer. No kidding, last weekend after several decades of missing the boat, brave reporters Matthai Kuruvila, Kevin Fagan and Jaxon Van Derbeken finally exposed the entrenched link between a local terrorist Muslim organization and key Democrat Bay area leaders.

Last August black journalist Chauncey Bailey, was assassinated in public,  allegedly by an employee of Your Black Muslim Bakery. Bailey was writing a story of the criminality of YBMB. The Bakery has a long and rich history of intimidation, brutality, extortion and murder. However, the Bakery was a long time political force in northwest Oakland to which democrat leaders habitually paid tribute. When we say "paid" - - - the Oakland City Council paid millions to the Bakery for various community projects that never worked. 

The Chronicle details some of the democrat leaders closely associated with the notorious criminal enterprise. Founder Yusuf Bey [ Bey meaning a provincial governor in the Ottoman Empire], was recognized and regularly honored by former mayor Elihu Harris, Attorney General Jerry Brown, Congresswoman -personal friend of Fidel- Barbara Lee, FBI investigated Senate Leader Don Perata and Mayor Ron Dellums. 

This is one of California's greatest unknown scandals. Yusuf Bey was about to be tried for "child rape" before he died. His sons have been killing each other to take over the Bakery criminal enterprise. 

The Beys used for years White Liberal Guilt to loot public treasuries. Democratic leaders were accommodating in the hope the gangsters could deliver votes. 

This is only the latest page from Bay Area democrats. Going back tot he Sixties, Black Panthers, also in Oakland won city support for a school that didn't have many students. David Horowitz wrote about his personal experiences with the democrats and Panthers. This led David to leave the 'progressive" movement and become conservative. David witnessed extortion and murder by the Panthers with democrat support. See his piece in Salon:

Later, democrats were signing the praises of Rev. Jim Jones, who could deliver hundreds of precinct workers in a couple of hours, anywhere in the Bay area. Like the Panthers, and the Bakery, Jim Jones was a massive criminal enterprise leading to the massacre his 900  followers, with 276 children, Johnstown, Nov  18 1978, See the Chronicle below:

Eventually Jerry Brown, Ron Dellums and Don Perata will have to admit this long time love affair with black gangster/hustlers will have to end. As the Chronicle concluded, last August, last police raid in the Bakery there was a letter on the wall stating :

        " The leadership you provide should be an inspiration to all concerned over the city's future" 

           Senator Don Perata



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