The Return of CAL-YAF

December 23, 2009

What are the implications if there is an explosion of young conservatives emerging into the political fabric? Young Americans for Freedom created under Wm F. Buckley, seems to be 

re-emerging. YAF are chronic trouble makers. They demonstrate in the streets, confront crazed leftists, argue endlessly with totalitarian professors, write inflammatory articles, think day and night plotting for a conservative revolution. YAFers they are not nice Republicans. They are impatient. They reticule political grifters. They eventually become important political leaders. Governors, legislators and inside bureaucrats.  Sen Jeff Sessions was Alabama YAF chairman. Dana Rohrabacher Co-Chair of CAL-YAF with me. Ed Royce at CSUF. John Lewis. A Federal Judge in California. In fact, they are everywhere.  

YAF is a college intellectual equivalent of the older Tea Partiers---with firm philosophical goals. 

Jordan Marks, the fire-lighter and current ED of YAF, just opened the national YAF office near Washington DC.  What a bold and fresh beginning. 

Jordan reports that in the month December alone YAF participated in...

  • As a co sponsor of the 9/11 Never Forget Coalition in NYC against Holder's trials

  • DC YAF took it to MoveOn.Org DC's candlelight vigil for the "public" option on Dec 8

  • Then went after Moon Bat Congressman Kucinich with this rally for the 9/11 "inside job" whack jobs at an anti-American rally.

Young Mr. Marks called to ask me to host new YAF student leaders from several southern California colleges. Of course. There i discovered Ryan Sorba, Kelly Steele and about a dozen serious committed young conservatives -- eagerly looking to take on the left on their campuses. 

Truly, the attitude was true "movement" energy. Not interested with establishment Republican methods of political maneuvering  -- these guys are fighters. Just in the last few weeks CAL-YAF:

Took aim at ACORN in San Diego

  • Opened 18 new chapters this semester and sent 13 new students leaders to the Leadership Institutes Youth Leadership School.

  • Students from UCLA-YAF participated in the LA Doctors for Patients TEA Party Rally.

If you are interested in finding out more contact Ryan Sorba at

Kalifornistan: A Movie Review

December 19, 2009

If you transform into a conservative while an undergrad at Yale, then something special happened. It happened to Wm. F. Buckley. And Govindini Murty, who with her husband founded the wildly successful Liberty Film Festival, became a conservative under liberal group think, and met Jason Apuzzo. 
Both are film makers with a vivid conservative/libertarian perspective. 

Finally they made their own film with Govindini starring as the "girl" entwined in a wicked plot by a Jihad Terrorist to nuke LA. The insane terrorist is desperately seeking  fame while stalking an exotic dancer. The same dilemma faced by the the 9/11.  Before purifying their souls for the suicide attacks, several were habituating strip clubs days before. 

The black comedy takes you on a journey though Iran, Gitmo and the rough streets around the LA Harbor. The film will soon become an underground classic. Finally, conservatives strike back against Hollywood's endless anti-American -- pro terrorists-- money losing films. 

Nick Green of the Daily Breeze wrote a comprehensive review

Everything in the film is original. Great writing, witty and perfect music selections. The CD just came out. You ought to get one for yourself and a bunch for your friends for Christmas. 

Here is the official website:

Applications to the Redistricting Commission : Prop 11

December 16, 2009

The California State Auditors office has announced it's accepting applications to become a member ofCalifornia 's first-ever Citizens Redistricting Commission. Created by Prop. 11 in 2008, the commission will be responsible for reapportioning legislative and board of equalization districts following the 2010 census. The application process closes Feb. 12, 2010. For more information go to Contact: Margarita Fernandez916 445 0255.

If you like to draw the political lines---come join the Commission. Remember Mass. Governor Elbridge Gerry and his famous salamander-shaped district in 1812. 

Conservatives were warned that ACORN and a multitude of Leftist groups would try to pack the Commission with their people.

Darrell Steinberg--next door to you--CAIR and Islamists

November 13, 2009

We've pinched Senate pro Tem Leader Darrell Steinberg for his myopic blindness in dealing with the notorious CAIR [Council of American Islamic Relations]. CAIR an unindicted co-conspirator in a major terrorist trial in Texas, as stated by the US Justice Department and the FBI is now defending the Iranian controlled Mosques, now seized by the FBI and Homeland Security---under Obama, no less.

Carmichael mosque seized by Homeland Security---less than 10 miles from Steinberg's office. 

These seizures are now real close to home. In fact, only a few minutes drive from Steinberg's ornate Senate office. On September 1, the page asked how could Steinberg sponsor the CAIR event in the Capitol Rotunda celebrating Ramadan. No one objects to Ramadan. But any association with CAIR is foolish. Speaker Bass distanced herself from CAIR as stated here on September 22. 

But Steinberg continues to defend his association with CAIR. Have a look at CAIR's latest statements objecting to the FBI and New York US Attorneys' investigation of the link between the Iranian government and their agents in the US. 

Come on Darrell. Wise up. You are playing with dangerous comrades. 


October 28, 2009

Chairman Michael Steele announced minutes ago that the RNC has poured $13.2 million in both odd-year Gubernatorial elections. It's a huge bet. 

Chris Christie - Good Guy

 New Jersey's former Federal Prosecutor Chris Christie is neck and neck with Gov. Jon Corzine. Corzine a  typical dem gizzionaire,  an x Wall Street  fat cat, is reportedly spending over $30,000,000 to win re-election. Corzine spent $60 million to buy his US Senate seat in 2000. And, spent another $40 million to buy NJ governorship, to bring that state to its knees. The odds are formidable for Christie to prevail. Republican Senator McCain with his infamous McCain - Feingold spending caps guaranteed only wealthy democrats may apply for major office. 

Jon Corzine - Exploiter of people 

For Virginia's gubernatorial race, it looks better for rep Attorney General Bob McDonnell. 

AG Bob McDonnell 

The RNC sent thousands of volunteers to both states helping igniting major ground operations.  A win by either state will be a crushing embarrassment for the Obama administration. 

See Michael Steels' Memo below:

Republican National Committee
Office of the Chairman


DATE: 10/28/09

With the 2009 elections less than a week away I wanted to take a moment to give you a report on the Republican Party's activities.

Importantly, I am very proud of the candidacies of our two nominees for governor - Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell. I've had the opportunity to work closely with them and to campaign with them. These two gentlemen are excellent standard bearers not only for the Republican Party, but more importantly for the citizens of their respective states. Both of them are intently focused on turning Republican principles into problem-solving results.

Below is a breakdown of the Republican National Committee's spending in Virginia and New Jersey, as well as highlights of other campaign activities.

One important note - in addition to advertising and providing direct support to candidates, the RNC has focused very intently on party building activities, particularly on efforts to beat the Democrats and win the voter turnout battle. In fact, our level of grassroots action in these two states is significantly greater than the Republican efforts in last year's Presidential election. On the heels of the 2008 election results, this is vital for success.


  • $9.1 million total investment, including $2.4 million for advertising
  • Over 2.5 million volunteer phone calls and doors knocked
  • 10.1 million pieces of mail and phone calls
New Jersey

  • $4.1 million total investment
  • Over 2 million volunteer phone calls and doors knocked
  • 9.8 million pieces of mail and phone calls
In the coming days we will also provide a detailed report on our many activities in down ballot races, state legislative races, and local elections all over the country.

Of course, this unprecedented level of spending by the RNC in these crucial states is only made possible by the tremendous fundraising success we have had this year. Thanks for all you continue to do for the cause.

Paid for by the Republican National Committee.
310 First Street, SE - Washington, D.C. 20003 - (202) 863-8500 © 2009 Republican National Committee


CAIR- Spies Everywhere Ask Sen Steinberg

October 15, 2009

Massive news reports show that CAIR [Council of American Islamic Relations] the notorious terror apologist group, recently invited by Sen. Darrell Steinberg to celebrate the end of Ramadan in the Rotunda of the State Capitol, is in the hot seat again.

CAIR the "unindicted co-conspirators" in a Terror Trial in Texas recently, used Speaker Bass's name as a "co-host" to the Ramadan event. Bass later denied any connection with CAIR. [ See FR 9.22.09] Senate President Darrell Steinberg---no so smart. His Chief of Staff keeps making lame arguments that CAIR is just a  bunch of well meaning Muslims. Obviously he doesn't get out very often. [See FR 9.1.09] . Hey, how about reading an Arabic speaking scholar Dr Daniel Pipes?

Senator Steinberg perplexed. 

Arnie Zeiderman MD and Amador County Republican Chair keeps following up with Senator Steinberg and Assemblyman Dave Jones offices to see if they are willing to reconsider their ties to CAIR.  CAIR is also noted for it extreme anti-Semitic views. That's why Sen Barbara Boxer and Sen. Charles Schumer denounced CAIR earlier this year.See Gaubatz below. 

The big news from DC is a best selling book called Muslim Mafia  by David Gaubatz, reveals Gaubatz's life inside CAIR. Gaubatz collected thousands of memos, emails and other documents which show a dramatic nationwide effort by CAIR and assorted like minded groups to literally infiltrate security minded agencies. Several Republican House members yesterday demanded that the House Sergeant of Arms investigate any "plants" put on key panels including Homeland Security, Judiciary and Intelligence. We will hear much more shortly. 

The question is how long will Dave Jones and Darrell Steinberg continue to serve as apologists for a notorious discredited group. 

Assemblyman Jones not sure which side he is on. Digging a hole? 

We will keep you posted.

Speaker Bass Rejects CAIR

September 22, 2009

On September 1, I penned a commentary on this page that highlighted that Speaker Bass and Senate President Pro-Tem Darrel Steinberg were listed as "co-hosting" with CAIR [Council on American Islamic Relations] a Ramadan Iftar in the Capitol Rotunda. 

Celebrating the end of Ramadan is not, in itself, controversial. However, CAIR is officially listed by the FBI as a hostile organization and an unindicted co-conspirator in a terrorist trial, then you begin to wonder---what are Bass and Steinberg thinking? Moreover, what were there staff's doing? A little Google research would show that Senators Barbara Boxer and Schumer both recently denounced CAIR. Hardly rightwingers. 

The piece generated lots of calls to the 12 Democrat Senators "co-hosts", the 23 Democrat Assemblymembers, plus Republican Anthony Adams and Governor Schwarzenegger. 

Amador county Republican chair, Arnie Zeiderman MD, contacted Speaker Bass. She immediately denied she was a co-host, nor did she attend nor did "many" of "my colleagues" give permission, nor was she "involved". Sounds like a big misunderstanding. 

We sure would like to know if the other 34 legislators plus the Governor feel the same?

See Speaker Bass's letter below: 

From: Assemblymember Bass
To: [Deleted For Privacy]
Sent: Tuesday, September 8, 2009 10:17:27 AM
Subject: Dear Mr. XXXXX:

Thank you for your letter with your concerns about the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and their recent event in Sacramento.

I would like the opportunity to correct a misstatement from your email. For the record, I did not co-host the event. My name and the names of many of my colleagues were used without permission. Nor did I attend the event. On Tuesday, the State Assembly was in Session all day and I had other engagements on my calendar that did not include attending CAIR's capitol event.

I understand that you do not support CAIR and that there are those who allege that the group has ties to terrorism, however, please understand that I am not affiliated with this group. There are many instances where the names of elected officials are listed on invitations or announcements of events though they are not necessarily attending or sponsoring the occasion. I was not involved with this event and hopefully the attached article will help clear up this matter for you.

Thank you for taking the time to write and share your concerns.

Karen Bass
Speaker of the Assembly

CAIR, Hamas, Arnold and the Dems

September 01, 2009

Most politicos don't usually socialize with terror apologists. Generally, they are cautious to a fault. Which is why a political event today in Sacramento raises serious questions of what were they thinking.   The extremist group CAIR (Committee for American-Islamic Relations) recently issued a press release announcing its 6th Annual Ramadan Iftar inside the Capitol Rotunda (see the release with a full list of legislative co-hosts attached to the bottom of this post).

The Iftar is co-hosted by most of the legislative Democrats including Senate President Darrell Steinberg.  Speaker Karen Bass, plus the Governor. Tragically, Steinberg, Bass and the Governor are clueless about CAIR. The FBI described CAIR front group for Hamas. CAIR was also an unindicted co-conspirator in a terrorism case in Texas Federal Court last year. 

We learned the genius behind this incident is the ambitious Assemblyman Dave Jones, who made the request for CAIR. We will bet he will have a lot of explaining to do to his colleagues. 

Several of CAIR's national leadership have also been indicted for various terror related crimes. Some are serving long term sentences in federal penitentiaries. 

Ghassan Elashi, a founding CAIR board member, remains in federal custody. Convicted on 6 counts in July 7, 2004 for engaging in illegal financial transaction with Libya, Syria and Hamas. 

Most Muslim groups are moderate but CAIR earned its spurs resisting protecting the US from terror. Even Barbara Boxer returned an award from CAIR in light of its controversial history. 

CAIR pretends to be a mainstream Muslim organization but it is far from it. Super Democrat  Sen. Schumer said CAIR "has ties to terrorism." CAIR sues at will attempting to stifle public opposition. In fact, they sued me for a piece I wrote in National Review.  Of course, i won the suit based on 1st Amendment grounds. Something supporters of HAMAS would not understand.

Why anyone would want to formally associate with CAIR is perplexing, strange and humorous. 

We are anxious to see who really shows up tonight.  We will have our reporters and diligent staffers taking names and pictures. There are many alternatives to celebrating a non violent Ramadan, rather than sidle up to a real controversial group. At least the voters will soon know who supports the rabidly anti-Semitic CAIR.

Perhaps those who allowed their names to be used on a CAIR press release may find a  better way to celebrate Ramadan. Just invite your Muslim friends to eat at Morton's.

Are John Burton and the CDP Crazy?

August 13, 2009

New signs of unrest amongst the super hard left who dominate the California Democrat Party;

Their target is President Obama's handling of the war against Al-Qaeda & the Taliban. See this CDP Resolution and comment by Chairman Burton.

Nice to see old warrior Burton take Obama to task and channel the fanatic Bush haters into direct combat against their party's leader.

No doubt soon we will see legions of Soros followers, Move Oners marching angrily to the White House.

What a dilemma for the Left challenging the Left.

In the meanwhile independents and moderates are asking what went wrong with Hope and Change. They sure will get a lot more confused as the Left begins to eat itself.

Today's Commentary: The Three Judges Who Would Release The Criminals

August 06, 2009

Who are these three? An order to release 25% of felons from state prisons is one of the most mind boggling judicial orders ever issued in US history. The idea is so bizarre, strange and breathtaking we need to have a look into the background of each of the judges. Are they mere cranks or serious social policy reformers?

Here's the first clue. All were appointed by Jimmy Carter. What are the odds? If you were forced to choose who among the three is the most exotic you would have endless shouting matches. Let's begin with Stephen Reinhardt.

Of the three he is the only appellate judge from the infamous 9th Circuit. And, he is probably the most reversed judge in America. If not, in American history, by the US Supreme Court. His antics are legendary. The one time there was an execution in California of a mass murderer, Reinhardt issued endless 'orders' to prevent the execution. Finally, the US Supreme Court almost had to send a special squad to Reinhardt's office to shut down his electricity and telephones. Being married to long time ACLU leader Ramona Ripston doesn't hurt his leftist credentials. At least, in public Reinhardt can be cordial.

Not so for Lawrence Karlton, from Sacramento.  In a survey by appearing attorneys, Karlton is widely considered biased and a heavy handed judge. Also affiliated with the ACLU, Karlton earned his infamy by striking the "Under God" portion from the flag salute. Yep, that guy. 

Then we have the most modest Thelton E. Henderson of San Francisco. He was the lower court judge who earlier tried to seize the California prisons, hired a master who spends millions, in order to get California to spend billions and billions to give better medical care to convicts than much of our general population. Lucky Henderson, got to serve on panel to hear his own appeal. But he sure is a smart guy. Berkeley's Boalt Hall created the Thelton E. Henderson Center for Social Justice. At taxpayer expense. Who knows? According the the Center post it  is the 'intellectual hub" for the law school's "social justice" community. The Center will prepare the "next generation of lawyers to represent underserved communities." I suppose that includes convicted violent offender felons. Some of us might have slightly higher priorities.

Now imagine some 40,000 of these felon criminals released near your home and kid's school. No Hollywood horror producer could  conjure up this nightmare. We are still recovering from the murder of innocent 17 year old Lily Burk by a recently released felon, who was judged as a "non violent" offender. No one doubts released Charles Samuel is a mere harbinger of things to come in the Golden State, if the three judicial buffoons have their way. 

We can either hope that the 40,000 be housed next to the judges,  or the US Supreme Court will restore a little sanity from the crazy 9th Circuit. 

Republicans come roaring back

July 23, 2009

When the Wall Street Journal bellows that the "Budget Deal Gives Boost to California Republicans", you know the Party has finally turned the the corner. 

Senator Dennis Hollingsworth whose initial ascent gave hope to Republicans, that Republicans would behave like Republicans instead of accommodationists  for bankrupt [literally] union legislative spending. The prior leader was woefully out of his depth. Let's hope that he is the last of the 'let's get along crowd' that has dramatically tarnished the Republican brand, hurt CRP fund raising and discouraged conservatives. 

Assemblyman Sam Blakeslee, who also removed his predecessor, due to the rapacious new taxes of last February,  came advertised as a "green" Republican and probably a moderate. Instead he brought his caucus together for clear sighted financial restructuring. 

Both Hollingsworth and Blakeslee can enjoy national rave reviews.  See also today's Flashreport of a WSJ Editorial.

The dems took a well deserved humbling defeat by getting out of the way by undoing a few of their ineffective "programs"

Let's be sure to encourage each of our legislators to continue to restore sanity in California. A positive on-going campaign for budget reform, radically reduced spending, selling California state property, contracting out government services [ i went to the DMV yesterday] and finally quit skimming off the money from local governments. 

This is the most important legislative victory in years. Voters will be looking for real reformers next year. We just begun the march. 

Even Arnold might be trying to save his legacy. 


Why in the world is Governor Schwarzenegger wielding a two-foot-long knife on Twitter?

Speaker Bass Has To Go!

July 13, 2009

California's budget crisis cannot be solved until those responsible are removed from leadership. Last February the "big five' leaders from both parties in both houses plus the Governor, rammed down billions in new taxes and put to vote more billions on the May 19th ballot. That didn't work. 

Everyone knows the new taxes didn't resolve the budget gap and the voters in a 2-1 vote scuttled the new new tax increases.

So far of the original gang of 5, two have been removed. If the budget log-dam is to be broken we need new more flexible leaders.

Speaker Bass is ineffective to do the job. She has to go. Sadly, Bass has only one constituency she must answer to. Government unions are her only and sole concern. They elected her. They funded her. They control her. Since 2003 California government has grown with over 50,000 net new state employees, all union members. Don't let anyone tell you there a hiring freeze either.

Bass doesn't have the background for understanding the dynamics of billion dollar deficits. She's a professional spender --- of other people's money. The only job she had before her political career was in the public sector. She created Community Coalition to serve African Americans in south LA. Its specialty was to  attack "addiction, crime, violence and poverty." All worthy goals but so far the jury is out. CC's website claims as part of its success is to have "won" over $500 million for LAUSD schools, still the most dysfunction in America. In addition, CC also "won" $36,000,000 for money to the corrupted "relative caregivers" program.

Everyone in the political community agrees Bass cannot lead or make any reforms so long as she is tied to the hip with government unions. Should Bass to take on the unions would be the end of her political career.

A key problem with the budget gridlock now rests the majority legislative leaders. Republicans have already replaced their leaders. It's time for democrats to clean their own house.

Rumblings are getting louder that Bass is no longer safe as Speaker. We hope her replacement will be the real thing. Strong, independent and forward thinking.

The capitol is flooded with good ideas for solving the budget crisis. We have too many employees doing too little and getting paid too much. Solve that. California has hundreds of billions in land assets that ought to be sold to the public. We have bureaucracies that were designed for the 19th century government. Either sell or out-source those services to save a bundle. Finally, new leadership could offer real assistance to local governments by getting the state out of their way. Decentralize taxation powers to local government.

Karen Bass seems to be a nice well meaning person. Her political flexibility is straight jacketed. She doesn't have the independence to think or work for genuine reforms. It's time to let her go.

The Orange Grove: Sell and modernize state to solvency

June 18, 2009

Default, insolvency and bankruptcy are standard fear words to cajole Californians into swallowing even higher taxes. Yet, the growing money gap gives smart legislators the best shot in 50 years to enact real reforms if they have the grit and vision.

Even the governor suggests that if the Legislature fails to close the budget gap, he will let California government come to a "grinding halt." Democratic state Controller John Chiang says that around July 1 there will be no more money. But lots of folks in power disagree.

It really doesn't matter, so long as the legislative minority of Republicans stand united. Assuming that Republican leaders can hold their caucus intact, even the most strident Democrats will have to learn to deal. Any Republicans even thinking of going along with more taxes will have their political futures shattered.

Consider the following real-world solutions to the state's money crisis:

First, consider selling California.

The state owns 32,935 properties, ranging from large tracts of land to small offices and storage facilities in parks. The nonproductive assets can be harnessed for the social good by selling those that will provide jobs and taxable income. Aging San Quentin prison, for example, is wasting hundreds of acres of pricey Bay Area waterfront.

Gov. Schwarzenegger calls for selling previous sacred cows such as the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, The Cow Palace, near San Francisco, and the Cal Expo, Del Mar, Orange County and Ventura fairgrounds. Think what the California Public Utilities Commission building in downtown San Francisco could fetch. And that's just for starters.

There is more than $167 billion in state land assets. Selling merely one-sixth of these state-owned, and untaxed, properties could close the budget gap.

Secondly, sell or contract out California services. The state no longer needs to run many obsolete bureaucracies. The Internet and other technologies make stand-alone bureaucratic structures unnecessary.

How about selling the Department of Motor Vehicles? Many people are using the Auto Club to bypass DMV functions. Sell more. How about Caltrans, the state personnel board, the lottery, the guide dog and cosmetology boards?

There are billions to be made here, not only for quick cash but to remove long-term state worker pension commitments. This approach is a double win.

Finally, how about getting the state out from between the taxpayers and local government? In Britain, Conservatives last spring won historic majorities by campaigning for aggressive local home rule: Devolve power from London to the communities; give communities freedom to hire, fire and enact what programs they want.

California Republicans can learn something here: Devolution is rapidly becoming the next next thing in politics.

Few know that over three-fourths of state spending is "returning" money back to local government and school districts. Why should the state control the budgets for over 8,000 cities, counties and school districts? Local communities spend millions to lobby Sacramento politicians to get back their own money. Why not return power back to the people? Communities ought to be free to raise or lower taxes without state interference. As we know, it's a lot easier changing your city council than the Sacramento bureaucracy.

Finally, when there is really no more money, insolvency may be our best friend to force legislators to adopt structural reform. The greedy government unions and their legislative puppets have nearly strangled the Golden Goose.

Insolvency and bond default gives California a golden opportunity to enact structural reforms for the next century.

PIONEER HENRY LUCAS, DDS, mobilized other black conservatives

June 09, 2009

A close friend of Ronald Reagan Dr. Henry Lucas enjoyed a full and productive life. He was also a California Republican leader. Lucas first campaigned for Reagan for Governor in 1966. 

Born in February 27, 1932 he earned his college degree in 1937 at Howard University and a dental degree at Meharry Medical College in Nashville. Both historical black colleges. After starting practice in San Francisco for 5 decades, Lucas help form PACT [Plan of Action for Challenging Times] a non profit which has funded over 40,000 African American students for college. 

In 1980 he and Dr. Thomas Sowell organized the Black Alternatives Conference with President Reagan's support. Lucas argued for an alternative to the "old-time black leadership" dominated by democrats. 

Professor Thomas Sowell 

As the Times quoted Lucas in 1980, "Liberal white and civil rights leaders have made a living out of civil rights." 

Reagan appointed Lucas to three Presidential Commissions. In addition Dr. Lucas served as president of the California Dental Board. His daughter Dr. Kimberly Lucas Benton will carry on with the Sutter Place Dental Group, 

Dr. Lucas was appointed to the RNC Executive Committee as president of the National Black Republican Council from 1973 to 1976. He was one of the first African American members of the RNC. There are three black elected RNC members serving today---Carl McGill Committeeman South Carolina, Dr. Ada Fisher, committeewoman North Carolina and the Rev. Keith Butler, committeeman Michigan

Chairman Michael Steele, announced today:

"The Republican Party will miss the courageous leadership and passionate activism of Dr. Lucas, one of the first African-Americans to serve on the Republican National Committee. A conservative through and through, Dr. Lucas' work on behalf of the Republican Party and Republican candidates, particularly President Reagan, was remarkable. He blazed a trail for people like me to be where I am today. We honor his service to our party and his legacy of participation in our great democracy.  My heartfelt condolences go out to his family."

American Indian Charter School-Libs Need Not Apply

June 02, 2009

"We are looking for hard working people who believe in free market capitalism...Multicultural specialists, ultra liberal zealots and college tainted oppression liberations need not apply."

This recruitment statement come from one of California's best Middle Schools. The American Indian Public Charter School, Oakland ranks the 5 th highest of any Middle School from the thousands in operation. Unlike the other schools most of the children are exceptionally poor.

Bay area liberals are aghast and want this school's success buried. Betty Olsen-Jones the boss of the far left Oakland Education Assn, aka Teachers Union, isn't happy with American Indian's success, by teaching students with discipline, basics, respect, uniforms and homework.

The Teachers Union [CTA] is the single greatest threat to children and education. The CTA spends millions each year to fund politicians who oppose at every turn School Choice reform. Obama's disgraceful cut off of funds for 1700 poor black children to quality private schools in Washngton DC is a recent national example. Yet, like all liberal politicians, the Obama's send their kids to the most exclusive private schools.

The remarkable founder is Ben Chavis, who grew up as a poor Lumbee Indian from North Carolina. Chavis, an entrepreneur whose American Indian School website exclaims that Unions embrace the "self-esteem experts, panhandlers, drug dealers ...who refuse to put forth their best effort."

California Focus: State government needs RAW deal

May 22, 2009

Although White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel has been criticized for saying "you never want a good crisis too go to waste," he's right.

The Democrats are exploiting the economic crisis to expand the size and scope of the federal government. In California, Republicans should exploit the budget crisis to shrink the size and scope of state government.

The two-thirds requirement to pass a state budget gives a united GOP caucus leverage to demand real reforms. Voters Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected the same old tax-borrow-and-spend approach, and they are more likely than they have been in recent years to give Republican ideas a fair hearing.

We should start with the obvious - California's government is too big, and its economy is too weak - and let our proposals flow from that reality.

The state payroll needs dramatic downsizing. California can't afford 345,000 state employees - about 50,000 of whom have been added in the past few years to no discernible benefit. The governor's plan to lay off 5,000 of them, primarily law enforcement and firefighters, is a scare tactic.

Millions of Californians have already been making painful cutbacks in their budgets and lifestyles. They can't afford to do everything they'd like, so they budget for what they need. They expect their state government to do the same.

Republicans must juxtapose themselves against the Democrats by offering pro-growth policies to spur job creation: for example, reducing and flattening tax rates and imposing a moratorium on future business regulations. Common sense dictates a growing economy will generate more budget revenue.

We should simultaneously examine more drastic alternatives for releasing state government from the straitjacket of ballot-box budgeting and onerous union contracts.

While state bankruptcy has been mentioned as a tool to renegotiating ruinous union agreements, it's not a legal option. Another possibility is for the Legislature to wash its hands, place state finances in receivership and let a judge take the heat for the budgetary pain to follow.

The downside is the creation of a parallel, unelected judicial government invested with the power to tax and spend, something traditionally reserved to our elected representatives. The unintended consequences of such a cure could be worse than the disease.

Republicans ought to adopt a suggestion from Orange County Treasurer Chriss Street and push for immediately shifting state government to a pay-as-you-go basis through the use of Registered Anticipation Warrants, which are promises to pay on a daily priority basis as cash becomes available. RAWs are issued by the state controller, and failure to pay them when cash is available constitutes a felony.

RAWs meet state government's cash flow needs while imposing fiscal discipline, which explains the state's reluctance to use them. RAWs are attractive to investors, not least because criminal sanctions make default highly unlikely. As legislators adapt to a de facto spending limitation, the work of unwinding the Gordian budget knot comes more readily.

Sacramento's political class won't swallow tough medicine like RAWs during ordinary times. Then again, this may be a perfect political storm of a magnitude unseen since Hiram Johnson reshaped California's governmental landscape a century ago. The silver lining of this crisis is that previously unthinkable reforms become thinkable.

50 Ways to leave your leader -- Mike Villines

May 01, 2009

Breaking up is hard to do. That's why singer-songwriter Paul Simon offers an alternative "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover." At the caucus meeting, following the May 19th anti tax revolt elections,  Assembly Republicans should fire up the 8 track and give Simon's hit a new twist: "50 Ways to Leave Your Leader"

Assembly Republicans need to suggest an alternative career path to Mike Villines. 

For his entire political life Mike Villines was an articulate and faithful leader against ghastly government growth and any new taxes. Last fall, Mike Villines repeatedly promised to oppose tax increases. He signed the famous anti-tax pledge. Then, Mike Villines  began to negotiate his core beliefs out the window, to engineer and vote for the largest tax increase by any state in American history. 

Now, he's touring the state in support of Proposition 1A and offering the doublespeak that "Proposition 1A protects taxpayers."  Most importantly, during the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression, Mike Villines stands diametrically opposed to his caucus on taxes and the economy. Worse than that he's enjoying himself. Traveling with Senate President Darrell Steinberg and Speaker Karen Bass may be exhilarating, but it's bad company. Not only is Villines "bad" on this issue, he turned. He is emotionally committed to change the way Republicans do business in Sacramento. And, that's dangerous. 

As long as Villines remains leader, Assembly Republicans are tacitly approving of Villines. If they don't support his philosophy, how can Assembly Republicans stand behind him as their public spokesman, let alone have him actually continue to represent the interests of the GOP in what will be ongoing, important negotiations about our state's finances? 

I have faith that most of our Republican legislators are truly pro-growth and  anti-tax. Perhaps Assembly Republicans just don't know how to break the news to Mike. They don't know how to fire their good friend, especially someone so out of touch with reality that he actually believes that the over-$14 billion in taxes that have already been enacted and another $16 billion tax increase that would come with Proposition 1A is good for taxpayers. 

Our message to Assembly Republicans is simple: 

We don't care which euphemism you use. Villines can be downsized, let go, laid off, or given a career alternative enhancement. Just as long as he goes  in a different direction.

Today would work well; after all, it's a Friday. 

Feds Prosecutorial Abuse ...Leave Perata Alone

April 07, 2009

The balance of control in the United States Senate was changed by illegal actions of the U.S. Justice Department against Sen. Ted Stevens. 

Who can forget US Attorney Johnny Sutton's shameful punitive prosecution against border guards Ramos and Campion? The case against Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman [D] has to be questioned. After all he was not convicted for taking bribes or accepting illegal campaign contributions, but was jailed for appointing a wealthy donor to a state board. Former Sec of Labor Ray Donovan's famous quote after surviving an unfounded and vicious DA's prosecution with a clean jury verdict announcing not guilty 100 times, asked " Which office do I go to get back my reputation back?"

There are many more such abusive prosecutions. Don Perata, former Oakland senator, comes to mind...

I don't like Don Perata. I don't like his politics. As senate leaders he's bullied many bad laws for California. But not even Don Perata deserves the abuse he received from Feds for the last 5 years. 

After spending one million dollars, answering numerous subpoenas and withstanding a Grand Jury convened in his honor, US Attorney Joe Russoniello's  San Francisco [Northern District] office told Perata's attorneys that they were closing the investigation and would not prosecute. Unhappy FBI agents drove to Sacramento to convince US Attorney Lawrence Brown [Eastern District] to pick up the tossed case. Unbelievably, instead of offering gas money to the agents to quickly leave Sacramento, Brown openly stated he would consider taking over the rejected case. 

There are few forces in the world more powerful than a US Attorney. They have Ive League legal talent, unlimited expenses and the real fear of the federal penitentiary to intimidate.

All too often the type of talent recruited by the US Department of Justice are very ambitious, smart young lawyers eager to bag major trophies. These trophy hunters look for high visible cases with lots of publicity.They can use tough tactics --threatening years of federal prison to not only their targets but to witnesses  who don't "cooperate"  

The prosecution against Assembly Republican Leader Pat Nolan opened my eyes to the terror that corrupt federal attorneys can impose.  Nolan was indicted for accepting a bribe. His crime was receiving political contribution for the Assembly Republican Pac, not for himself. I was in his office when the feds gave him a 24 hour choice. Either agree to submit to 30 months of prison or take a chance in trial and risk 15 plus years in jail. I will never forget , the Feds told him he would not see his children [  all three then under five ] graduate from college. I know that several of Pat's colleagues were treatened regularly by the FBI, for not telling the FBI what it wanted to hear. 
Attorney General Eric Holder might be on to something important. He personally announced that the Justice Department would move to set aside its conviction of Sen. Ted Stevens. The indictment was unveiled in July 2008 shortly before the Republican primary. The trial was two weeks before the election. Those decisions alone  violated Department guidelines that prosecutors should avoid becoming players in elections.  The Feds case from the beginning was dirty and got to the point that US District Judge Emmet Sullivan called the behavior of  the Bush Justice lawyers "outrageous" holding them in contempt. Let's not forget the name ofWilliam Welch, chief of its public integrity section. Orwellian. As the Wall Street Journal puts it " Ted Stevens is merely another casualty of abusive prosecutors out to make a name for themselves."

Lovers of liberty and the rule of law should hope that the conduct of rogue government lawyers will be held to account. Their actions were more capricious that their targets. Too bad for Ted Stevens  who lost by less than 1%  two weeks after his "conviction".

Its time to drop the vendetta against Perata. The Feds had 5 years and millions of dollars to make their case. US Attorney Brown, instead ought to seek private employment and get out of the prosecution business.  

Opinion: California Republicans need to step up to anti-tax plate

March 28, 2009

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Democratic Legislature tried closing the budget deficit with the largest state tax increase in American history, yet the Legislative Analyst projects it will widen by $8 billion anyway.

Tax increases harm a recessionary economy. They also harm a recessionary California Republican Party. While most Republican legislators opposed the tax hikes, their six renegade colleagues who voted for those taxes left Republican fingerprints on them, at least in the public mind.
How do California Republicans repair that damage and reclaim our birthright as the party of liberty and limited government?
For starters, Republican legislators must absolutely, unconditionally oppose additional taxes — come hell, high water or the public employee unions.
That includes Proposition 1A, which cloaks a tax increase behind a timid spending limit. More than half have already done so, but grass-roots pressure must continue until the holdouts follow suit.

GOP alternative needed

Opposition isn't enough. Voters need to hear a Republican, alternative vision for growing the economy while reining in government: tax and regulatory reduction and simplification to spur a rising economic tide lifting all budget boats — family, business and government alike. At every opportunity, GOP legislators should call for a single, low income tax rate; eliminating corporate and capital gains taxes;slashing the heavy regulatory burden smothering job creation; and liberating taxpayers from bondage to unaffordable "entitlements" and government employee unions that raid the taxpayers' purse. It also includes a hard spending cap — limiting government to the annual growth in inflation and population.
Republican lawmakers in Georgia are responding to downward recessionary pressure on revenues with pro-growth tax cuts, on the advice of Californian Arthur Laffer. GOP legislators in Sacramento should follow their example.
Republican lawmakers need to toughen up if they're going play budget brinkmanship with the Democratic majority. Why fight protracted budget wars if Republicans blink and assent to higher taxes rather than let the fiscal chickens come home to roost on the Democrats? Will deals for smaller tax hikes grow the GOP?
The state party organization also needs to step up to the plate. Saying "no" to the governor and coming out against Proposition 1A is a good start. A Republican Party that cannot oppose a massive tax hike might as well fold its tent. The California Republican Party must wholeheartedly commit party resources and infrastructure to defeating Proposition 1A.
Then there are the six Republicans legislators who midwifed the $13.5 billion tax increase. It's mind-boggling one of them, Mike Villines, remains Assembly Republican leader. It's tough to sell the GOP as the party of lower taxes and limited government when our Assembly leader negotiates a massive transfer of wealth from taxpayers to the government.

Draw the party line

Senate Republicans replaced their tax-hiking leader — but even more than GOP leaders able to withstand the tax hike's siren call, the public needs to appreciate the fundamental difference between the parties. It's the Democrats who have brought us low. California has the nation's highest teacher salaries, but the worst education outcomes. Not only do we have the highest state employee salaries, but we've added 50,000 of them in the last few years, with no discernible public benefit. We have the nation's highest taxes, helping force 1.5 million middle-class taxpayers out of California.
Independent and moderate Democrat voters are disgusted with the status quo. A clear, consistent vision of opportunity from Republicans can turn them our way. But we must clearly draw the line in the sand, not blur it by enabling Democratic "solutions."
Like it or not, California Republicans are at a crossroads. We can either go along with tax hikes to cover government overspending, or fight for business and job creation by cutting taxes and regulations — and choose our leaders accordingly. Our party has walked both paths, and history leaves no doubt which one works.

California\'s Upcoming Water Revolt

March 05, 2009

Great political revolutions occur — for better or worse — when genuine crises arise. On the world stage, it was the transcendent tragedy of World War I that allowed the Bolsheviks to conquer Russia; it was repeated English bungling that drove Americans to declare their independence as the only remaining way they could salvage their God-given liberties. Civilizations fail when they find themselves no longer able to protect their people against stability-threatening forces operating either from the outside or from their own governments.

Californians now face an unprecedented, man-made threat to their stable way of life. Our state is slowly dying of thirst. This crisis, however, is one that could easily be avoided, if those in power in Sacramento wished to avoid it. In something of a continuing irony, it was the father of current state Attorney General and former madcap Governor Jerry Brown (early-’60s Governor Pat Brown) who made sure California would be provided adequate water supplies for 50 years. He succeeded. California’s population doubled and the Central Valley led world food production. But now we are running out of water. Why? The left blames the always handy drought. But much of California has always been a desert. That’s a convenient excuse of dictators, both real and would-be, employed in Russia in the 1930s, in Ethiopia in the ’80s, in North Korea, and California, now. In each case, the crisis was and is man-made.

Left-wing environmentalists simple believe human beings are the problem. Most Republicans believe the natural world ought to serve the human race. Most of us also do not buy the left-wing notion it is impossible to serve both the good of people and the good of the planet at the same time.

With the left, as in their always-pessimistic economics, this is a kind of war, pitting people against the world and the world against us. Again as in their economics, the left sees the conflict as a zero-sum game in which only by taking and harming its enemy can either side help itself. This is fever-swamp ideology over-running rational science and common sense.

Few Republicans buy into it. Once more, as in our ideas about economics, most Republicans reject zero-sum pessimism. Citing vast stores of human experience, we believe wise policy almost always can and will serve both sides: the people and the planet. Yes, sometimes compromise is required, at least over the short term, and sometimes immediate environmental concerns must take a back seat completely, again usually temporarily. But such situations, we believe, are extremely rare. In any event, they only arise when critical issues of survival are at stake. Human beings must have water to survive; so must human society, and without human society, nothing remains to protect the environment. So even if, for a short time, we must prefer human interests to those of nature, even then we are serving the ultimate needs of the planet — the need to maintain a society of people to care for the environment at all. This is a key existential difference in the thinking that defines our two major political parties.

Republicans see the people as the necessary beneficial agents that make all good policy and societal advancement possible. But, as I say, Democrats glumly believe that people are the problem, so their bizarre solution is to get rid of us. They’ve set themselves a daunting task: selling this strange message to the people themselves, in the process creating a political opportunity for anyone who doesn’t share their self-loathing pessimism.

In the specific case of water, for instance, the left goes beyond preferring environmental concerns to human needs. They seek to manage water as a tool to limit human population. On the phony excuse that fewer people equals environmental improvement, left Democrats always oppose activities to support large and growing populations, or — as in California now — even to sustain existing populations. They oppose dams to help conserve water and urge tearing them down. They oppose water channels that permit agriculture and growth and demand that they be shut down. Their objective is to shrink the number of people living in a given area and to lower living standards for those that remain — whether or not the environment receives any significant, demonstrable advantage from the anti-people policy. This position is shared by few Californians and is highly potent politically, a point I will return to shortly.


But here is my prediction: Californians will face the most severe water rationing in their lives, a situation mirroring the sorry state of Third World countries. And, at that fast-approaching point, Californians will revolt. Think of the 2003 Recall on steroids. Consider the following developments.

In the trendy, hippie-throw-back community of Bolinas, California, the scourge has already begun. This Marin County oceanside town announced an immediate water rationing program designed to cut human water consumption 25 percent. And the enforcement will be draconian: after three warnings, all water will be cut off. Bolinas’ already frugal population, using an average of only 208 gallons of water a day, is being rewarded for what the left would call “environmentally responsible” stewardship of their water by being limited now to no more than 150 gallons a day. Bolinas created these problem years ago. As reported in the Feb. 4, 2009, San Francisco Chronicle, Bolinas purposely created a “self-contained” water system with “limited supply” that together “have kept the population steady ....” The plan is still working. Bolinas straitjacketed its own water supply, so the locals should support rationing enthusiastically. But what about the rest of us?

The Chronicle also reports that the San Francisco Bay Area’s East Bay Municipal Utility is imposing 15 percent rationing, effective immediately. Sonoma County Water is threatening to cut supplies 30 to 50 percent later this year. And San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders recently announced that water rationing would likely be imposed in his city by July 1. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, “Water Administrator Alex Ruiz said the city’s rationing plan would try to take into account customers’ historic conservation efforts and seek to distinguish between “discretionary” outdoor water uses and indoor uses such as cooking and cleaning. [Mayor] Sanders said few will welcome this.”


Once Californians can no longer take a daily shower, the “objective conditions” will be ripe for political revolution. The masses will pick up their rakes and shovels and march to the water district. When the inevitable severe water rationing takes place, fingers will point and culprits will be blamed. We can expect some form of the “blame nature” argument from Democrats, who will put it all on the “drought,” just as North Korea’s tyrants do when the nation’s crops fail. Republicans should be prepared to answer this dodge. The blame lies squarely with the fanatically anti-people, pro-Big Government Enviro-Socialists who control America’s and California’s resources policy and drive the nation’s various radical eco-left environmental activist organizations.

Republicans who know the facts will be well-positioned to identify the true culprits responsible for this unfortunate situation. The San Joaquin-Sacramento River Delta provides about two-thirds of the water used by Californians. A federal judge recently invoked a three-decade-old, addled Supreme Court interpretation of the Endangered Species Act — that ESA requires species protection must take precedence over any and all other concerns “whatever the cost,” even though no hint exists in the original act or congress’s intent to support this notion. In August 2007, Federal District Judge Oliver W. Wanger took this precedent to require that both the State Water Project and Central Valley Project were operating in violation of ESA with regard to a tiny fish called the Delta Smelt. He ordered stiff reductions in the amount of water exported from the Delta. An August 2008 ruling from the same judge added that project operations were also jeopardizing salmon. The best way to discredit bad law, so the old axiom tells us, is to enforce it. Thus, we may end up thanking this judge for forcing us to face the foolish but logical conclusion of the Supreme Court’s original \'whatever the cost” ruling. (For more on the legal history and current status of ESA law, see M. David Stirling’s “Man-Made Drought,” this issue of CPR, page 13.)

Another court decision has reduced Los Angeles’s water supply from the Owens Valley, for 100 years a crucial lifeline for the state’s biggest metropolitan population. According to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, the Owens Valley will supply just 17 percent of the water for DWP customers this year, considerably less than last year when 62 percent of DWP’s needs were supplied by Owens Valley water.


Republicans must begin to educate the public that water rationing should not be necessary, but that it is coming to plague us as a direct result of Democrat leaders’ callous anti-people ideology. For instance, we must notice blithely-made statements such as one from left-wing Ellen Hanak of the Public Policy Institute of California that “Managing water supplies for human use is not always compatible with providing healthy conditions for the Delta ecosystem.” Ho-hum. Presumably, Ms. Hanak thinks we now know enough to justify demanding that millions of Californians be deprived of water.

But, of course, we know no such thing. The truth is that the left has followed a consistent policy aimed at cutting off Californians from their water supplies using any and all possible means to achieve it. The left-dominated Coastal Commission regularly shows knee-jerk opposition to any proposal to deal with energy or water needs that might actually serve the people. The Democrat-dominated Legislature and now also the U.S. Congress show similar intolerance of any solution that might in any way serve people as well as the environment. They all insist upon absolutist interpretations of such laws as the Endangered Species or Clean Water Acts, refusing to consider any sort of reasonable balance in their administration. They automatically oppose any solution that allows people to continue to live normally. On the contrary, they consistently (and irresponsibly) condemn any voice asking for a reasonable interpretation or enforcement that people can live with. In all this, they are consistently supported by a compliantly echoing “news” media, which has become no more than a shameless Democrat publicity forum in just about every issue area possible.

Well, what can ordinary Californians, and state Republicans, use to fight back? First, of course, there is the truth — that this is a phony, manufactured “crisis” — and that the vast majority of people naturally prefer reasonable, common sense, balanced dealing with political problems. Second, there is the public’s healthy preference for policy-making based on realistic optimism. They know America became a great country by relying on its own free people to solve their own problems. They know that Big Government is a dead-end loser’s way to tackle problems: bureaucratic, inflexible, and just plain brain dead.

The people know that the Democrats’ current (and historic) pessimism is unjustified. They know instinctively that any policy is impractical and unnecessary that requires ordinary people just trying to get by to endure intolerable burdens such as water rationing with draconian punishments for “violators.”


The plain truth is that California, to meet its needs, can draw on resources containing more than enough water: resources in the north of our own state and, if necessary, going to Alaska. We know that natural gas and oil pipelines are regularly built over huge distances. That is, delivering water is, or ought to be, simply an engineering challenge. Desalination is another answer, and California has some 21 plants along its coast. But the anti-people, enviro-socialist Democrat leadership has made water a political problem, as the only way to succeed in ham stringing and ultimately denying water delivery. With these latest water cut-off court rulings, Democrat leaders may finally have succeeded in achieving that goal, but the people will never support them in this, if they know what is actually being done to them.

GOP leaders have tried to supply leadership in this area. In 2007, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger made water infrastructure his top priority, campaigning hard, along with Republican state Senator Dave Cogdill, for a comprehensive $9 billion water infrastructure package that included funding for three new dams (also known as surface storage). Democrats and state Senate Leader Don Perata responded by proposing a $5 billion plan that included funding for water conservation and regional programs, but cut all money for dams.

The rest is up to rank-and-file Republicans, to their candidates and their campaigns, and their volunteer organizations, to get the word out up and down the state. Ordinary Californians should know that this crisis is entirely man-made, or, rather, that it is liberal-Democrat, left-wing partisan politics-made, with a mighty assist from organizations of zealous anti-people, enviro-socialist wackos. They must also know the GOP is ready, if given the chance, to replace the left’s foolish, entirely one-sided policies with balanced ones — policies that recognize the great potential we posses as a people to meet our concerns both for water and for a healthy environment. Republicans can and should prepare and campaign on common sense policies that provide a stark alternative to the left’s continual fall-back position of self-loathing pessimism and anti-people hysteria.

Issue the clarion call. The message is straightforward and clear: people must have water to survive. The Democrats have embarked on a misguided campaign to deny us that water — without cause and without either scientific or popular support. Contrast their message of despair with one of hope. Remember Reagan’s words: It’s morning in America. The “era of malaise” motif will never fly with normal people here or around the country.

GOP leaders, writers, activists, and especially candidates will have to ring the alarm. This is how political climates change. We all know it is wrong for government to deprive us of so absolute a necessity as sufficient water to stay healthy, wash ourselves, and water our plants. We also know we have enough water to do all this without unduly harming the environment.


But what the public must become aware of (and the major media won’t tell them) is that the Democrats have created this unnecessary water shortage to serve their own narrow-minded ideological/political agenda. Job one is to spread the word of truth to the people.

Politically correct Tim Quinn, executive director of the Association of California Water Agencies, articulated dominant Democrat thinking by arguing that “Fifty years ago, policies were about extracting resources and the environment didn’t count. Today’s policies are about recognizing the value of the environment itself, apart from the economic value to people” — a slur on the people (who consistently support reasonable environmental protection) and on former-Governor Pat Brown. But worse, it is a shameless white-wash of completely unnecessary, draconian policies designed not to serve but to trample the people’s true interests in both the environment and maintaining an economically healthy, free way of life.

So don’t forget to thank Tim Quinn, Jerry Brown, Don Perata, and their killjoy Democrat spirit of “malaise” the next time you turn on your faucet, and find, instead of the free flow of water we’ve rightly come to expect, a flow run dry.

RNC Election: Steele the Winner! Thank you Ken Blackwell

February 04, 2009

Much is discussed about Michael Steele's remarkable election as chair to the RNC. Already Republicans note his unswerving conservative views on the Chris Wallace FOX show last Sunday night. His election has electrified a rather lethargic and angst ridden political party.
Last evening I accepted Steele's invitation to join his 10 person Transition Team. We are meeting this week in DC. 

The opportunities for conservatives are promising. Steele is garnering huge amounts of favorable media. He is booked solid each day. And the message is a positive conservative message for individual freedom, decentralized power from Washington and a message for hope against a crushing tidal wave of socialist fads. 

It's important to understand how Steele got elected after five hours of voting with six ballots. 

After incumbent Chairman Mike Duncan gracefully withdrew, his 44 votes generally went to South Carolinian Katon Dawson. Dawson for the first time during the vote moved ahead of Steele by 62 to 60.  Dawson had the momentum. 

No one challenges Ken Blackwell's  strong consistent conservative principles. Blackwell did something that caught everyone by surprise. Ken asked to speak to the delegates, after the 4th ballot. With an emotional speech he forthrightly endorsed Michael Steele as the best "hope" for the party. A majority of his conservative votes switched to Steele. 
Blackwell's speech moved other delegates to Steel giving him 91 to 74 victory by the 6th ballot. 

The columns on the goings-on with the RNC that I have penned here in the FlashReport were broadly circulated among the 168 RNC delegates. I will continue to keep FR readers apprised of new happenings at the Republican National Committee.

STEELE -- RNC Chair Winner say California Republicans

January 27, 2009


Michael Steele, former Benedictine Monk, county Republican chair, state chair, elected Lt Governor of very blue Maryland has won the overwhelming support of members of the California Republican Party. 

The RNC chair's race takes place this Friday. Only 168 people get to vote. After months of campaigning, with some rough campaigning  [See my prior posts on the RNC racehere] RNC delegates are beginning to make public their choices. It is expected that to get a majority of votes several ballots will be necessary. A delegate pledged to a candidate, can change their minds in the next ballot. 

Current chairman Mike Duncan of Kentucky, enjoys the support of Sen. Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove. Rove arranged for Duncan's position two years ago. After the stunning electoral rejection last November many RNC members are ready for a complete break with the establishment. 

Of the six candidates Californians favor the two African American candidates by over 80%. Ken Blackwell former Ohio Secretary of State and Michael Steele both strong and enthusiastic followings. 

Here are the results of the weekend straw poll. 

Michael Steele          73%

Ken Blackwell           15%

Chip Saltsman           3%

Saul Anuzis               2%

Katon Dawson           2% 

Mike Duncan             0%

Don't know                5%

I worked with Michael Steele since we served on the RNC together from 2001 to 2003. We were both state chairmen. He decided to run for Lt Governor and I helped initiate the Recall against Gov. Davis. Michael ran for US Senate in 2006, in a tough Republican year and earned 44% of the vote. Ken Blackwell also ran, for Ohio Governor. He didn't have much luck either. 

After that election Michael turned his talents to articulating the conservative cause on FOX TV and taking over a languid and broke GOPAC. After working hard for a couple of years GOPAC raised over 8 million dollars and worked to help local candidates to build a national farm team. In December, Bill Bennett announced that Michael Steele will take over his Morning In America talk show every Friday. 

Michael Steele debates the toughest leftists and never backs down. If elected he will electrify our national party. His speeches are foot-stompers and will immediately energize our activists and allies. He has the charisma. 

With the support of members of the California Republican Party I am proud to endorse and work toward Michael Steele's election as RNC Chairman. 

RNC Race: Bribes, Lies and Hit Mail

January 23, 2009

"DUNCAN'S ELECTION would send a bizarre message of continuity and status quo to a party that has suffered TWO CONSECUTIVE ELECTION CYCLES OF STINGING DEFEATS. - Real Clear Politics, January 23, 200

Private jets transporting candidates, elaborate slick mailers, letters from famous political leaders, robo calls, anonymous hit pieces and more, all to reach 168 voters. With the last contested election for RNC Chairman back in 1997 -when Colorado Committeeman Jim Nicholson was elected as the "surprise" choice, it's easy to ask whether this is all necessary.
Yes, especially if your voter profile contains an electorate of seasoned politicos. At stake is whether Americans will reconsider voting Republicans into power. Will conservatives get enthused with the Party? Can Republicans become the majority party in the near future?
With an exasperated deadman's grasp on his RNC Chairmanship, Mike Duncan's campaign has resorted to anonymous attacks, claims of racism and blatant distortions of our outstanding challengers. No one can definitely identify Duncan as the source of the anonymous Gmail attacks. Of course, the similar design, style and email source of the attacks make it easy to guess the source.
More anonymous hit pieces are focusing this week on all of Duncan's opponents. That includes Katon Dawson, Michael Steele, Saul Anuzis and a reverse smear targeted at Ken Blackwell.
The hits continued on January 20th, when Michigan chairman Saul Anuzis was blasted with more personal attacks by a "Pope Sigismund." Why a 14th Century Holy Roman Emperor wants to comment on a 2009 RNC Chairman's race is beyond me?
Next up: South Carolina Chairman Dawson was struck with a barrage of vicious pieces. All originating from anonymous Gmail accounts. All distortions claiming Dawson is a racist. What made this piece even more desperate was a phony Ken Blackwell email at the bottom the letter. Few RNC Members took the bait because Blackwell immediately and unequivocally denounced the attack when the original anonymous charges of racism were made. 
In a sign that anti-incumbent sentiments are gaining traction with RNC Members, the worst of the attacks came on January 22nd. Two different anonymous hits originating from fake Gmail accounts hit two of Duncan's strongest challengers. A signed sugary piece by a JT Smith arrived against Dawson. Real Steele also struck by an anonymous "member" of GOPAC.
Steele's record at GOPAC is remarkable. Despite the terrible Republican political climate, Michael raised over $8 million for GOPAC. The Chairman of GOPAC recently wrote a letter extolling Steele's leadership in revitalizing Newt Gingrich's vehicle for the congressional majority.
In addition to going negative, what do incumbents normally do to get elected? They use their spending authority and appointment powers to solicit votes. That's what's happening to your RNC.
From several RNC members, I am personally informed that checks up to $20,000 each are suddenly beginning to be offered to multiple states. RNC representatives are calling asking if they "need" the money.
In the final weeks of the Bush administration, some RNC members were invited by the chair to attend private White House parties.
The chair has up to 40 appointments for major positions in the RNC. Many have been promised. Even in the last Bush days, some Presidential appointments were offered to sympathetic RNC members.
Duncan's Campaign Manager Tom Whatman is an Ohio and Washington, D.C. lobbyist. Duncan says the former Ohio GOP ED is a volunteer. Funny because staff reports confirm he is running Duncan's campaign from the RNC Headquarters in Washington and utilizing both facilities and staff for the campaign. Duncan recently published that "he [Whatman] does not anticipate having any business or contract with the RNC."
Whatman has a personal and contentious history with former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell (Check out the attachment below.) 
Adding more spice is today's assertion by Real Clear Politics that Karl Rove, who chose Duncan, believes he can continue to "exert significant influence" on the RNC so long as Duncan is in charge.
Test the RNC establishment yourself. Call the RNC and offer to volunteer. In an instant, you will understand why the RNC needs a house cleaning.

RNC Chairman's race gets ugly

January 15, 2009

With only 16 days remaining before the new national face of the Republican party is elected, the anonymous emails, whispers and rumors are getting out of control. This national election might be turning into a circus. 

In just a couple of weeks, 168 elected members of the Republican National Committee will make the most important vote of their RNC experience. All of the candidates are vigorously seeking votes by flying or driving to most of the states to meet the three voters in that state. Three candidates either fly their own aircraft or have rented jets. No one is spending less than six figures. 

With just a few days left to campaign RNC members are afflicted with low level, almost juvenile antonymous hit pieces.

January 8 marked the first of a series of unsigned hit pieces. When you see the by-line entitled as "" you know it's going to be nasty. The South Carolina state chairman is a hearty foe of the RNC national headquarters. He has attracted national support. But the folks demonizing him are concentrating their fire of Dawson's membership to one club that he quit a year ago. 

Twenty four hours later, Ken Blackwell was struck by another hidden gmail account, this one not so cleverly entitled "" hitting Blackwell as being "dangerously incompetent" . Blackwell is criticized for campaigning for Steve Forbes. Then the flier attacked Blackwell for losing the Governorship (when Ken battled the corrupt Taft machine which ruined the Republican brand in Ohio. )

Both pieces used similar fonts and headliners. Not too creative or original.

January 10, Michael Steele sends me "Michael Steele: Unacceptable." Well it turns out this email was not sent by Michael, but very likely the same gang who beat up Dawson and Blackwell.  It came from ""   His flaw was joining a Republican group that he left last year. The other flaw was not raising enough money for GOPAC. The truth is GOPAC was idle until Steele turned it around and raised $8 million in 2008 alone. 

As I eagerly await my next hit piece there are two viable candidates left. I figure that last guy standing who if not attacked is either a co-conspirator or duplicitous. 

The answer came shortly the next day on Sunday -- with an email from ""  The anonymous author is self described. Saul Anuzis is one of the most articulate state chairs who has a national conservative following. 

Since January 11, nothing about Chairman Mike Duncan. 

Either the incumbent's managers had a hand or not. At the very least, the Chairman ought to call out the connivers and denounce them. 

At the very start of our Republic we enjoyed a tradition of tough political attacks. But in Jefferson's era the hit material was of a much higher caliber. The phrasing was imaginative and bold. The arguments were exciting. 

Probably the candidate suffering the most is the one not attacked. If this is the best his troops can muster, that alone should disqualify him. It's these tired old campaign tricks that has alienated too many voters. Millions of conservatives are demanding a brand and leadership change. 

That will begin with the election of a new RNC Chairman.


What's the real story with the RNC race?

January 08, 2009

As the elected Republican National Committeeman from California, I plan on sharing information over the next few weeks on the race for the Chairmanship of the Republican National Committee.  Who wins the RNC chairmanship will help propel Republicans or get us sidetracked into a ditch. The RNC Chair is only the official face and public opposition to the Democrat Hegemony. 

Every time Obama, Reid and Pelosi speak, only the RNC chair was be the Republican voice. Not our guys in  the House or Senate. The January 28 election for the new RNC chair is the most important vote for all 168 (3 per state plus 6 territories) RNC members. The vote will take place one week after the Obama Inaugural in Washington DC... and it's getting mighty hot for all 168 members. 

There are six candidates. The guy who was in charge of the last  thrashing is running for re-election. He is the Bush holdover, having been hand-selected for the job by the President. Chances are you cannot name him. Neither can most Republican leaders or activists. He is the "invisible" chair. Have a look at this piece I wrote recently in Politico.

Two candidates are current state chairs. Saul Anuzis of Michigan (pictured below, left) and KatonDawson of South Carolina (pictured below, right). Both are sharp, experienced and would be good chairs. Both have important support. Chip Saltzman is a real dark horse. Chip served as Huckabee's campaign chair, but his release of Paul Shanklin's CD featuring "Obama the Magic Negro" voice by Al Sharpton has generated a lot of negative press.

The two remaining candidates are long time successful politicians who have paid their dues. Both are media intelligent, both write frequently;  both are movement conservatives. 

Both happen to be African American. Ken Blackwell, former Mayor, state Treasurer, HUD reformer and Secretary of State Ohio and Michael Steele, former Lt Governor and Republican Chairman of Maryland, happen to be the best known candidates. 

These high profile candidates could have been Asian or Latinos or women. Today, our Party is producing a broader category of leaders. This is extremely healthy for our future. 

Ken Blackwell (pictured right) just earned the endorsements of a plethora of conservative icons including Morton Blackwell, Phyllis Schlafly , David Keene, Pat Toomey and Steve Forbes. He owns more guns than any of the other candidates. He will certainly clean house with the good old boys at the fossilized RNC HQ. 

I like Michael Steele (pictured below, left) a lot. I served with him when we were both state party chairmen from 2001 to 2003. Michael a former Benedictine Monk for three years, is the most effective communicator, as seen on Fox TV. He enjoys public endorsements by Sean Hannity , Dennis Miller and is doing for one year Bill Bennett's Morning in America Show  every Friday. He promises to clean the stables at the RNC, as GOPAC chair knows how to raise the huge funds in the 2009 in the merging Obama era. 

Have a look here at the definitive debate sponsored by Grover Norquist's  Americans for Tax Reform and was featured live on C-Span and several other outlets. Interestingly, the first question posed to the candidates in the debate was submitted by none other than FlashReport's Publisher, Mr. Fleischman!

Michael Steele is the only charismatic one. He can sell our values. 

Few RNC members have or probably will declare their favorites. Each RNC member got there spending lots of years in politics. It's a secret ballot, so there will be a fantastic game of Liar's Poker.  So anyone can say who they are for and vote another way. The winner must get a majority of the 168. Some predict this race will take up to six ballots. 

Between now and Jan 28 the mud will be flying, threats made, friends betrayed, promises made, deals offered, - - just a good political fight. The key will be how long will it take the RNC to coalesce into a winning formula to change the Party's brand. Our decision will help determine if we will be the out party like the Conservatives in England who still wait some dozen years ago or we get back into the game in 2010. 



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